To play Sample Clauses

To play. 1. Open the required recording. See Opening Recordings in the previous section.
To play. TO LIVING CANADA 855,335 8/24/1999 514,980 REGISTERED XX 8/24/2014 RENEWAL PUERTO RICO 8,359 1/28/2002 8,359 REGISTERED 1/28/2012 RENW /prior counsel 1/28/2012 PROOF OF USE GETTING PEOPLE BACK ON THEIR FEET UNITED STATES 76-441,785 3/15/2005 2,932,301 CANCELLED 10 3/15/2011 AFFIDAVIT OF USE Schedule III to Amended and Restated Collateral and Guarantee Agreement 3/15/2014 Renewal Open 3/15/2015 RENEWAL H CANADA 0874259 8/3/2001 TMA549280 REGISTERED XX 12/5/2010 PR USE /prior counsel 8/3/2016 RENEWAL CANADA 0855333 11/2/1998 TMA503441 REGISTERED XX 11/2/2013 RENEWAL PUERTO RICO 41,661 10/17/1997 41,661 REGISTERED 42 10/17/2017 RENEWAL UNITED STATES T103123US06 4/2/1996 75-082,580 12/16/1997 2,122,268 REGISTERED 42 12/16/2016 Renewal Open 12/16/2017 RENEWAL UNITED STATES 10/29/1997 75-381,511 10/29/1997 2,217,650 REGISTERED COUNTRY APPL# APPL# REGDT REG# STATUS CLASSES All Actions Due (Original) HEALTHSOUTH CANADA 0874260 4/20/2001 TMA543967 REGISTERED XX 4/20/2016 RENEWAL CANADA 0855334 11/2/1998 TMA503440 REGISTERED XX 11/2/2013 RENEWAL PUERTO RICO 41,660 10/17/1997 41,660 REGISTERED 42 10/17/2017 RENEWAL UNITED STATES 75-439,720 6/1/1999 2,249,329 ABANDONED 16 06/01/2018 Renewal Open 06/01/2019 RENEWAL UNITED STATES 75-191,760 3/17/1998 2,144,242 REGISTERED 10,16,41 42 3/17/2017 RENEWAL Open Schedule III to Amended and Restated Collateral and Guarantee Agreement 3/17/2018 RENEWAL Sports Medicine Update UNITED STATES 74-316,286 11/21/1993 1,802,066 ABANDONED 16 11/02/2012 RENEWAL Open 11/02/2013 RENEWAL WorkStart UNITED STATES 74-122,190 12/24/1991 1,669,840 ABANDONED 42 12/24/2010 RENEWAL Open 12/24/2011 RENEWAL Schedule III to Amended and Restated Collateral and Guarantee Agreement Current HealthSouth Copyrights* Registration Number / Date:TXu000963883 / 1999-09-28 Title: HCAP production turnover, ver. 1.18. Copyright Claimant: Healthsouth Corporation Date of Creation: 1998 Registration Number / Date:TXu000963887 / 1999-09-28 Title: HCAP report assembly, ver. Copyright Claimant: Healthsouth Corporation Date of Creation: 1998 Registration Number / Date:TXu000963886 / 1999-09-28 Title: HCAP table maintenance, ver. 1.52. Copyright Claimant: Healthsouth Corporation Date of Creation: 1998 Registration Number / Date:TXu000923601 / 1999-09-28 Copyright Claimant: Healthsouth Corporation Date of Creation: 1998 Registration Number / Date:TXu000963884 / 1999-09-28 Title: Healthsouth clinical automation program (HCAP) batch print, version 2.0.4.Edition:Rev. ...
To play matches to the best of his best ability, when selected;

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Ownership of Software and Related Materials All computer programs, written procedures and similar items developed or acquired and used by the Administrator in performing its obligations under this Agreement shall be the property of the Administrator, and no Series will acquire any ownership interest therein or property rights with respect thereto.
The Software Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Applications (the “Software”) are either a modular operating system or application consisting of hundreds of software components. The end user license agreement for each component is located in the component's source code. With the exception of certain image files identified in Section 2 below, the license terms for the components permit Client to copy, modify, and redistribute the component, in both source code and binary code forms. This agreement does not limit Client's rights under, or grant Client rights that supersede, the license terms of any particular component.
Ownership of Software and Related Material All computer programs, magnetic tapes, written procedures, and similar items purchased and/or developed and used by Price Associates in performance of this Agreement shall be the property of Price Associates and will not become the property of the Funds.
Freedom to Pursue Opportunities In recognition that the Manager and its Affiliates currently have, and will in the future have or will consider acquiring, investments in numerous companies with respect to which the Manager or its Affiliates may serve as an advisor, a director or in some other capacity, and in recognition that the Manager and its Affiliates have a myriad of duties to various investors, and in anticipation that the Company and the Manager (or one or more Affiliates or clients of the Manager) may engage in the same or similar activities or lines of business and have an interest in the same areas of corporate opportunities, and in recognition of the benefits to be derived by the Company hereunder and in recognition of the difficulties that may confront any manager who desires and endeavors fully to satisfy such manager’s duties in determining the full scope of such duties in any particular situation, the provisions of this Section 1.3.2 are set forth to regulate, define and guide the conduct of certain affairs of the Company as they may involve the Manager. Except as the Manager may otherwise agree in writing after the date hereof:
Use of the Software 1. If the Software is not instrument operating software, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, AB Sciex grants the purchaser of this product a non-exclusive license only to install and use the Software on a single computer (or in a single network, if your Software is designated as a network version). You may transfer the Software to another single computer (or network, if a network version), but the Software may never be installed on more than one computer (or more than one network, if a network version) at any one time.
Indirect Materials An indirect material shall be treated as an originating material without regard to where it is produced and its value shall be the cost registered in the accounting records of the producer of the good.
Use of Intellectual Property Subject to such action not otherwise constituting a Default and so long as no Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing, the Debtor will be permitted to exploit, use, enjoy, protect, license, sublicense, assign, sell, dispose of or take other actions with respect to the Intellectual Property in the ordinary course of the business of the Debtor. In furtherance of the foregoing, so long as no Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing, the Secured Party shall from time to time, upon the request of the Debtor, execute and deliver any instruments, certificates or other documents, in the form so requested, which the Debtor shall have certified are appropriate (in its judgment) to allow them to take any action permitted above (including relinquishment of the license provided pursuant to Section 2.02 as to any specific Intellectual Property). The exercise of rights, remedies, powers and privileges under Section 6 by the Secured Party shall not terminate the rights of the holders of any licenses or sublicenses theretofore granted by the Debtor in accordance with the first sentence of this Section 2.07.
Claims relating to Intellectual Property Rights 29.1. The Contractor must not infringe any Intellectual Property Rights of any third party in providing the Services or otherwise performing its obligations under the Framework Agreement and must ensure that the provision of the Services and the use or possession of the Deliverables does not infringe such Intellectual Property Rights.
Inventions, Ideas, Processes, and Designs All inventions, ideas, processes, programs, software, and designs (including all improvements) conceived or made by the Executive during his employment with the Company (whether or not actually conceived during regular business hours) and related to the business of the Company, or the business approved by the Board of Directors to be engaged in by the Company, shall be disclosed in writing promptly to the Company and shall be the sole and exclusive property of the Company. An invention, idea, process, program, software, or design (including an improvement) shall be deemed related to the actual or approved business of the Company if (x) it was made with the Company’s equipment, supplies, facilities, or Confidential Information, (y) results from work performed by the Executive for the Company, or (z) pertains to the current business or demonstrably anticipated research or development work of the Company. The Executive shall cooperate with the Company and its attorneys in the preparation of patent and copyright applications for such developments and, upon request, shall promptly assign all such inventions, ideas, processes, and designs to the Company. The decision to file for patent or copyright protection or to maintain such development as a trade secret shall be in the sole discretion of the Company, and the Executive shall be bound by such decision.
Licensed Software As used in this EULA, the term “LICENSED SOFTWARE” shall mean (i) the software provided by Siemens as firmware for licensed use in or with Siemens’s APOGEE BACNET FIELD PANEL products (each APOGEE BACnet field panel corresponds to one of the following models: MEC, MBC, PXC16, PXC24, PXC36, PXC-Modular, and UEC – referenced hereafter as “BACNET FIELD PANEL Product”) that you have purchased or are attempting to purchase and (ii) any related documentation for the LICENSED SOFTWARE.