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Stand-by (On. Call Pay) Represented officers assigned as detectives, or those assigned as evidence technician/accident investigators, shall be compensated one (1) hour pay at time and one-half their regular rate of pay for “on-call” duty for each day of the week (Monday through Sunday) including holidays for which they are on-call. If called for duty, the represented officer shall receive compensation for actual time worked. This section shall not apply to those represented officers assigned to a multi-jurisdictional task force or other similar entity.
Stand-by (On. Call for a Hospital Convenienced Shift: , On-call will be paid at the 12 rate of four dollars ($4.00) per hour. Time actually worked when called back to 14 called-in nurse arrives for work, shall be paid at one and one-half (1½) times the 15 nurse's regular straight-time hourly rate of pay, in addition to any differentials that 16 may apply pursuant to other provisions of this Agreement, for a minimum of three 17 (3) hours.
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  • Stand-By Pay An employee is entitled to stand-by pay if he/she is required by the Agency in writing to be on stand-by, that is, to be available for possible call to work. If it is not practical to notify an employee in writing regarding stand-by status, the Employer may utilize oral or telephone means. Stand-by status may be canceled by telephone, providing written notice of such cancellation is provided to the employee within forty-eight (48) hours. An employee entitled to stand- by pay shall receive twenty-five percent (25%) of his/her base rate of pay for each hour he/she is in stand-by status. Stand-by time will be excluded from overtime calculation. Stand-by status shall be distinguished from call-back status by the following: 1) Direct notice of the requirement, as in the preceding; 2) Employee’s off-duty activities are specifically restricted by the Employer; 3) Employee is given a specific period of time during which he/she must respond to any summons from the Employer with the consequence of discipline for failure to respond/report. Once summoned to report, stand-by pay will continue until the employee reports and actual work is performed, at which time the pay provisions of the call-back section (Section 13.08) will apply and stand-by pay will cease. An employee required to carry a pager while on-call is not in stand-by status unless specifically notified that he/she is to be on stand-by status.

  • Stand-by The status of an employee who has been specifically assigned by an appropriate supervisor to remain available for call-in at home or any location employer has been made aware of such that the employee can be contacted by telephone to report to work immediately upon notification from employer.

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