Queries Sample Clauses

Queries. 1. If the Cardmember or the Company has any queries about any of the Charges or Transactions which appear in any Statement of Account, the Cardmember or the Company must contact AEME immediately and in any event, no later than 90 days from the date on which the Transaction or Charge was processed and debited to the Card Account. If the Cardmember or the Company fails to notify AEME of any queries or disputes within the 90 day period, then the Cardmember and the Company agree and acknowledge that all Charges and Transactions which appear on the Statement of Account are true, accurate and correct and hereby waive any right to object, dispute or challenge, in any manner whatsoever, any such Transactions, Charges or amounts. AEME will assume all Charges and Transactions to be true, accurate and approved by the Cardmember and the Company upon the lapse of the said 90 day period.
Queries a. If the Cardmember or the Company has any questions about Transactions appearing on the Statement, the Cardmember or the Company can contact Us immediately but no later than one month from the Statement date. The address to write to is American Express Saudi Arabia, P.O. Box 6624, Riyadh 11452, Saudi Arabia. Our Telephone numbers are 000 000 0000 or 966 11 292 6661
Queries a. If you have any queries about the charges appearing on the statement, you must contact us immediately and in any event, not later than one month after the statement date. If you fail to notify us within that period, we shall be entitled to assume that you agree to the correctness of the statement. The address to write to is Amex (Saudi Arabia) Limited, X.X. Xxx 0000, Xxxxxx 00000, Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Tel: Toll Free 000 000 0000 or (000 0) 000 0000.
Queries. The top 5 most time-consuming queries are displayed with a graph, giving you an immediate place to observe the potential problems. You can click o refresh and update the top 5 queries list. • TOP 5 QUERIES BASED ON TOTAL TIME - The query statement. • COUNTS - The number of times that the query has been executed. • TOTAL TIME - The cumulative execution time for all executions of the query. • USER@HOST - The user who executed the query. Query Table The query table provides the summary information for all of the queries executed. Occurrence statistics are calculated and the result is displayed. Hover over a query to show the full query statement and click Copy Query to copy it. If your instance is PostgreSQL, you can also click Create New Trace in SQL Profiler to create a new trace using that query. Click SHOW / HIDE COLUMNS and select the columns that you want to hide. Select Restore Default to restore the table to its default settings. Queries can be filtered and sorted. Simply enter a search string in the Search for a query box to filter the table and click the column name to sort the table. To change the number of queries per page, click X / PAGE and select a predefined number. To change the total number of queries in the table, click TOTAL NO. OF QUERIES and select a predefined number. Long Running Queries About Long Running Queries In the Query Analyzer page, click the Long Running Queries chart. The Long Running Queries page uses historical data to help you identify long running queries that are consuming resources and investigate the root cause of performance issues. Data is collected every second and automatically condensed over time. All monitored instances are shown in the left pane. Select an instance to view its Long Running Queries chart. Navicat Monitor provides several additional information about the queries. Click on a tab to show the corresponding chart. The available tabs depend on the server type of the selected instance.
Queries a) If you have any queries about your monthly statement, please contact us immediately. You are responsible for confirming the correctness of each monthly statement. You agree that you will try to notify us of any billing discrepancy within ten (10) business days of receipt of your monthly statement. We will take reasonable steps to assist you by providing information in relation to Charges appearing in the monthly statement. After such period of ten (10) business days, you may still question any Charges incorrectly appearing on your monthly statement within sixty (60) days from the date you received the monthly statement provided that you can prove to our satisfaction that such Charges are incorrect. If a Charge is incurred in respect of your Account without the presentation of a Card and verification of the relevant Corporate Cardmember’s signature:
Queries. If you have any queries or comments about your subscription please contact our customer services team: Telephone: 0000 0000 000 or 0000 000 0000 Email: xxxxxxxxxx@xxx.xxx.xx Post: NFU DAT, Agriculture House, Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, CV8 2TZ
Queries. Should you have any queries in respect of this Mini Competition Request, please contact [●] by email at [●][or by telephone at [●]] no later than [●]. The Framework Purchaser will endeavour to respond to all reasonable queries received promptly, but does not undertake to respond to all queries. We look forward to receipt of your Proposal. By submitting your response to this Mini Competition Request, you acknowledge and agree that if you are awarded a contract for the supply and spraying of Bitumen Emulsions under the Mini Competition, that contract will incorporate the terms and conditions set out in the Framework Agreement entered into as between TII and the Supplier on [insert date] and will be subject to the rights and obligations set out therein. Yours faithfully, _____________________________ SAMPLE MINI-COMPETITION CONTRACT MINI-COMPETITION CONDITIONS MINI-COMPETITION CONDITIONS FOR SUPPLY AND SPRAYING OF BITUMEN EMULSION PRODUCTS ORDER FORM TEMPLATE To: [Insert Supplier’s Details] Issue Date: Purchase Order Number: Description of the Bitumen Emulsion Products & Services Unit/ number/ unit price VAT Indicate if any of the Terms and Conditions are not applicable Relevant documents Specification Proposal Optional information Delivery/Spraying location Delivery date Price breakdown including any discounts Approver In accordance with the provisions of the conditions, you are instructed to proceed with the delivery of the Products and Spraying Services as identified above. The Products and Spraying Services must be delivered on or before the Delivery Date. In delivering the Products and Spraying Services, as required under this Purchase Order, you are to comply with all requirements and the mini-competition terms and conditions for the Supply and Spraying of Bitumen Emulsion Products contained at Appendix 1 attached. APPENDIX 1 TERMS AND CONDITIONS
Queries. 6.7.1 It is difficult for these instructions to deal with all potential Consortium and sub- contracting scenarios. If you are unsure how to classify and communicate your contracting arrangements in your Tender, then you should contact the Authority at the earliest opportunity in accordance with paragraph 7.
Queries. Inktomi will provision sufficient hardware, software and other equipment to service up to [*] queries per day from Customer. Specific query functionality shall be as set forth below. [*]
Queries. During the one-year period following the Effective Date, Company shall have the right to submit to Gen-Probe, no more than three times per week, queries regarding whether particular Information with respect to a particular organism or taxonomical group of organisms relevant in the Company Field (other than the Industrial Information already provided to Company pursuant to Section 1.8(a)) is located in files other than the “Industrial Targets” file located within Gen-Probe’s collection of user files containing sequences or results from sequence or text-based searches (each, a “Query”); provided, however, that with respect to Infection Control Applications, Company shall only have the right to submit to Gen-Probe Queries regarding MRSA, VREF and/or C.diff (including combinations thereof and, solely with respect to MRSA, in combination with Methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus). Company agrees that each Query shall be submitted in a format agreed upon by the parties and shall be reasonably specific as to the organism or group of organisms and the Information to which the Query relates. Within fourteen days of receipt of a Query, Gen-Probe shall use commercially reasonable efforts to review the relevant files within Gen-Probe’s collection of user files containing sequences or results from sequence or text-based searches in response to such Query, and if Gen-Probe (i) locates Information in such files which it reasonably believes is responsive to the Query and (ii) determines, in its reasonable discretion, that such Information is relevant in the Company Field, Gen-Probe will deliver such Information to Company, and such Information shall thereafter be considered “Industrial Information” for purposes of this Agreement. For purposes of clarification, in the event Company submits a Query to Gen-Probe and Gen-Probe either (A) does not locate Information in such files which it reasonably believes is responsive to the Query or (B) does locate such Information but determines, in its reasonable discretion, that such Information is not relevant in the Company Field, Company shall have no further rights, and Gen-Probe shall have no further obligations, with respect to such Query or the Information or organism(s) to which such Query relates. For the avoidance of doubt, Company acknowledges that, with respect to Infection Control Applications, Gen-Probe shall have no obligation to provide Information about any organism other than MRSA, VREF and C.diff (including co...