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The most recent. Commercial Appraisal plus an appreciation increase of the CPI, shall determine the Real Estate
The most recent. Phase I" environmental assessment (or summary thereof satisfactory to the Agent) of such property which shall be dated not more than one year prior to the date of the Borrowing Base Property Designation Certificate, and any additional environmental studies or assessments in Borrower's possession or control that have been performed with respect to such property;

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  • Events Subsequent to Most Recent Fiscal Year End Since the Most Recent Fiscal Year End, there has not been any material adverse change in the business, financial condition, operations, results of operations, or future prospects of the Company. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, since that date:

  • Pro Forma Balance Sheet; Financial Statements The Lenders shall have received (i) the Pro Forma Balance Sheet, (ii) the Consolidated Financial Statements and (iii) unaudited interim consolidated financial statements of the Borrower for each fiscal quarter ended more than 55 days before the Restatement Effective Date and after the date of the latest applicable financial statements delivered pursuant to clause (ii) of this paragraph as to which such financial statements are available, and such financial statements shall not, in the reasonable judgment of the Lenders, reflect any material inconsistency with the financial statements or projections contained in the Confidential Information Memorandum, except as a result of changes thereto required by GAAP.

  • Pro Forma Balance Sheet The Lead Arrangers and Bookrunner shall have received a pro forma consolidated balance sheet and related pro forma statement of income (collectively, the “Pro Forma Financial Statements”) of the Borrower as of and for the 12-month period ending on the last day of the most recently completed four-fiscal quarter period ended at least 60 days prior to the Closing Date, prepared after giving effect to the Transactions as if the Transactions had occurred as of such date (in the case of such balance sheet) or at the beginning of such period (in the case of such income statements), which need not be prepared in compliance with Regulation S-X of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or include adjustments for purchase accounting (including adjustments of the type contemplated by ASC 805, Business Combinations (formerly SFAS 141R)).

  • Financial Statements; Pro Forma Balance Sheet; Projections The Lenders shall have received and shall be reasonably satisfied with the form and substance of the financial statements described in Section 3.04(b) and with the forecasts of the financial performance of Parent and its Subsidiaries.

  • CMI/RAI MDS Report Recognizing the mutual objective of quality resident care, the Employer agrees to meet through the Union Management Committee with the Union as soon as practicable after the receipt of the annual CMI/RAI MDS report. The Employer agrees to provide the Union with staffing levels, and staffing mix information; the impact of related payroll costs on staffing levels and a written notice of the CMI/RAI MDS report for the facility. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the impact of the CMI/RAI MDS report on the staffing levels in the Home, quality resident care, and provide the Union with an opportunity to make representation in that regard. The parties shall meet as necessary to discuss other changes or workload issues. The parties may invite additional participants to attend the meeting to support constructive review and discussion.

  • VALUATION OF CERTAIN QUALIFIED FINANCIAL CONTRACTS A. Scope Interest Rate Contracts - All interest rate swaps, forward rate agreements, interest rate futures, caps, collars and floors, whether purchased or written. Option Contracts - All put and call option contracts, whether purchased or written, on marketable securities, financial futures, foreign currencies, foreign exchange or foreign exchange futures contracts. Foreign Exchange Contracts - All contracts for future purchase or sale of foreign currencies, foreign currency or cross currency swap contracts, or foreign exchange futures contracts.

  • Pro Forma Financial Statements Agent shall have received a copy of the Pro Forma Financial Statements which shall be satisfactory in all respects to Lenders;

  • Four on, Two off Schedule In an effort to maximize full-time employment opportunities, the local parties may agree to a “four on, two off” innovative schedule, subject to the following principles:

  • COST REPORT 27 A. CONTRACTOR shall submit separate individual and/or consolidated Cost Reports for Period 28 One, Period Two, and Period Three, or for a portion thereof, to COUNTY no later than sixty (60) 29 calendar days following the period for which they are prepared or termination of this Agreement. 30 CONTRACTOR shall prepare the individual and/or consolidated Cost Report in accordance with all 31 applicable federal, state and COUNTY requirements, GAAP and the Special Provisions Paragraph of 32 this Agreement. CONTRACTOR shall allocate direct and indirect costs to and between programs, cost 33 centers, services, and funding sources in accordance with such requirements and consistent with prudent 34 business practice, which costs and allocations shall be supported by source documentation maintained 35 by CONTRACTOR, and available at any time to ADMINISTRATOR upon reasonable notice. In the 36 event CONTRACTOR has multiple Agreements for mental health services that are administered by 37 HCA, consolidation of the individual Cost Reports into a single consolidated Cost Report may be 1 required, as stipulated by ADMINISTRATOR. CONTRACTOR shall submit a consolidated Cost 2 Report to COUNTY no later than five (5) business days following approval by ADMINSTRATOR of 3 all individual Cost Reports to be incorporated into a consolidated Cost Report.

  • Availability of Earnings Statements The Company shall make generally available to holders of its securities as soon as may be practicable but in no event later than the last day of the fifteenth (15th) full calendar month following the calendar quarter in which the most recent effective date occurs in accordance with Rule 158 of the Rules and Regulations, an earnings statement (which need not be audited but shall be in reasonable detail) for a period of twelve (12) months ended commencing after the effective date, and satisfying the provisions of Section 11(a) of the Act (including Rule 158 of the Rules and Regulations).