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  • Power Factor Design Criteria Developer shall design the Large Generating Facility to maintain an effective power delivery at demonstrated maximum net capability at the Point of Interconnection at a power factor within the range established by the Connecting Transmission Owner on a comparable basis, until NYISO has established different requirements that apply to all generators in the New York Control Area on a comparable basis. The Developer shall design and maintain the plant auxiliary systems to operate safely throughout the entire real and reactive power design range. The Connecting Transmission Owner shall not unreasonably restrict or condition the reactive power production or absorption of the Large Generating Facility in accordance with Good Utility Practice.

  • Staffing Levels To the extent legislative appropriations and PIN authorizations allow, safe staffing levels will be maintained in all institutions where employees have patient, client, inmate or student care responsibilities. In July of each year, the Secretary or Deputy Secretary of each agency will, upon request, meet with the Union, to hear the employees’ views regarding staffing levels. In August of each year, the Secretary or Deputy Secretary of Budget and Management will, upon request, meet with the Union to hear the employees’ views regarding the Governor’s budget request.

  • Performance Levels (a) The Performance Levels which apply to the performance by the respective Parties of their obligations under this Agreement are set out in Part 1 of Schedule 5. A failure by either Party to achieve the relevant Performance Level will not constitute a breach of this Agreement and the only consequences of such failure as between the Parties shall be the consequences set out in this Clause 5.6.

  • Registry Performance Specifications Registry Performance Specifications for operation of the TLD will be as set forth in Specification 10 attached hereto (“Specification 10”). Registry Operator shall comply with such Performance Specifications and, for a period of at least one (1) year, shall keep technical and operational records sufficient to evidence compliance with such specifications for each calendar year during the Term.

  • Service Level In the event that League InfoSight discovers or is notified by you of the existence of Non-Scheduled Downtime, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to determine the source of the problem and attempt to resolve it as quickly as possible.

  • Sound Level Company will take all reasonable measures to reduce to a minimum vibrations that may cause damage to any equipment, structure, building or portion of any building whether on the Premises, Common Use Areas, or located elsewhere on the Airport, and to keep the sound level of its operation as low as possible.

  • Power Factor Design Criteria (Reactive Power A wind generating plant shall maintain a power factor within the range of 0.95 leading to 0.95 lagging, measured at the Point of Interconnection as defined in this LGIA, if the ISO’s System Reliability Impact Study shows that such a requirement is necessary to ensure safety or reliability. The power factor range standards can be met using, for example without limitation, power electronics designed to supply this level of reactive capability (taking into account any limitations due to voltage level, real power output, etc.) or fixed and switched capacitors if agreed to by the Connecting Transmission Owner for the Transmission District to which the wind generating plant will be interconnected, or a combination of the two. The Developer shall not disable power factor equipment while the wind plant is in operation. Wind plants shall also be able to provide sufficient dynamic voltage support in lieu of the power system stabilizer and automatic voltage regulation at the generator excitation system if the System Reliability Impact Study shows this to be required for system safety or reliability.

  • Service Level Expectations Without limiting any other requirements of the Agreement, the Service Provider shall meet or exceed the following standards, policies, and guidelines:

  • Project Goals The schedule, budget, physical, technical and other objectives for the Project shall be defined.

  • Service Levels Annex 1 to this Part A of this Contract Schedule 6 sets out the Service Levels the performance of which the Parties have agreed to measure. The Supplier shall monitor its performance of this Contract by reference to the relevant performance criteria for achieving the Service Levels shown in Annex 1 to this Part A of this Contract Schedule 6 (the “Service Level Performance Criteria”) and shall send the Customer a Performance Monitoring Report detailing the level of service which was achieved in accordance with the provisions of Part B (Performance Monitoring) of this Contract Schedule 6. The Supplier shall, at all times, provide the Goods and/or Services in such a manner that the Service Levels Performance Measures are achieved. If the level of performance of the Supplier of any element of the provision by it of the Goods and/or Services during the Contract Period: is likely to or fails to meet any Service Level Performance Measure or is likely to cause or causes a Critical Service Failure to occur, the Supplier shall immediately notify the Customer in writing and the Customer, in its absolute discretion and without prejudice to any other of its rights howsoever arising including under Clause 13 of this Contract (Service Levels and Service Credits), may: require the Supplier to immediately take all remedial action that is reasonable to mitigate the impact on the Customer and to rectify or prevent a Service Level Failure or Critical Service Level Failure from taking place or recurring; and if the action taken under paragraph (a) above has not already prevented or remedied the Service Level Failure or Critical Service Level Failure, the Customer shall be entitled to instruct the Supplier to comply with the Rectification Plan Process; or if a Service Level Failure has occurred, deduct from the Contract Charges the applicable Service Level Credits payable by the Supplier to the Customer in accordance with the calculation formula set out in Annex 1 of this Part A of this Contract Schedule 6; or if a Critical Service Level Failure has occurred, exercise its right to Compensation for Critical Service Level Failure in accordance with Clause 14 of this Contract (Critical Service Level Failure) (including subject, for the avoidance of doubt, the proviso in Clause 14.2.2 of this Contract in relation to Material Breach). Approval and implementation by the Customer of any Rectification Plan shall not relieve the Supplier of any continuing responsibility to achieve the Service Levels, or remedy any failure to do so, and no estoppels or waiver shall arise from any such Approval and/or implementation by the Customer. SERVICE CREDITS Annex 1 to this Part A of this Contract Schedule 6 sets out the formula used to calculate a Service Credit payable to the Customer as a result of a Service Level Failure in a given service period which, for the purpose of this Contract Schedule 6, shall be a recurrent period of [one Month] during the Contract Period (the “Service Period”). Annex 1 to this Part A of this Contract Schedule 6 includes details of each Service Credit available to each Service Level Performance Criterion if the applicable Service Level Performance Measure is not met by the Supplier. The Customer shall use the Performance Monitoring Reports supplied by the Supplier under Part B (Performance Monitoring) of this Contract Schedule 6 to verify the calculation and accuracy of the Service Credits, if any, applicable to each relevant Service Period. Service Credits are a reduction of the amounts payable in respect of the Goods and/or Services and do not include VAT. The Supplier shall set-off the value of any Service Credits against the appropriate invoice in accordance with calculation formula in Annex 1 of Part A of this Contract Schedule 6.