Steward Sample Clauses

Steward. Section 1. When the Business Manager or his designated representative deems it advisable, he may, upon written notice to the Employer, appoint from the Employer’s existing work force a Steward or Stewards on any given project. Said Steward is to be recognized by the Employer and he shall have the right to act on any grievance without discrimination. Said Steward shall be a working Employee and shall be retained on any given project as long as, or when any Employee covered by this Agreement is employed on the project by the Employer, in accordance with Article VII, Section 1 (b).
Steward. 18.1 Each Union shall have the right to designate one working craft employee as steward for each C/S/E/D employing such craft on the Project. Such designated steward shall be a qualified workman assigned to a crew and shall perform the work of the craft. The steward shall not perform supervisory duties. Under no circumstances shall there be nonworking stewards. Stewards shall be permitted a reasonable amount of time during working hours to perform applicable Union duties related to the work being performed by the craft employees of his C/S/E/D and not to the work being performed by other Contractors/Employers or their employees.
Steward. Section 4.0 The employer recognizes the right of the Local Union to have for representation one (1) chapter chairperson, one (1) steward and one (1) alternate from non-probationary employees, from each bargaining unit covered by this Agreement. The steward shall serve as a representative of the Chapter for purpose of contract administration and the transmission and receipt of the information between the Employer and the Union, and in the investigation and presentation of grievances under the Grievance Procedure established in the Agreement. The Chapter Chairperson shall act as Union representative where specifically provided for in the Agreement. The Union agrees that the steward will continue to fulfill his regularly-assigned duties to the fullest extent possible and his responsibilities as a steward shall not be used to avoid those duties. The steward shall act in a manner that will not unreasonably disrupt or interfere with the normal functions of the Department. Verbal step meetings between a steward and supervisor or his designee shall be scheduled at least one
Steward. The Union may appoint one employee as the Steward on each project of the job site. The Steward is required to work the same as the other employees covered by this Agreement. The Steward may attempt to adjust disputes and grievances, but if they can't be settled promptly, the Steward then may call for his Business Representative. The Employer will not be required to pay the Steward for any more than a minimal loss of time incurred in performing Union-related duties. Except for one Foreman, the Steward, if qualified to do the work, shall be the last laid-off. This is not intended to allow the Steward to replace an employee on a crew at the end of the day. The Steward shall not be discharged, laid off, or otherwise involuntarily terminated until the Union Representative has been notified, except at the termination of a job. However, nothing in this Agreement is intended to limit the Employers right to discharge, lay off or fire a Steward the same as any other employee covered by this Agreement.
Steward. 5.01 The Business Agent or Business Manager may appoint Job Stewards from the employees of the employer. The Steward shall be a qualified Journeyman who will perform the work of a Journeyman. In addition to his duties as a Journeyman he will be permitted reasonable time to perform such of his Union duties as cannot be performed off the job. If it is necessary for the Steward to leave his work he must first obtain permission from the Foreman or Superintendent whenever possible. Such permission from the Foreman or Superintendent would not be unreasonably withheld. He shall assist the employer and the Union members in carrying out provisions of this Agreement.
Steward. The Union shall have the right to designate a working journeyman of Local 692 as steward from the Employer’s workforce. Stewards shall be given an opportunity to work at all times when two (2) or more Employees are working, whether during or outside regular hours, in order to perform their duties of enforcement of this Agreement.
Steward. The Union may appoint the Steward and they shall notify the Employer of their selection. The Steward shall not be laid off or discharged without the consent of the Union. He shall be given sufficient time to perform the duties assigned to him by the Union. In case of injury to employee(s) covered by this Agreement, the Steward shall be notified as soon as possible.
Steward. A Steward shall be a working journeyperson Employee appointed by the Union who shall, in addition to his work as a journeyperson, be permitted to perform during working hours such of his Union duties as cannot be performed at other times. The Union agrees that such duties shall be performed as expeditiously as possible and the Employers agree that the Steward shall be allowed a reasonable amount of time for the performance of such duties. The Union shall notify the Individual Employer of the appointment of each Steward. No Steward shall be discharged or laid off except for just cause as described in Section 3B (7). Violation of this Section by the Individual Employer and discharge of a Steward shall be subject to grievance pursuant to Section 5. A Steward shall carry on his union duties in such a manner so as not to interfere with the performance of the work. If the Individual Employer has been notified in writing of the appointment of a Job Steward the appropriate Local Union shall be given a one (1) day notice before a Cement Masons' Steward is laid off, unless the Cement Masons' work is finished.
Steward. The City agrees to recognize one Steward elected or appointed by the Union from among employees in the unit with one or more years of seniority for the purpose of processing grievances. The Union agrees that the Steward will not let stewardship interfere with any duties or the operations of the Police Department, and the City agrees to give the Steward reasonable time and access to other officers to fulfill their obligations hereunder. The authority of the job steward and alternate so elected by the Local Union shall be limited to, and shall not exceed the following duties and activities: