• Responsibilities of Contractor A. The Contractor shall perform all work on the described project as required by the Contract documents. The work to be performed includes the labor and services necessary to produce such replacement, and all materials, supplies, tools, transportation, equipment, and machinery required for replacement.

  • Responsibilities of the Contractor The Contractor shall provide all technical and professional expertise, knowledge, management, and other resources required for accomplishing all aspects of the tasks and associated activities identified in the Scope of Work. In the event that the need arises for the Contractor to perform services beyond those stated in the Scope of Work, the Contractor and the City shall negotiate mutually agreeable terms and compensation for completing the additional services.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES OF CITY City or its representative shall issue all communications to Contractor. City has the authority to request changes in the work in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and with the terms in Exhibit A – Scope of Work. City has the authority to stop work or to suspend any work.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES OF PARTIES A. BST will include billing number information associated with resold exchange lines or SPNP arrangements in its LIDB. The Local Exchange Company will request any toll billing exceptions via the Local Service Request (LSR) form used to order resold exchange lines, or the SPNP service request form used to order SPNP arrangements.

  • Responsibilities of Seller Anything herein to the contrary notwithstanding, the exercise by the Agent and the Purchasers of their rights hereunder shall not release the Servicer, Originator or Seller from any of their duties or obligations with respect to any Receivables or under the related Contracts. The Purchasers shall have no obligation or liability with respect to any Receivables or related Contracts, nor shall any of them be obligated to perform the obligations of Seller.

  • Responsibilities of Customer A. During the term of this Agreement, Customer shall provide to IMS, in a timely manner, any and all data, information and other items reasonably required to enable IMS to perform the Insurance Administration Services specified in EXHIBIT I of this Agreement. Customer represents and warrants to IMS that it owns and possesses all property rights to its corporate and subsidiary logos and hereby grants and warrants to IMS a limited, non-transferable, non-assignable, license to use Customer's corporate and subsidiary logos (and any other copyrighted or trademarked property of Customer that may be provided to IMS under this Agreement) while performing the Insurance Administration Services. Customer acknowledges and agrees that delays in delivery of required documentation, data and/or information by Customer will result in a similar delay in fulfilling Insurance Administration Services, and that such a delay in performing the Insurance Administration Services shall not be deemed a breach of the Agreement.

  • Responsibilities of the Company 3.3.1 The Company shall provide participants of CopyTrade with a complete package of services according to the Customer Agreement. The Company is liable for proper performance of technological solutions according to the Customer Agreement.


  • Responsibilities of the Parties A. BellSouth will administer all data stored in the LIDB, including the data provided by <<customer_name>> pursuant to this Agreement, in the same manner as BellSouth’s data for BellSouth’s End User customers. BellSouth shall not be responsible to <<customer_name>> for any lost revenue which may result from BellSouth’s administration of the LIDB pursuant to its established practices and procedures as they exist and as they may be changed by BellSouth in its sole discretion from time to time.

  • Responsibilities of the City The City’s Contract Manager will be responsible for exercising general oversight of the Contractor’s activities in completing the Scope of Work. Specifically, the Contract Manager will represent the City’s interests in resolving day-to-day issues that may arise during the term of this Contract, shall participate regularly in conference calls or meetings for status reporting, shall promptly review any written reports submitted by the Contractor, and shall approve all invoices for payment, as appropriate. The City’s Contract Manager shall give the Contractor timely feedback on the acceptability of progress and task reports.