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The Exhibitor. An employer, who takes part in a trade fair at their own facility or at a facility falling under their responsibility, where they also employ staff. Before constructing their stand, they commission a Stand Builder and conclude an agreement with them. (Sub)Contractor Vzw Febelux asbl – Xxxxxxxxxxx 0 Xxxxx xx Xxxxxxxx 0000 Xxxxxxxx – E: M: 0032 484 05 66 88 An employer or self-employed person who performs their work within the framework of the agreement mentioned in the previous section at the facility of the Exhibitor or in the facility that falls under their responsibility on the basis of a contract for services concluded with the Exhibitor. Employers or self-employed persons, who perform their work within the framework of the contract for services mentioned in the previous section in the Exhibitor's Facility or in the Facility falling under their responsibility on the basis of an agreement concluded with the Contractor, are also considered to be a (sub)contractor.

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  • SERVICE LEVEL DESCRIPTION The Fund Accounting Agreement is hereby amended by deleting the Service Level Description attached thereto and replacing it in its entirety with the Service Level Description attached hereto.

  • Aircraft Description The Option Aircraft are described by the Detail Specification listed in the Attachment.

  • Service Description The Parties will provide Common Channel Signaling (CCS) to one another via Signaling System 7 (SS7) network interconnection, where and as available, in the manner specified in FCC Order 95-187, in conjunction with all traffic exchange trunk groups. SS7 signaling and transport services shall be provided by GTE in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Section 9 of this Article. The Parties will cooperate on the exchange of all appropriate SS7 messages for local and intraLATA call set-up signaling, including ISDN User Part (ISUP) and Transaction Capabilities Application Part (TCAP) messages to facilitate full interoperability of all CLASS Features and functions between their respective networks. Any other SS7 message services to be provided using TCAP messages (such as data base queries) will be jointly negotiated and agreed upon.

  • GENERAL SERVICE DESCRIPTION Service Provider will perform Telecom Invoice Processing Services (TAPS), for Long Distance Voice and Data Circuitry, for Service Receiver. Service Receiver and its Subsidiaries will utilize the Service Provider’s resources based on the functionality, processes, input and output screens and documents that support the Service Provider’s business and business processes in the twelve months prior to the Distribution date.

  • Product Description The products that are covered by this Settlement Agreement are defined as storage cases for recovery straps that Xxxxxxxx has sold, offered for sale or distributed in California and that contain DEHP. All such items shall be referred to herein as the "Products."

  • Software Use Case Red Hat Satellite Server, Red Hat Satellite Capsule and Red Hat Satellite Proxy Red Hat does not provide Subscription Services for Red Hat Satellite Server, Red Hat Satellite Capsule or Red Hat Satellite Proxy when used on a System or Physical Node that is not a server. Red Hat Satellite Capsule Red Hat Satellite Proxy Red Hat supports Red Hat Satellite Capsule and Red Hat Satellite Proxy only when deployed with Red Hat Satellite Server. Red Hat Smart Management Red Hat Smart Management entitlements are required for each Unit of Red Hat Enterprise Linux that is managed by Red Hat Satellite Capsule, Red Hat Satellite Proxy and/or Red Hat Satellite Server. Red Hat Smart Management entitlements may be used with Red Hat Network directly. Red Hat Satellite Server Starter Pack Red Hat does not provide Subscription Services for Red Hat Satellite Server Starter Pack if at the time of renewal, more than 50 Units (whether Systems, Physical Nodes and/or Virtual Nodes) are managed.

  • LIST OF ATTACHMENTS Following is a list of attachments to this Amendment, including all Schedules and Exhibits. Any future added attachment must include a dated Amendment or provision referencing the Agreement and must be executed by all parties. Exhibit A – Development Services With due authority from our respective companies, we hereby signify our consent to this Agreement by signing below, Novati Technologies, Inc. Signature: /s/ Xxx Xxxxxxx (on behalf of Xxxx Xxxxxx) Printed Name: Xxxx Xxxxxx Title: President Date: 7-18-2016 Customer: BioNano Genomics Signature: /s/ Xxxx Xxxxxxx Printed Name: Xxxx Xxxxxxx Title: Chief Executive Officer Date: 7/14/16 Exhibit A Commercial Quotation – Development Services START DATE: 07-01-2016 END DATE: 03-31-2017 Novati proposes the date above on which Novati will begin providing the following services under the Master Services Agreement (“Start Date”). Project Duration is the period of time for the project described in this quotation.

  • Mutual Fund Entity Name Reference ID Entity Type X. Xxxx Price Institutional Small-Cap Stock Fund SCI Mutual Fund - Series X. Xxxx Price Institutional U.S. Structured Research Fund IRF Mutual Fund - Series X. Xxxx Price Institutional Income Funds, Inc. IINCF Mutual Fund - Parent X. Xxxx Price Institutional Core Plus Fund ICP Mutual Fund - Series

  • Description of Work (a) that has been omitted or

  • Topic Description Licensee Responsibilities Licensee must:  Take appropriate steps to ensure the security, integrity, and confidentiality of Confidential Information and must comply with all relevant applicable laws and regulations, including laws protecting borrower privacy.  Not disclose Confidential Information to third parties, without Xxxxxx Mae’s prior written approval, except on a need‐to‐know basis to Licensee’s partners, Topic Description affiliates, officers, employees, directors, contractors, counsels, agents or representatives, provided they are subject to confidentiality obligations at least as stringent as those set forth in this Section A3.  Not use Confidential Information in any way that could be viewed as a conflict of interest, a breach of confidentiality or privacy, or the gaining of an unfair advantage from the relationship with Xxxxxx Xxx.  Implement commercially reasonable measures meeting or exceeding industry standards to ensure the security, integrity, and confidentiality of Confidential Information, including using industry‐standard encryption for data in transit and virus checking programs designed to prevent the transmission and receipt of viruses and other malicious code, implementing appropriate disaster recovery and back‐up procedures, implementing appropriate procedures to prevent disclosure of data and other materials to a party other than the intended recipient, and employing methods for securely disposing or destroying such information.  These measures must meet, at least, the same level of protection that the Receiving Party seeks for its own information of a similar nature.  Licensee must collaborate with Xxxxxx Mae in assessing the sufficiency of these measures and Licensee’s information security program, upon reasonable request.  Instruct its Related Parties who may receive Confidential Information about the requirements of this Section A3, and the processes and procedures necessary to comply with them.  Comply with all reasonable security policies and procedures required by Xxxxxx Xxx related to the access and use of Xxxxxx Mae’s systems or any Licensed Materials.  Not transmit to Xxxxxx Mae’s systems any materials that contain bugs, viruses, worms or other functions, routines, devices or instructions which may create any unauthorized access or damage to, or interruption in the functioning of, the Licensed Application or Xxxxxx Mae’s systems. Restrictive Legends  Licensee must abide by and reproduce and include any restrictive legend or proprietary rights notice that appears in or on any Confidential Information of Xxxxxx Xxx or any Third‐Party Licensor (or other third‐party owner) that it is authorized to reproduce.  Licensee also agrees that it will not remove, alter, cover or distort any trademark, trade name, copyright or other proprietary rights notices, legends, symbols or labels appearing on or in any Confidential Information of Xxxxxx Mae or any Third‐Party Licensor (or other third‐party owner). Required Actions in Case of Data Breach  Licensee must address any Data Breach with prompt and effective corrective action, including cooperation with Xxxxxx Xxx in the investigation and remediation of such Data Breach, as well as prompt disclosure and notification where legally required; and  Licensee must promptly notify Xxxxxx Mae of any Data Breach in writing ‐‐ at ‐‐ and must take all steps reasonably requested by Xxxxxx Xxx to mitigate the consequences of such Data Breach.