STEWARD Sample Clauses

STEWARD. A. The Union may select an employee on the job as a Xxxxxxx and he/she shall be a working employee. Written notification shall be given to the Individual Employer of such assignment. The Union agrees that the Xxxxxxx'x duties shall be performed as expeditiously as possible and the Individual Employer agrees to allow him/her a reasonable amount of time for the performance of his/her duties. The Individual Employer will give the Union forty-eight (48) hours advance written notice before terminating the Xxxxxxx unless the job is completed or he/she is discharged for cause.
STEWARD. Section 1. When the Business Manager or his designated representative deems it advisable, he may, upon written notice to the Employer, appoint from the Employer’s existing work force a Xxxxxxx or Stewards on any given project. In the event an Employer is performing work on a project covered by this Agreement without the employment of any Local #41 or Local #81 members, the Union shall have the right to appoint a xxxxxxx from the respective Local Union to be employed. This is not to be interpreted that Local #41 or #81 is only entitled to one member on the project. All Stewards will have Union training, or will be afforded the opportunity to receive the Stewards training during non-work hours, provided they are willing to be trained. Said Xxxxxxx is to be recognized by the Employer and he shall have the right to act on any grievance without discrimination. Said Xxxxxxx shall be a working Employee and shall be retained on any given project as long as, or when any Employee covered by this Agreement is employed on the project by the Employer, in accordance with Article VII, Section 1 (b).
STEWARD. A. The Police Department agrees to recognize one Xxxxxxx and one Alternate Xxxxxxx, to cover in his/her absence. If a situation should arise which threatens to disrupt the workplace when the Xxxxxxx is on duty, the employer will attempt to release the Xxxxxxx as soon as practical to investigate the matter without loss of pay. If a settlement cannot be reached, the Xxxxxxx shall report it by telephone to the Union. If the issue still cannot be settled, the Xxxxxxx shall reduce any resulting grievance to writing and submit it in accordance with the grievance procedure.
STEWARD. A. The Union shall appoint the Xxxxxxx on each project and so advise the Employer. Xxxxxxx shall be recognized as the Union’s representative on the job for his Employer. The Xxxxxxx designated by the Union shall be a qualified Journeyman and shall perform the work of his craft.
STEWARD. A. The Township recognizes the right of the Union to designate one (1) Xxxxxxx and one (1) alternate for the enforcement of this Agreement. The Union shall furnish in writing to the Township with the name of the Stewards/alternate and notify the Township of any change(s) when the change occurs.
STEWARD. A. The Authority recognized the right to the Union to designate one (1) Xxxxxxx to enforce this Agreement. The Union shall furnish in writing to the Authority the name of the Xxxxxxx and notify the Authority of any change.
STEWARD. The Union shall have the right to designate two store stewards for each store for the day shift and one for the night shift (when applicable); the Employer will be informed of the names of the stewards. In the event of layoff or transfer, the designated-stewards shall have preferential seniority. The Union shall have the right a deputy for the day xxxxxxx in Local to act in his/her absence. This deputy will not carry preferential seniority.

Related to STEWARD

  • Stewards 62. The Union shall furnish the City with an accurate list of stewards and alternate stewards in designated or professional series units. The Union may submit amendments to this list at any time because of the permanent absence of a designated xxxxxxx. If a xxxxxxx is not officially designated in writing by the Union, none will be recognized for that area or shift.

  • Shop Stewards The Employer agrees to the operation of a Shop Xxxxxxx system which shall be governed by the following:

  • LABOUR MANAGEMENT RELATIONS 30.01 A Labour/Management Relations Committee shall be appointed, consisting of a maximum of two (2) Shop Stewards from the Union, and a maximum of two (2) representatives from the Co-operative. The full-time Union Representative may also attend these meetings from time to time. The Committee shall meet at the request of either party, for the purpose of discussing matters of mutual concern. Time spent by bargaining unit employees in carrying out the functions of this Committee shall be considered as time worked and shall be paid for by the Co-operative. The Committee shall not have jurisdiction to interpret and/or amend the Collective Agreement.

  • Supervisors (a) Project Co shall employ competent supervisors and necessary assistants who shall be in attendance at the Site while work is being performed, and shall specifically include a competent mechanical and electrical coordinator and equipment coordinator. Project Co acknowledges that the supervisors are Key Personnel in accordance with Section 8.4. Project Co’s supervisors shall, subject to Section 8.4, devote their full time during working hours to the Project and remain at the Site until the Substantial Completion of the Work is achieved and thereafter, such supervisors shall, subject to the provisions of Section 8.4, devote sufficient time and effort to the Project as necessary until the final certificate of payment has been issued by the Consultant and all Minor Deficiencies have been rectified. Project Co shall include in its staff separate qualified mechanical and electrical coordinators who shall be responsible for (i) coordinating the general, mechanical and electrical shop drawings submitted by the Subcontractors and Suppliers for various trades or divisions of the Work; (ii) checking for any conflicts or interferences of the Work of one division or trade with another; (iii) checking for completeness of the shop drawings; and (iv) providing direction on any changes that may be required for compliance with the Contract Documents for submission to the Consultant and review of the shop drawings. The mechanical and electrical coordinators shall be active participants in the Commissioning and shall work closely with the Commissioning Agents in accordance with Schedule 9 – Commissioning Program. The mechanical and electrical coordinators shall be Key Personnel in accordance with Section 8.4.