United States Income Tax Sample Clauses

United States Income Tax. The Current Issuer will not engage in any activities in the United States (directly or through agents), will not derive any income from United States sources as determined under the Code and will not hold any property if doing so would cause it to be engaged or deemed to be engaged in a trade or business within the United States as determined under the Code;
United States Income Tax. Neither Funding nor the Mortgages Trustee will engage in any activities in the United States (directly or through agents), derive any income from United States sources as determined under United States income tax principles, or hold any property if doing so would cause it to be engaged or deemed to be engaged in a trade or business within the United States as determined under United States income tax principles;
United States Income Tax. The Issuer has not engaged in any activities in the United States (directly or through agents), derived any income from United States sources as determined under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the CODE), and has not held nor currently holds any property which would cause it to be engaged or deemed to be engaged in a trade or business within the United States as determined under the Code.
United States Income Tax. It is the intent of the Partnership and the Partners that the Partnership shall be treated as a partnership for U.S., federal, state and local income tax purposes. Neither the Partnership nor any Partner shall make an election for the Partnership to be classified as other than a partnership pursuant to Treasury Regulations Section 301.7701-3. Furthermore, the General Partner shall use its reasonable best efforts (i) to conduct the activities of the Partnership in a manner that will not result in the realization by a Limited Partner that is not a “United States person” within the meaning of the section 7701(a)(30) of the Code of income or gain effectively connected to the conduct of a trade or business in the United States for purposes of the Code, (ii) not to make any investment that at the time of its acquisition is or is likely to become “United States real property interest” within the meaning of section 897(c) of the Code and (iii) to obtain any available reduced rate of, or exemption from, U.S. or non-U.S. withholding taxes imposed on amounts received by the Partnership.

Related to United States Income Tax

  • Preference for United States Industry Notwithstanding any other provision of this clause, neither the Contractor nor any assignee shall grant to any person the exclusive right to use or sell any subject invention in the United States unless the person agrees that any products embodying the subject invention or produced through the use of the subject invention will be manufactured substantially in the United States. However, in individual cases, the requirement for an agreement may be waived by the agency upon a showing by the Contractor or its assignee that reasonable but unsuccessful efforts have been made to grant licenses on similar terms to potential licensees that would be likely to manufacture substantially in the United States, or that under the circumstances domestic manufacture is not commercially feasible.

  • the U.S.-China income tax treaty allows an exemption from tax for scholarship income received by a Chinese student temporarily present in the United States. Under U.S. law, this student will become a resident alien for tax purposes if his or her stay in the United States exceeds 5 calendar years. However, paragraph 2 of the first Protocol to the U.S.-China treaty (dated April 30, 1984) allows the provisions of Article 20 to continue to apply even after the Chinese student becomes a resident alien of the United States. A Chinese student who qualifies for this exception (under paragraph 2 of the first protocol) and is relying on this exception to claim an exemption from tax on his or her scholarship or fellowship income would attach to Form W-9 a statement that includes the information described above to support that exemption. If you are a nonresident alien or a foreign entity, give the requester the appropriate completed Form W-8 or Form 8233. Backup Withholding What is backup withholding? Persons making certain payments to you must under certain conditions withhold and pay to the IRS 28% of such payments. This is called “backup withholding.” Payments that may be subject to backup withholding include interest, tax-exempt interest, dividends, broker and barter exchange transactions, rents, royalties, nonemployee pay, payments made in settlement of payment card and third party network transactions, and certain payments from fishing boat operators. Real estate transactions are not subject to backup withholding. You will not be subject to backup withholding on payments you receive if you give the requester your correct TIN, make the proper certifications, and report all your taxable interest and dividends on your tax return. Payments you receive will be subject to backup withholding if:

  • Income Tax For purposes of this Section 7, the term "Income Tax" means any Tax based on or measured by gross or net income or receipts (other than sales, use, license or property Taxes or Taxes in the nature thereof) (including, without limitation, capital gains taxes, minimum taxes, income taxes collected by withholding and taxes on tax preference items), and Taxes which are capital, doing business, excess profits or net worth taxes and interest, additions to tax, penalties, or other charges in respect thereof.

  • United States Law The determination of whether Information and Inventions are conceived, discovered, developed or otherwise made by a Party for the purpose of allocating proprietary rights (including Patent, copyright or other intellectual property rights) therein, shall, for purposes of this Agreement, be made in accordance with applicable United States law.

  • Federal Income Taxes Not later than five business days prior to each Estimated Tax Installment Date following the date hereof with respect to a Pre-Deconsolidation Period, Xxxx Foods shall determine under Section 6655 of the Code the estimated amount of the related installment of the WhiteWave Group Federal Income Tax Liability for the taxable period. WhiteWave shall then pay to Xxxx Foods, not later than such Estimated Tax Installment Date, the amount thus determined.

  • Federal Income Tax Withholding The Bank may withhold all federal and state income or other taxes from any benefit payable under this Agreement as shall be required pursuant to any law or governmental regulation or ruling.

  • Federal Income Tax Allocations If the Trust Certificates are held by more than one Person, for federal income tax purposes each item of income, gain, loss, credit and deduction for a month shall be allocated to the Certificateholders as of the first Record Date following the end of such month in proportion to their Certificate Percentage Interests on such Record Date. The Trust (or the Administrator in accordance with the Administration Agreement and Section 5.04) is authorized to modify the allocations in this paragraph if necessary or appropriate, in its sole discretion, for the allocations to fairly reflect the economic income, gain or loss to the Certificateholders or otherwise comply with the requirements of the Code.

  • United States If you acquired the software in the United States, Washington state law governs the interpretation of this agreement and applies to claims for breach of it, regardless of conflict of laws principles. The laws of the state where you live govern all other claims, including claims under state consumer protection laws, unfair competition laws, and in tort.

  • Income Taxes Paragraph 1. The authority citation for part 1 continues to read in part as follows: Authority: 26 U.S.C. 7805 * * * EXHIBIT G-2 FORM OF TRANSFEROR CERTIFICATE __________ , 20__ Residential Funding Mortgage Securities I, Inc. 8400 Normandale Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx 00000 [Trustee] Attention: Residential Funding Corporation Series _______ Re: Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series ________, Class R[-__] Ladies and Gentlemen: This letter is delivered to you in connection with the transfer by _____________________ (the "Seller") to _____________________(the "Purchaser") of $______________ Initial Certificate Principal Balance of Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series ________, Class R[-__] (the "Certificates"), pursuant to Section 5.02 of the Series Supplement, dated as of ________________, to the Standard Terms of Pooling and Servicing Agreement dated as of ________________ (together, the "Pooling and Servicing Agreement") among Residential Funding Mortgage Securities I, Inc., as seller (the "Company"), Residential Funding Corporation, as master servicer, and __________, as trustee (the "Trustee"). All terms used herein and not otherwise defined shall have the meanings set forth in the Pooling and Servicing Agreement. The Seller hereby certifies, represents and warrants to, and covenants with, the Company and the Trustee that:

  • Outside the United States If you acquired the software in any other country, the laws of that country apply.