Section 6.8.2 Sample Clauses

Section 6.8.2. 24 All trips in a school district van, SUV, or car with nine (9) students or more shall be considered 25 an extra trip and driven by a regular driver. The following trips of nine (9) to fourteen (14) 26 students are exempt and shall receive an automatic waiver: 27 • State Tennis Tournament 28 • State Track Meet 29 • State Wrestling Tournament 30 • Warden Wrestling Tournament 31 • Royal City Wrestling Tournament 32 • Tri-State Wrestling Tournament 33 • Gear-Up overnight spring trip to Seattle for college visits 34 • Alternative High School year-end field trip
Section 6.8.2. 2 All members of the bargaining unit, who are required to work on the sixth (6th) and/or seventh
Section 6.8.2. 5 An employee who is authorized to work on Saturday or Sunday shall be compensated at the 6 rate of one and one-half (1-1/2) times the employee's regular rate of pay unless Saturday or 7 Sunday is part of the employee’s normal work schedule.
Section 6.8.2. 40 The workweek shall consist of four (4) consecutive days commencing Monday or Tuesday, 41 followed by three (3) consecutive days of rest, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or Saturday, Sunday 42 and Monday, as appropriate.
Section 6.8.2. 411 of the program regula- tions requires the lender to make ‘‘diligent efforts to contact the borrower by tele- phone’’ during each 30-day period of delin- quency beginning after the 30th day of delin- quency. What must a lender do to comply with this requirement? Ofc. of Postsecondary Educ., Education Pt. 685
Section 6.8.2. 2 Employees called back on a regular workday, or called on the sixth or seventh consecutive 3 workday, shall receive no less than two (2) hours pay at the appropriate rate.

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  • Section 6.2 34 The Association representatives may represent the Association and employees in meetings with officials 35 of the District to discuss appropriate matters of mutual interest. Employees must report to their supervisor 36 before these meetings, formal or informal, take place during the work day. They may receive and 37 investigate to conclusion complaints or grievances of employees on District time when necessary and 38 thereafter advise employees of rights and procedures outlined in this Agreement and applicable 39 regulations or directives for resolving the grievances or complaints. They may not, however, continue to 40 advise the employee on courses of action after the employee has indicated a desire not to pursue a 41 grievance. They may consult with the District on complaints without a grievance being made by an 42 individual employee. Association representatives will guard against the use of excessive time.

  • Section 5.1 20 It is agreed and understood that matters appropriate for consultation and negotiation between the 21 District and the Association are policies, programs, and procedures relating to or affecting hours, 22 wages, grievance procedures and general working conditions of employees in the bargaining unit 23 subject to this Agreement.

  • SECTION 812 Control by Holders of Securities..........................43 SECTION 813. Waiver of Past Defaults...................................44

  • Section 4.3 18 The Association reserves and retains the right to delegate any right or duty contained herein to 19 appropriate officials of the Public School Employees of Washington State Organization.

  • Section 11.1 28 The District shall have the right to discipline or discharge an employee for justifiable cause. The issue 29 of justifiable cause shall be resolved in accordance with the grievance procedure hereinafter provided.