Reporting Model 1 FFI Sample Clauses

Reporting Model 1 FFI. The term Reporting Model 1 FFI means a Financial Institution with respect to which a non-U.S. government or agency thereof agrees to obtain and exchange information pursuant to a Model 1 IGA, other than a Financial Institution treated as a Nonparticipating Financial Institution under the Model 1 IGA. For purposes of this definition, the term Model 1 IGA means an arrangement between the United States or the Treasury Department and a non-U.S. government or one or more agencies thereof to implement FATCA through reporting by Financial Institutions to such non-U.S. government or agency thereof, followed by automatic exchange of such reported information with the IRS.
Reporting Model 1 FFI. “Reporting Model 1 FFI” means an FFI or branch of an FFI that is treated as a reporting financial institution under an applicable Model 1 IGA and that has registered with the IRS to obtain a GIIN.

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  • Reporting Frequency During any period of time when you are subject to the requirement in paragraph 1 of this award term and condition, you must report proceedings information through XXX for the most recent five year period, either to report new information about any proceeding(s) that you have not reported previously or affirm that there is no new information to report. Recipients that have Federal contract, grant, and cooperative agreement awards with a cumulative total value greater than $10,000,000 must disclose semiannually any information about the criminal, civil, and administrative proceedings.

  • GETTING MORE INFORMATION This Notice only summarizes the proposed settlement. More details are contained in the settlement agreement, which can be viewed/obtained online at [WEBSITE] or at the Office of the Clerk of the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, located at 000 Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxxx 00000, by asking for the Court file containing the Motion For Preliminary Approval of Class Settlement (the settlement agreement is attached to the motion). For additional information about the settlement and/or to obtain copies of the settlement agreement, or to change your address for purposes of receiving a payment, you should contact the Claims Administrator as follows:

  • Xxxx to Market 9.1 If Lender is a Customer, Borrower shall daily xxxx to market any Loan hereunder and in the event that at the Close of Trading on any Business Day the Market Value of the Collateral for any Loan to Borrower shall be less than 100% of the Market Value of all the outstanding Loaned Securities subject to such Loan, Borrower shall transfer additional Collateral no later than the Close of Business on the next Business Day so that the Market Value of such additional Collateral, when added to the Market Value of the other Collateral for such Loan, shall equal 100% of the Market Value of the Loaned Securities.

  • Unlisted/Non-Published Subscribers Telepak Networks will be required to provide to BellSouth the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all Telepak Networks customers who wish to be omitted from directories. Unlisted/Non- Published SLI will be subject to the rates as set forth in BellSouth’s General Subscriber Services Tariff.

  • Statistical, Demographic or Market-Related Data Any statistical, demographic or market-related data included in the Registration Statement, the Preliminary Prospectus or the Prospectus is based on or derived from sources that the Fund believes to be reliable and accurate and all such data included in the Registration Statement, the Preliminary Prospectus or the Prospectus accurately reflects the materials upon which it is based or from which it was derived.

  • FINANCIAL REPORTING; MONEY MARKET FUND SERVICES BNY Mellon shall provide the following financial reporting services for each Fund: § Financial Statement Preparation & Review · Prepare the Fund’s annual and semi-annual shareholder reports1 1 Requires “Typesetting Services” as described herein. for shareholder delivery and for inclusion in Form N-CSR; · Prepare the Fund’s fiscal quarterly schedule of portfolio holdings1 for inclusion in Form N-Q; · Prepare, circulate and maintain the Fund’s financial reporting production calendar and track status of reporting cycles; · Coordinate N-SAR surveys; prepare and file (or coordinate the filing of) the Fund’s Form N-SAR; and · Prepare and coordinate the filing of the Fund’s monthly website files and Form N-MFP, as applicable to money market funds. § Typesetting Services · Create financial compositions for the applicable financial report and related EDGAR files; · Maintain country codes, industry class codes, security class codes and state codes; · Map individual general ledger accounts into master accounts to be displayed in the applicable financial reports; · Create components that will specify the proper grouping and sorting for display of portfolio information; · Create components that will specify the proper calculation and display of financial data required for each applicable financial report (except for identified manual entries, which BNY Mellon will enter); · Process, convert and load security and general ledger data; · Include data in financial reports provided from external parties to BNY Mellon which includes, but is not limited to: shareholder letters, “Management Discussion and Analysis” commentary, notes on performance, form of notes to financials, report of independent auditors, Fund management listing, service providers listing and Fund spectrums; · Generate financial reports using the Vendor’s capabilities which include the following: o table of contents; o schedules of investments; o statement of net assets; o statements of assets and liabilities; o statements of operation; o statements of changes; o statements of cash flows; o financial highlights; o notes to financial statements; o report of independent registered public accounting firm; o tax information; and o additional Fund information as mutually agreed in writing between BNY Mellon and a Fund. · Unless mutually agreed in writing between BNY Mellon and a Fund, solely with respect to typesetting services, BNY Mellon will use the same layout and format for every successive reporting period for the typeset reports. At the request of a Fund and upon the mutual written agreement of BNY Mellon and the Fund as to the scope of any changes and additional compensation of BNY Mellon, BNY Mellon will, or will cause the Vendor to, change the format or layout of reports from time to time.

  • Required Vendor Sales Reporting By responding to this Solicitation, you agree to report to TIPS all sales made under any awarded Agreement with TIPS. Vendor is required to report all sales under the TIPS contract to TIPS. If the TIPS Member entity requesting a price from the awarded Vendor requests the TIPS contract, Vendor must include the TIPS Contract number on any communications with the TIPS Member entity. If awarded, you will be provided access to the Vendor Portal. To report sales, login to the TIPS Vendor Portal and click on the PO’s and Payments tab. Pages 3-7 of the Vendor Portal User Guide will walk you through the process of reporting sales to TIPS. Please refer to the TIPS Accounting FAQ’s for more information about reporting sales and if you have further questions, contact the Accounting Team at The Vendor or vendor assigned dealers are responsible for keeping record of all sales that go through the TIPS Agreement and submitting same to TIPS.

  • Reporting Period e. Project progress including a summary of progress, findings, data, analyses, results and field-test results from all tasks carried out in the covered period.

  • Uptime bookinglab shall ensure that the TAAP Visitor Book Service will be available, excluding Downtime caused by Scheduled Maintenance, Emergency Maintenance or Force Majeure event, 99.5% of the time in any one calendar month (first day to last day) (the “Service Level”). The Service Level will not apply (and therefore no Service Credits will be applicable) to the extent that any Service Level Failure is caused by: (a) a Penetration Test conducted by Customer without the prior written approval of bookinglab; or (b) Customer’s failure to comply with specific instructions provided by bookinglab; or (c) a failure of the Customer to comply with any Customer responsibility or obligation detailed in a Statement of Work, Order Form or the Master Subscription Agreement; or (d) Customer’s failure to adhere to TAAP’s or bookinglab’s best practice guidelines for the use of the API.

  • Reporting Status; Listing Until the earlier of two (2) years from the date hereof or when the Shares are no longer registered in the names of the Buyers on the books and records of the Company, the Company shall: (i) file in a timely manner all reports required to be filed under the Securities Act, the Exchange Act or any securities Laws and regulations thereof applicable to the Company of any state of the United States, or by the rules and regulations of the Principal Trading Market, and, if not otherwise publicly available, to provide a copy thereof to each Buyer upon request; (ii) not terminate its status as an issuer required to file reports under the Exchange Act even if the Exchange Act or the rules and regulations thereunder would otherwise permit such termination; (iii) if required by the rules and regulations of the Principal Trading Market, promptly secure the listing of any of the Shares upon the Principal Trading Market (subject to official notice of issuance) and, take all reasonable action under its control to maintain the continued listing, quotation and trading of its Common Stock on the Principal Trading Market, and the Company shall comply in all respects with the Company’s reporting, filing and other Obligations under the bylaws or rules of the Principal Trading Market, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. and such other Governmental Authorities, as applicable. 18