STAR SUPPORT Sample Clauses

STAR SUPPORT. During the initial term of this Agreement, Licensee shall be eligible to receive Gupta STAR Support Services as described in the STAR Support program description current as of the date of execution of this Agreement, attached hereto as Exhibit 1. During such initial term, Gupta may add additional services to those listed in Exhibit I but may not delete any services or add additional fees without the written consent of Licensee unless Licensee is in default of its payment or other obligations to Gupta under this Agreement. It is expressly understood that STAR Support Services are in addition to any other support services which may be due Licensee from Gupta including, without limitation, License Subscription Service ('LSS") as are commercially defined and provided by Gupta to its other customers for the Programs. To the extent that Licensee's eligibility to receive STAR Support Services is dependent on Licensee maintaining such additional support services on the covered Programs, Licensee expressly agrees to do so. STAR Support Services as provided by Gupta hereunder shall only apply to those Product license numbers previously and/or contemporaneously acquired by Licensee from Gupta and/or Gupta's authorized resellers andlisted on the signature page, ("STAR Supported Software").


  • End User Support You are responsible for providing customer service (if any) to End Users. We do not provide any support or services to End Users unless we have a separate agreement with you or an End User obligating us to provide support or services.

  • Customer Support For assistance, questions or other order inquiries, please refer to our online FAQ's available at xxxx://

  • Child Support (Applicable if the Party is a natural person, not a corporation or partnership.) Party states that, as of the date the Agreement is signed, he/she:

  • PRODUCT SUPPORT Any support for the Products is provided to you by Customer and is not provided by Microsoft, its affiliates or subsidiaries.

  • Administrative Support Employee shall be provided with office space and administrative support.

  • Customer Support and Training System Agency will provide support for the CMBHS, including problem tracking and problem resolution. System Agency will provide telephone numbers for Grantees to obtain access to expert assistance for CMBHS-related problem resolution. System Agency will provide initial CMBHS training. Grantee shall provide subsequent ongoing end-user training.

  • Technical Support State Street will provide technical support to assist the Fund in using the System and the Data Access Services. The total amount of technical support provided by State Street shall not exceed 10 resource days per year. State Street shall provide such additional technical support as is expressly set forth in the fee schedule in effect from time to time between the parties (the “Fee Schedule”). Technical support, including during installation and testing, is subject to the fees and other terms set forth in the Fee Schedule.

  • Administrative Support Services Fees Within forty-five (45) days of the end of each calendar quarter or at such other period as deemed appropriate by the Distributor, the Fund will make payments in the aggregate amount of up to 0.25% on an annual basis of the average during the period of the aggregate net asset value of the Shares computed as of the close of each business day (the “Service Fee”). Such Service Fee payments received from the Fund will compensate the Distributor for providing administrative support services with respect to Accounts. The administrative support services in connection with Accounts may include, but shall not be limited to, the administrative support services that a Recipient may render as described in Section 3(b)(i) below.

  • TAX SUPPORT SERVICES BNY Mellon shall provide the following tax support services for each Fund: § Provide various data and reports as agreed upon in the SLDs to support TRP’s tax reporting and tax filing obligations, including: · Wash sales reporting; · QDI reporting; · DRD reporting; · PFIC analysis; · Straddle analysis; · Paydown adjustments; · Equalization debit adjustments · Tax compliance under §851, §817(h); · Foreign bond sale analysis (§988); · Troubled debt analysis; · Estimation of income for excise tax purposes; · Swap analysis; · Inflation adjustments; · §1256 adjustments; · Market discount analysis; · OID adjustments; · CPDI analysis; · Shareholder tax reporting information (e.g. FTC, UGG income, foreign source income by country, exempt income by state); § Provide data, and reports based on such data, maintained by BNY Mellon on its fund accounting platform as reasonably requested by TRP to support TRP’s obligations to comply with requests from tax authorities and TRP’s tax reporting and tax filing obligations. § Assist with other tax-related data needs as mutually agreed upon in writing from time-to-time.

  • Software Support During the Term, Seller shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide all Software updates and qualified Software upgrades in accordance with the terms of the Service Contract as such materials become commercially available for distribution. Purchaser’s use of all Software, updates, and upgrades of Software shall be subject to this Agreement, the Original Terms, and the applicable XXXX.