Tool Sample Clauses

Tool. The contractor shall Capture, trace, manage, verify, and validate Technical Contract Requirements using an RM tool as defined in the Performance specifications. The RM tool is foundational to maintaining programmatic visibility over implementation of project (this Contract) specific TCRs. It is critical that the information contained within the RM tool is complete, correct and consistent since it provides evidence of programmatic compliance. The RM tool shall be the latest IBM Rational DOORS 9.X version. The Contractor shall not use IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation. Detailed requirements concerning the RM Tools, capture of TCRs, traceability of the Requirements, organization and management of the DOORS data base and Performance metrics are described in the Performance Specifications
Tool. The Department uses the MyFloridaMarketPlace eProcurement system to electronically receive Responses to solicitations.
Tool. Cement Masons agree to furnish their own small hand tools, such as float and trowel, and the Contractor agrees to furnish large tools and any special edgers required, also rubbing stones with handles.‌‌‌‌
Tool. Allowance 1 Upon completion of the probationary period and upon acceptance as a full-time employee, an Operator shall be issued a standard Transit uniform, thereafter the Company shall endeavour to supply a new uniform every twelve months on or before the anniversary date of each operator. The standard Transit uniform shall consist of: 1 tunic or Spring jacket 2 pairs of trousers (Note: employee may choose two extra trousers in lieu of tunic after their first uniform issue only).
Tool. The Contractor shall deliver all specified commodities for the contract term. Proof of ability to perform on the contract may be required. In the event a contractor’s mill source should fail to supply a paper item at any time for any reason during the contract term, it will be the contractor’s responsibility to temporarily supply another brand for that commodity of equivalent quality meeting or exceeding all specifications for the contract prices, terms and conditions, as an emergency measure, subject to prior approval of State Purchasing. From the date of notice to State Purchasing of a potential delivery failure, a period of 10 days will be allowed for the contractor to provide technical documentation to show that each substitute item meets and/or exceeds specifications and for DMS to review the technical documentation and specifications to ensure compliance. Applicable Publications Applicable parts of the following publication(s) shall form a part of this specification. The latest Publication(s) in effect on the release date of this solicitation shall be included.
Tool. Carrier shall submit a monthly data report in CMR Tool on all DoD movements performed during the prior month in the format as specified in Appendix 4. Prior to acceptance into the DoD Bus Program, carrier shall view to ensure capability to submit data in an acceptable format to the DTMO.
Tool. The CHANGE Tool provides a snapshot of the policy, systems, and environmental change strategies currently in place and helps identify areas where improvements are warranted. To ensure the accuracy of the data we were collecting, we gathered Housing Authority staff together as a group to complete the CHANGE Tool. We completed this assessment in an hour-long meeting, which included the Housing Authority Director, key staff, and Housing Commission Board members. During the assessment, The Tobacco Use Module generated much discussion concerning the question “Does your agency have a 24/7 tobacco–free policy?” It was discussed that the staff work in smoke-free buildings, but the residents had no protection from secondhand smoke. Once we completed and disseminated findings of the CHANGE Tool and the tenant survey to the Sault Tribe Housing staff, a discussion began between the Housing Authority staff, the Housing Authority Director, and members of the Sault Tribe Tobacco Task Force concerning implementation of a smoke-free housing policy. The intent of the policy would be to protect residents from the dangerous effects of secondhand smoke. The tenant survey and CHANGE Tool data for Sault Tribe Housing was compiled into a report to present to the Sault Tribe Housing Authority Board of Commission members. We explained to the board members that Sault Tribe Housing scored well in the Tobacco Use Module of the CHANGE Tool due to promotion of Sault Tribe Health Services Nicotine Dependence Program for the Housing residents, but the assessment showed that improvement is needed on policies to protect residents from secondhand smoke exposure. A key finding from the tenant survey was that 70% of respondents stated that they preferred to live in a smoke-free building. These results coincide with numbers obtained from similar surveys implemented across the nation. The percentage of residents who smoke or who live with someone who smokes was 44%, indicating that a percentage of residents who smoke preferred to live in a smoke-free building. We also gathered responses that indicated that many residents who smoke choose to smoke outside of their homes to protect their children and other family members from secondhand smoke. The results of the survey are shown in Figure 2. 6 Figure 2: Tenant Survey Results Sault Tribe Housing Commission Tenant Survey Completed December 2008 119 of 470 Surveys Returned (25%) 98% 98% 86% 70% 6...
Tool. For the use of the offered TOOL you must accept the terms of the third-party supplier. The servers for the product TOOL are located abroad, and you declare yourself to be in agreement with the corresponding export of data.
Tool. Figure 8: Screenshot of the TOOL 4 – Document to register interregional visits demand TOOL 5 – KPIs list to monitor LERs activity Description: Excel file with different tabs to register LERs activities performed. The Excel file is composed of 4 different tabs: • 1st tab – Summary of KPIs: Summary of the KPIs to be compiled considering the different strategic objectives of LERs activities. This summary table also mentions the tools and evidence to justify the KPIs and the period of time to periodically report the KPIs. In the majority of cases a KPI dashboard should be filled, and these dashboards are part of the Excel file as well. A minimum of dashboards have been created to collect the LERs input the easiest way possible. • 2nd tab – FLS (First Level Support) Dashboard: Excel sheet to compile the activities that LERs do as first level support to SMEs and other companies. When contacting other DIH2 LERs, and these LERs take part of the process by providing a possible solution, this should be reported as first-level support by all LERs taking part.
Tool. With the product TOOL, switchplus ltd. provides you with a toolbox to create a website within an online infrastructure, in accordance with the valid Factsheet – TOOL and the applicable terms of use of the third party provider.