PROVING Sample Clauses

PROVING. (A) Subject to Paragraph (D), prior to the Start Date, the Generator must perform an initial Proving Test in relation to the Metering System.
PROVING. chain of custody” is incumbent on the Carrier and as such Xxxxxxx agrees that all loads will be sealed at the point of origin and remain sealed until broken at the point of destination. Pursuant to item 3 above, any load that is not sealed will be also considered “adulterated”. Should a load be refused due to a missing seal, Xxxxxxx agrees to liability for full loss, less any salvage value. Refusal of any said claim by Xxxxxxx’s insurer, does not relieve carrier of liability.
PROVING π NIZK.prove(crs, x, ω) generates an argument π that x LR, using a witness ω. ← – Verification: v NIZK.vrfy(crs, x, π) verifies if the argument π is correct (where v = 1 means “accept” and v = 0 means “reject”). We require perfect completeness, as well as the zero-knowledge and simulation-sound extractability

Related to PROVING

  • Redress (a) The data importer shall inform data subjects in a transparent and easily accessible format, through individual notice or on its website, of a contact point authorised to handle complaints. It shall deal promptly with any complaints it receives from a data subject.

  • Damages Should the registration or the effectiveness thereof required by Sections 4.1 and 4.2 hereof be delayed by the Company or the Company otherwise fails to comply with such provisions, the Holder(s) shall, in addition to any other legal or other relief available to the Holder(s), be entitled to obtain specific performance or other equitable (including injunctive) relief against the threatened breach of such provisions or the continuation of any such breach, without the necessity of proving actual damages and without the necessity of posting bond or other security.

  • Personal Necessity 14.5.1 Each faculty member may use up to six (6) days of accumulated sick leave per year as personal necessity in accordance with the provisions below:

  • Restitution 1. Requiring an employee to make restitution to the State for loss or damage to State property due to an employee's negligence is not a disciplinary action.

  • DISCIPLINE AND DISMISSAL 8.4.1 The following principles are to be followed when dealing with disciplinary matters:

  • Irreparable Injury 4.1 Both parties hereto recognize that the services Executive will render during the Term of his employment are special, unique and of extraordinary character, and Executive acknowledges that any violation by him of Section 3 of this Agreement may cause the Company irreparable injury.

  • Notice of Criminal Activity and Disciplinary Actions a. Xxxxxxx shall immediately report in writing to their contract manager when Xxxxxxx has knowledge or any reason to believe that they or any person with ownership or controlling interest in the organization/business, or their agent, employee, contractor or volunteer that is providing services under this Contract has:

  • Medical Necessity In order for Health Care Services to be covered under this Contract, such services must meet all of the requirements to be a Covered Benefit or Covered Service, including being Medically Necessary, as defined by AvMed.