Howard & Howard Sample Contracts

Contract (September 22nd, 2005)

ITEM DEFINITION/FORMULA ---- ------------------ NAIC RISK BASED CAPITAL RATIO-P&C Total Adjusted Capital/Authorized Control Level Risk-Based Capital NAIC RISK BASED CAPITAL RATIO-LIFE (Total Adjusted Capital-Asset Valuation Reserve)/Authorized Control Level Risk-Based Capital TOTAL CAPITAL AND SURPLUS-LIFE Common Capital Stock + Preferred Capital Stock + Aggregate Write-Ins for other than special surplus funds + Surplus Notes +Gross Paid-In and Contributed Surplus + Aggregate Write-Ins for Special Surplus Funds + Unassigned Funds (Surplus) -

Sight Resource Corp – Contract (January 14th, 2005)
Sale of Personal Goodwill Agreement (November 26th, 1999)