SPECIAL CONTENT PROVIDERS. Subject to Section 6.4, Yahoo shall include certain companies as Content Providers in the Service on a free of charge basis regardless of such company's compliance with Netscape's criteria (the "SPECIAL CONTENT PROVIDERS"). The list of such companies to be included in the Service is set forth in Exhibit B. Within thirty (30) days of the Effective Date, Netscape shall notify Yahoo as to whether such companies shall be listed as Premier Providers or Distinguished Providers in the Service. All Special Content Providers shall be counted against Netscape's Premier Provider Allotment.


Third Party Providers Except for those terms and conditions that specifically apply to Third Party Providers, under no circumstances shall any other person be considered a third party beneficiary of this Agreement or otherwise entitled to any rights or remedies under this Agreement. Except as may be provided in Third Party Agreements, Company shall have no rights or remedies against Third Party Providers, Third Party Providers shall have no liability of any nature to the Company, and the aggregate cumulative liability of all Third Party Providers to the Company shall be $1.
Restricted Use By Outsourcers / Facilities Management, Service Bureaus or Other Third Parties Outsourcers, facilities management or service bureaus retained by Licensee shall have the right to use the Product to maintain Licensee’s business operations, including data processing, for the time period that they are engaged in such activities, provided that: 1) Licensee gives notice to Contractor of such party, site of intended use of the Product, and means of access; and 2) such party has executed, or agrees to execute, the Product manufacturer’s standard nondisclosure or restricted use agreement which executed agreement shall be accepted by the Contractor (“Non-Disclosure Agreement”); and 3) if such party is engaged in the business of facility management, outsourcing, service bureau or other services, such third party will maintain a logical or physical partition within its computer system so as to restrict use and access to the program to that portion solely dedicated to beneficial use for Licensee. In no event shall Licensee assume any liability for third party’s compliance with the terms of the Non-Disclosure Agreement, nor shall the Non-Disclosure Agreement create or impose any liabilities on the State or Licensee. Any third party with whom a Licensee has a relationship for a state function or business operation, shall have the temporary right to use Product (e.g., JAVA Applets), provided that such use shall be limited to the time period during which the third party is using the Product for the function or business activity.
Information Concerning Financial Condition of the Credit Parties Each of the New First Lien Collateral Agent and the ABL Collateral Agent hereby assumes responsibility for keeping itself informed of the financial condition of the Grantors and all other circumstances bearing upon the risk of nonpayment of the ABL Obligations or the New First Lien Obligations. The ABL Collateral Agent and the New First Lien Collateral Agent each hereby agrees that no party shall have any duty to advise any other party of information known to it regarding such condition or any such circumstances. In the event either the ABL Collateral Agent or the New First Lien Collateral Agent, in its sole discretion, undertakes at any time or from time to time to provide any information to any other party to this Agreement, (a) it shall be under no obligation (i) to provide any such information to any other party or any other party on any subsequent occasion, (ii) to undertake any investigation not a part of its regular business routine, or (iii) to disclose any other information, or (b) it makes no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of any such information and shall not be liable for any information contained therein, and (c) the Party receiving such information hereby to hold the other Party harmless from any action the receiving Party may take or conclusion the receiving Party may reach or draw from any such information, as well as from and against any and all losses, claims, damages, liabilities, and expenses to which such receiving Party may become subject arising out of or in connection with the use of such information.
Access to Certain Documentation Regarding the Mortgage Loan and Other Information (a) Upon reasonable advance notice, the Certificate Administrator or the Custodian, as applicable, shall provide reasonable access during its normal business hours at its Corporate Trust Office to certain reports and to information and documentation in its possession or in its control regarding the Mortgage Loan to any Privileged Person (other than a Borrower Affiliate, the Manager, or their respective agents or Affiliates); provided, however, that to the extent such reports, information and documentation is provided to a Rating Agency, the 17g-5 Information Provider shall first post such information to the Certificate Administrator’s Website. Such information shall include, but shall not be limited to, the CREFC® Reports provided to the Certificate Administrator by the Servicer.
Disclosure to numbering service providers (a) Any Finance Party may disclose to any national or international numbering service provider appointed by that Finance Party to provide identification numbering services in respect of this Agreement, the Facility and/or one or more Obligors the following information:
Providers Providers for the substance abuse and dependency treatment benefit include: Hospitals, chemical dependency treatment facilities licensed by the Department of State Health Services, and practitioners of the healing arts. MCOs must include Significant Traditional Providers (STPs) of these benefits in its Network, and provide such STPs with expedited credentialing. Medicaid MCOs must enter into provider agreements with any willing Significant Traditional Provider (STP) of these benefits that meets the Medicaid enrollment requirements, MCO credentialing requirements and agrees to the MCO’s contract terms and rates. For purposes of this section, STPs are providers who meet the Medicaid enrollment requirements and have a contract with the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to receive funding for treatment under the Federal Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment block grant. The STP requirements described herein apply to all Service Areas, and unlike other STP requirements are not limited to the first three (3) years of operations. MCOs must maintain a provider education process to inform substance abuse treatment Providers in the MCO’s Network on how to refer Members for treatment.
Obligation to keep records and other supporting documentation The beneficiaries must — for a period of five years after the payment of the balance — keep records and other supporting documentation in order to prove the proper implementation of the action and the costs they declare as eligible. They must make them available upon request (see Article 17) or in the context of checks, reviews, audits or investigations (see Article 22). If there are on-going checks, reviews, audits, investigations, litigation or other pursuits of claims under the Agreement, the beneficiaries must keep the records and other supporting documentation until the end of these procedures. The beneficiaries must keep the original documents. Digital and digitalised documents are considered originals if they are authorised by the applicable national law. EURAMET may accept non-original documents if it considers that they offer a comparable level of assurance.
RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS RELATED TO BACKGROUND AND RESULTS SUBSECTION 1 GENERAL ARTICLE 23a — MANAGEMENT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 23a.1 Obligation to take measures to implement the Commission Recommendation on the management of intellectual property in knowledge transfer activities Beneficiaries that are universities or other public research organisations must take measures to implement the principles set out in Points 1 and 2 of the Code of Practice annexed to the Commission Recommendation on the management of intellectual property in knowledge transfer activities17. This does not change the obligations set out in Subsections 2 and 3 of this Section. The beneficiaries must ensure that researchers and third parties involved in the action are aware of them.
Other Eligible Support and Other Posted Support (i) “Value” with respect to Other Eligible Support and Other Posted Support means: not applicable.
Bank Product Providers Each Bank Product Provider shall be deemed a third party beneficiary hereof and of the provisions of the other Loan Documents for purposes of any reference in a Loan Document to the parties for whom Lender is acting. Lender hereby agrees to act as agent for such Bank Product Providers and, by virtue of entering into a Bank Product Agreement, the applicable Bank Product Provider shall be automatically deemed to have appointed Lender as its agent and to have accepted the benefits of the Loan Documents; it being understood and agreed that the rights and benefits of each Bank Product Provider under the Loan Documents consist exclusively of such Bank Product Provider’s being a beneficiary of the Liens and security interests (and, if applicable, guarantees) granted to Lender and the right to share in and receive payments and collections of the Collateral and payments from Lender from amounts charged to the Loan Account or that are otherwise collected from the Loan Parties for the account of a Bank Product Provider as more fully set forth herein and in the other Loan Documents. In addition, each Bank Product Provider, by virtue of entering into a Bank Product Agreement, shall be automatically deemed to have agreed that Lender shall have the right, but shall have no obligation, to establish, maintain, relax, or release Reserves in respect of the Bank Product Obligations and that if Reserves are established there is no obligation on the part of Lender to determine or ensure whether the amount of any such Reserve is appropriate or not. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement or any other Loan Document, no Bank Product Provider (other than Lender in its capacity as lender hereunder) shall have any voting or approval rights hereunder solely by virtue of its status as the provider or holder of such agreements or products or the Obligations owing thereunder, nor shall the consent of any such provider or holder be required for any matter hereunder or under any of the other Loan Documents, including as to any matter relating to the Collateral or the release of Collateral or any other Loan Party.