WORKPLACE Sample Clauses

WORKPLACE. The Employee shall be required to perform work at or any other site of work for the Employer.
WORKPLACE. “Workplace” is defined as the site for the performance of work done in 36 connection with the duties of an employee of The School Board of Lee County. That term includes 37 any place where the work of the School District is performed, including a building or other school 38 premises; any school-owned vehicle or any other school-approved vehicle used to transport 39 students to and from school or school activities; and off-school property during any school- 40 sponsored or school-approved activity, event or function (such as a field trip, workshop, or athletic 41 event). The workplace does not include duty-free time at conventions or workshops at which 42 students are not present.
WORKPLACE. Consultants shall perform the services required by this Agreement at any place or location and at such times as The Consultants shall determine.
WORKPLACE. The Company considers the safety and quality of the workplace to be very important. You are expected to be familiar with and abide by the Company's safety policies. You are expected to contribute to creating a working environment that is both conducive to fostering the business objectives of the Company and in which respect for the rights and dignity of all individuals is maintained.
WORKPLACE. Employees shall be at their workplace at the starting time and shall remain at their place of work performing their assigned duties under supervision of the Employer and shall be returned to their vehicle by quitting time. The Employer shall have the right to determine the workplace. There will be no organized coffee breaks, rest periods or other non-working time established during working hours. Employees will be afforded coffee breaks at their workplace provided that the coffee break does not disrupt job progress. It is agreed and understood that coffee breaks, rest periods or other non-working time will not create a general work stoppage. It is agreed and is the intent of the parties that there be a full day’s work for a fair day’s wage. When working a ten (10) hour shift, Employees shall receive a ten
WORKPLACE. Primary place of work is the Company's head office. Offices in other Company locations can be implemented as needed. Business Travel: All business and business related travel is covered by the Company.
WORKPLACE a “workplace” shall be defined as any facility/agency in former Kelsey Trail Health Region (KTHR), former Keewatin Yatthé Regional Health Authority (KYRHA) and/or former Mamawetan Churchill River Regional Health Authority (MCRRHA).
WORKPLACE. The candidate will have their workplace at the following department/external party: