Reported Sample Clauses

Reported. 2 incidents of the vessel failing to take an At-Sea Monitor or incidences 3 of the contractor failing to handle incidents of interference, 4 harassment or intimidation of At-Sea Monitors will be investigated by 5 NMFS.
Reported. 1 incidents of the vessel failing to take an At-Sea Monitor or incidences of the contractor failing to 2 handle incidents of interference, harassment or intimidation of At-Sea Monitors will be 3 investigated by NMFS. 5 C.4.3.10. Vessel Operations and Working Conditions 7 Fishing vessels routinely operate out of ports from New York to Maine (Section J, Attachment 8 24, Location of ASM Trips in 2010). Trips can range from 1-14 days in duration. The vessels 9 operate in ocean waters, 3-200 miles offshore in all weather conditions. Vessels are generally 10 30-150 feet in length. Crew members and At-Sea Monitors live and sleep in cramped quarters, 11 often in damp conditions and share common facilities. On some vessels, the crew does not speak 12 English. At-Sea Monitors must be willing to travel occasionally to cover locations other than 13 their primary ports.

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  • Current Market Price For the purpose of any computation under Paragraph 4.2 and 3 of this Section 4, the Current Market Price per share of Common Stock on any date shall be deemed to be the average of the daily closing prices for the 30 consecutive trading days commencing 45 trading days before such date. The closing price for each day shall be the last reported sales price regular way or, in case no such reported sale takes place on such day, the closing bid price regular way, in either case on the principal national securities exchange on which the Common Stock is listed or admitted to trading or, if the Common Stock is not listed or admitted to trading on any national securities exchange, the highest reported bid price as furnished by the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. through NASDAQ or similar organization if NASDAQ is no longer reporting such information, or by the Pink Sheets, LLC or similar organization if the Common Stock is not then quoted on an inter-dealer quotation system. If on any such date the Common Stock is not quoted by any such organization, the fair value of the Common Stock on such date, as determined in good faith by the Company's Board of Directors, shall be used.

  • Financial Market Service Bloomberg Financial Service and any other financial information provider designated by the Depositor by written notice to the Trustee.

  • Nasdaq Quotation The Shares shall be approved for quotation on The NASDAQ Global Market. If any of the conditions specified in this Section 7 shall not have been fulfilled when and as required by this Agreement to be fulfilled, this Agreement may be terminated by you on notice to the Company at any time at or prior to the Closing Date, and such termination shall be without liability of any party to any other party, except as provided in Sections 6 and 10. Notwithstanding any such termination, the provisions of Section 8 shall remain in effect.

  • Nasdaq Stock Market The Public Securities have been authorized for listing, subject to official notice of issuance and evidence of satisfactory distribution, on The Nasdaq Stock Market (the “Nasdaq”), and the Company knows of no reason or set of facts that is likely to adversely affect such authorization.

  • Sale Price (a) As consideration for the sale of the CEF Assets pursuant to Section 2.1 hereof, the Purchaser shall pay to the applicable Seller on the Closing Date, the CEF Purchase Price for the CEF Assets sold and transferred by such Seller to the Purchaser on the Closing Date. The CEF Purchase Price for the sale of CEF Assets shall be an amount equal to the fair market value thereof as agreed upon by the Purchaser and the applicable Seller prior to such sale.

  • Market Price as of any date, (i) means the average of the last reported sale prices for the shares of Common Stock on the OTCBB for the five (5) Trading Days immediately preceding such date as reported by Bloomberg, or (ii) if the OTCBB is not the principal trading market for the shares of Common Stock, the average of the last reported sale prices on the principal trading market for the Common Stock during the same period as reported by Bloomberg, or (iii) if market value cannot be calculated as of such date on any of the foregoing bases, the Market Price shall be the fair market value as reasonably determined in good faith by (a) the Board of Directors of the Company or, at the option of a majority-in-interest of the holders of the outstanding Warrants by (b) an independent investment bank of nationally recognized standing in the valuation of businesses similar to the business of the corporation. The manner of determining the Market Price of the Common Stock set forth in the foregoing definition shall apply with respect to any other security in respect of which a determination as to market value must be made hereunder.

  • Nasdaq National Market The Common Stock is registered pursuant to Section 12(b) of the Exchange Act and is listed on the Nasdaq National Market ("Nasdaq"), and, except as contemplated by this Agreement, the Company has taken no action designed to, or likely to have the effect of, terminating the registration of the Common Stock under the Exchange Act or delisting the Common Stock from Nasdaq, nor has the Company received any notification that the SEC or the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. ("NASD") is contemplating terminating such registration or listing.

  • Prices Prices for the sale of food, non-alcoholic beverages, and novelty items shall be submitted to and approved by Department in writing before any proposed price can become effective. Proposed prices to be charged must be submitted in writing to Department and approved, in writing, by Department prior to commencement of any Period of Operation. All prices shall remain in effect unless otherwise modified and re-approved in writing by Department. All changes in pricing will require the submission of a new price list for all items (not just those being changed) and a written justification for each item Concessionaire is requesting Department’s approval to change or modify. No price changes are to take effect without the written pre-approval of Department. All prices shall be properly displayed in prominent places at all times. Price signage must be professional in appearance, neat, and made of weather-proof materials.

  • Trading With respect to the securities and other investments to be purchased or sold for the Fund, Subadviser shall place orders with or through such persons, brokers, dealers, or futures commission merchants (including, but not limited to, broker-dealers that are affiliated with Investment Manager or Subadviser) selected by Subadviser; provided, however, that such orders shall be consistent with Subadviser’s brokerage policy; conform with federal securities laws; and be consistent with seeking best execution. The Subadviser may consider the research, investment information, and other services provided by, and the financial responsibility of, brokers, dealers, or futures commission merchants who may effect, or be a party to, any such transaction or other transactions to which Subadviser’s other clients may be a party in accordance with Section 28(e) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. To the extent permitted by law, and consistent with its obligation to seek best execution, Subadviser may execute transactions or pay a broker-dealer a commission, spread or markup in excess of that which another broker-dealer might have charged for executing a transaction provided that Subadviser determines, in good faith, that the execution is appropriate or the commission, spread or markup is reasonable in relation to the value of the brokerage and/or research services provided, viewed in terms of either that particular transaction or Subadviser’s overall responsibilities with respect to the Fund and other clients for which it acts as subadviser. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, to the extent Subadviser is directed by Investment Manager to use a particular broker or brokers to borrow securities to cover securities sold short, Subadviser shall have no responsibility for setting the rate charged to borrow a security or otherwise ensuring that the rate charged by such broker to borrow a security is favorable.

  • Nasdaq The Securities shall have been approved for listing on Nasdaq, subject to official notice of issuance and evidence of satisfactory distribution, satisfactory evidence of which shall have been provided to the Representative.