Common use of Vendor To Clause in Contracts

Vendor To. Inform Itself Fully; Waiver of Defense. (a) The Vendor will be deemed to have notice of and to have fully examined and approved the Specifications and all other documents referred to herein, and all drawings, specifications, schedules, terms and conditions of this Contract, regulations and other information in relation to this Contract and/or any amendments, modifications or supplements thereto at any time on or after the Effective Date and to have fully examined, understood and satisfied itself as to all information of which the Vendor is aware or should have been aware and which is relevant as to the risks, contingencies and other circumstances which could affect this Contract and in particular the installation of the System, any PCS System, any PCS Sub-System or any part thereof. The Owner, its directors, officers, employees and agents and all of them have no liability in law or equity or in contract or in tort with respect to any such specifications, drawings, information, risks, contingencies or other circumstances.

Appears in 5 contracts

Samples: Procurement and Services Contract (Sprint Spectrum Finance Corp), Procurement and Services Contract (Sprint Spectrum L P), Procurement and Services Contract (Sprint Spectrum L P)

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