UNIVERSAL Sample Clauses

UNIVERSAL. Submit invoices with an invoice cover sheet. The cover sheet can also be sent via Vendor Portal with electronic signature capability. This electronic signature sent via Vendor Portal represents an original signature and is accepted by both parties. This will be indicated as such on the invoice cover sheet.
UNIVERSAL. If an emergency arises and the use of a cell phone is required, the vehicle must be stopped in a safe location to allow for safe usage.
UNIVERSAL. Consumers shall not be asked to cover tolls, parking fees, etc.
UNIVERSAL. The Broker will monitor equipment and service performance.
UNIVERSAL. The Broker reserves the right to refuse payment for service that is late, of poor quality, or violates contract.
UNIVERSAL. Consumers shall be picked up on a timely basis and arrive to scheduled appointments on time. Transportation Providers must notify the Broker prior to scheduled pickup if their vehicle is going to be late.