Tool Sample Clauses

Tool. Carrier shall submit a monthly data report in CMR Tool on all DoD movements performed during the prior month in the format as specified in Appendix 4. Prior to acceptance into the DoD Bus Program, carrier shall view xxxxx:// to ensure capability to submit data in an acceptable format to the DTMO.
Tool. A database designed to collect data reports from approved bus carriers. Carriers Offers of Service. See Rate and Service Proposal. Carrier Safety Rating. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) measures the carriers, in place and functioning, safety management controls to meet the safety fitness standard prescribed in §385.5. .
Tool. RCC will provide Caterpillar with access to the Dealer Portal (the “Tool”), which shall be an access point to certain applications including the IronPlanet Auction Pricing Tool. Such access shall be provided through the Internet at a web address to be provided by RCC. RCC hereby grants Caterpillar a worldwide, fully paid up, royalty free, non-exclusive, license to access the Tool. The Tool provides the following data related to equipment sales: Year, Make, Model, Sales Price, Serial Number, Date of Sale, Buyer Location and Description of the equipment. ​
Tool. Cement Masons agree to furnish their own small hand tools, such as float and trowel, and the Contractor agrees to furnish large tools and any special edgers required, also rubbing stones with handles.‌‌‌‌
Tool. Effective May 2nd of each year, the Hospital pay an of ($40.00) for that one year period to each employee who is required to provide some of the employee's own tools or equipment. Courses Where an employee is taking a course required by the Hospital, ail time lost by the employee taking the will be paid for by the Hospital at the employee's straight-time rate. The Hospital continue its policy of paying for tuition and reasonable expenses for any courses authorized by the Hospital, in which costs are approved in advance.
Tool. The Employer will provide an annual tool allowance of up to thirty-two dollars and fifty cents in each twelve month period commencing September to employees in the classification of "Licensed Millwright", "Maintenance Bricklayer", "Maintenance Xxxxxxxxx", "MaintenanceTechnician", "Maintenance Painter", "GeneralMaintenance", and "General Service Staff" for replacement and for repair of tools that are required by the employee in the performance of duties and initially provided by the employee. Effective September this allowance will increase to thirty-five dollars ($35.00). Such allowance will only be paid for the purchase of necessary hand tools when such employee owned tools are destroyed, damaged or worn out solely in the performance of the employee's duties at Providence Centre. No allowance will be paid for tools that are lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged through neglect, misuse, carelessness or failure to follow instructions. Employees must show the department head the destroyed, damaged or worn out before the department head may authorize the reimbursement of such LOCAL ISSUES A copy of this Collective Agreement shall be issued by the Employer to each employee. The cost of preparing such copies will be shared equally by the Employer and the Union. Admissions signed by an employee may be used against provided the admissions were signed freely and with full knowledge of the document. The signature of a Union representative on the admission shall be proof of the voluntary signature of the employee. Wherever the singular is used in the Agreement, it be considered as if the plural has been used where the context of the party or parties hereto so require.
Tool. The contractor shall Capture, trace, manage, verify, and validate Technical Contract Requirements using an RM tool as defined in the Performance specifications. The RM tool is foundational to maintaining programmatic visibility over implementation of project (this Contract) specific TCRs. It is critical that the information contained within the RM tool is complete, correct and consistent since it provides evidence of programmatic compliance. The RM tool shall be the latest IBM Rational DOORS 9.X version. The Contractor shall not use IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation. Detailed requirements concerning the RM Tools, capture of TCRs, traceability of the Requirements, organization and management of the DOORS data base and Performance metrics are described in the Performance Specifications
Tool. With the product TOOL, switchplus ltd. provides you with a toolbox to create a website within an online infrastructure, in accordance with the valid Factsheet – TOOL and the applicable terms of use of the third party provider.
Tool. Die Maker - Has all-round capability, in both bench and machine work, although may excel at and specialize in one aspect. Performs bench tool, die, jig, fixture work. May work in one of the following specialties; plaster patterns, blank and xxxxxx die, jig and fixture.
Tool. The Department uses the MyFloridaMarketPlace eProcurement system to electronically receive Responses to solicitations.