Traffic Audits Sample Clauses

Traffic Audits. On thirty (30) calendar dayswritten notice, each Party must provide the other the ability and opportunity to conduct an annual audit to ensure the proper routing and billing of traffic. CenturyTel and Sprint shall retain records of call detail for a minimum of nine (9) months from which a Percentage Local Use (PLU) and/or Percentage Interstate Use (PIU) can be ascertained. The audit shall be accomplished during normal business hours at an office designated by the Party being audited. Audit requests shall not be submitted more frequently than one (1) time per Contract Year (as defined in Section 7.1 above). Audits shall be performed by a mutually acceptable independent auditor paid for by the Party requesting the audit. The PLU and/or PIU shall be adjusted based upon the audit results and shall apply to the usage for the quarter the audit was completed, to the usage for the quarter prior to the completion of the audit, and to the usage for the two quarters following the completion of the audit.
Traffic Audits. On thirty (30) Business Days written notice, each Party must provide the other the ability and opportunity to conduct an annual audit to ensure the proper billing of traffic. UBTA-UBET and Xxxxxxx shall retain records of call detail for a minimum of nine

Related to Traffic Audits

  • Audits No more than once a year, or following unauthorized access, upon receipt of a written request from the LEA with at least ten (10) business days’ notice and upon the execution of an appropriate confidentiality agreement, the Provider will allow the LEA to audit the security and privacy measures that are in place to ensure protection of Student Data or any portion thereof as it pertains to the delivery of services to the LEA . The Provider will cooperate reasonably with the LEA and any local, state, or federal agency with oversight authority or jurisdiction in connection with any audit or investigation of the Provider and/or delivery of Services to students and/or LEA, and shall provide reasonable access to the Provider’s facilities, staff, agents and LEA’s Student Data and all records pertaining to the Provider, LEA and delivery of Services to the LEA. Failure to reasonably cooperate shall be deemed a material breach of the DPA.

  • Contract Audits Contractor agrees that the CSU or its delegate will have the right to obtain, review, and copy all records pertaining to performance of the contract, including but not limited to reports of payments made to subcontractors during the term of a contract. Contractor agrees to provide the CSU or its delegate with any relevant information requested and shall permit the CSU or its delegate access to its premises, upon reasonable notice, during normal business hours for the purpose of interviewing employees and inspecting and copying such books, records, accounts, and other material that may be relevant to a matter under investigation for the purpose of determining compliance with this requirement. Contractor further agrees to maintain such records for a period of three (3) years after final payment under this contract. THE CSU OF THE CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Participation Requirement DVBE Transmittal Form The DVBE Transmittal Form is to be attached and used as a cover sheet for the required DVBE documentation that must be submitted within the time frame specified in the bid solicitation. XXX Campus: XXX Project Name: Project Number: XXX Bid Date: XXX Name of Contractor Submitting Bid: XXX Please check off the following to insure you have included them in your documentation: ☐ Attachment 1: Summary of DVBE Participation ☐ Attachment 2: Bidder’s Certification of DVBE Status of Subcontractors and Suppliers ☐ Attachment of Any Additional Supporting Documentation THE CSU OF THE CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY SUMMARY OF DISABLED VETERAN OWNED BUSINESS PARTICIPATION COMPANY NAME NATURE OF WORK CONTRACTING WITH TIER CLAIMED DVBE VALUE $ PERCENTAGE CONTRACT (%) OSDS DVBE CERTIFICATION I declare under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the State of California, that the information herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Executed on: Date at City in the state of Signature of Contractor or Authorized Agent Project Name Project Number Printed Name Firm Name Telephone THE CSU OF THE CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY BIDDER'S CERTIFICATION DISABLED VETERAN BUSINESS ENTERPRISE STATUS OF SUBCONTRACTORS AND SUPPLIERS I hereby certify that I have made a diligent effort to ascertain the facts with regard to the representations made herein and, to the best of my knowledge and belief, each firm set forth in this bid as a disabled veteran business enterprise complies with the relevant definition set forth in law. In making this certification, I am aware of Section 12650 et seq. of the Government Code providing for the imposition of treble damages for making false claims against the State, Section 10115.10 of the Public Contract Code making it a crime to intentionally make an untrue statement in this certificate, and the provisions of Section 999.9 of the Military and Veterans Code. Date Signature of Authorized Agent Title

  • Reviews (a) During the term of this Agreement and for 7 years after the term of this Agreement, the HSP agrees that the LHIN or its authorized representatives may conduct a Review of the HSP to confirm the HSP’s fulfillment of its obligations under this Agreement. For these purposes the LHIN or its authorized representatives may, upon 24 hours’ Notice to the HSP and during normal business hours enter the HSP’s premises to: