Radios Sample Clauses

Radios. The Contractor or its employees shall not use any of the two-way radios or special telecommunications equipment under any circumstances. No exceptions will be made to this rule. Violation is grounds for immediate termination of this Contract, as well as punitive action.
Radios. This clause in the Lease is to stop noise pollution but if a radio is at the same volume as someone in your office having a normal conversation there is no reason not to have one - 11, p.5 2 Electricity – The Lease allows for ordinary office use, one computer per desk space / 75 sq.ft and a few chargers etc. Additional equipment like electrical heaters / air conditioners / dehumidifiers / servers / fans etc. are billed separately - 21.e, p.5 3 Rent – Yes a monthly Term means the Rent can go up with just one months notice, but our business relies on happy customers. If Rents ever do increase it is only to the current market rate and stays competitive. We want you to stay with us! - 6, p.5
Radios. SFMTA will make every effort to see that each inspector will have a working radio.
Radios o Furnish, install and test two each NEC SONET Terminal radio racks with ATPC and space-diversity to sites 106C (Sidney, IA) and 106A (Pickrell, NE). o Relocate the existing stub radio to the new building.
Radios. All busses will be equipped with radios for communication with a base station. Also, whenever the base station is not in operation, a cell phone will be made available for all drivers. SECTION “B” – FIELD/SCHOOL ACTIVITY TRIPS
Radios. As agreed during the period of negotiations, the Company will allow the use of radios in the plant. The radios should be located with regards to safety, and the employees should respect the working area of their fellow co-workers by keeping the volume at a reasonable level. Any problems which arise will be discussed with the Union in an attempt to resolve the situation.
Radios. The Employer shall ensure that each crew is equipped with a minimum of two (2) two-way radios at each work location, where visibility is impaired as deemed by the Employer.
Radios. 418. MTA agrees that on a priority basis all moving equipment shall be equipped with radios as soon as possible. All equipment in use shall be equipped with operable radios. No operator shall be required to operate equipment not so equipped.