Protection of Factory Finished Work Sample Clauses

Protection of Factory Finished Work. The contractor is to allow for protecting all factory finished doors, frames windows, suspended ceilings and the like at all times to ensure that factory finishes are not damaged and must make good or replace a defective component at his own expense.
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Related to Protection of Factory Finished Work

  • Selection of Subcontractors, Procurement of Materials and Leasing of Equipment The contractor shall not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability in the selection and retention of subcontractors, including procurement of materials and leases of equipment. The contractor shall take all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure nondiscrimination in the administration of this contract.

  • Technical Feasibility of String While ICANN has encouraged and will continue to encourage universal acceptance of all top-­‐level domain strings across the Internet, certain top-­‐level domain strings may encounter difficulty in acceptance by ISPs and webhosters and/or validation by web applications. Registry Operator shall be responsible for ensuring to its satisfaction the technical feasibility of the TLD string prior to entering into this Agreement.

  • Particular Methods of Procurement of Goods and Works International Competitive Bidding. Goods and works shall be procured under contracts awarded on the basis of International Competitive Bidding.

  • LIMITATIONS ON REVERSE ENGINEERING, DECOMPILATION AND DISASSEMBLY You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Software, except and only to the extent that such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law notwithstanding this limitation.

  • Suspension of unsafe Construction Works (i) Upon recommendation of the Authority’s Engineer to this effect, the Authority may by notice require the Contractor to suspend forthwith the whole or any part of the Works if, in the reasonable opinion of the Authority’s Engineer, such work threatens the safety of the Users and pedestrians.

  • Other Methods of Procurement of Goods and Works The following table specifies the methods of procurement, other than International Competitive Bidding, which may be used for goods and works. The Procurement Plan shall specify the circumstances under which such methods may be used: Procurement Method

  • Inspection of Plant The State Purchasing Agent or his/her designee may inspect, at any reasonable time, the part of the Contractor's, or any subcontractor's plant or place of business, which is related to the performance of this contract.

  • Application of General Conditions These General Conditions set forth the terms and conditions generally applicable to the Development Grant Agreement to the extent and subject to any modifications set forth in such agreement.”

  • DEVELOPMENT OR ASSISTANCE IN DEVELOPMENT OF SPECIFICATIONS REQUIREMENTS/ STATEMENTS OF WORK Firms and/or individuals that assisted in the development or drafting of the specifications, requirements, statements of work, or solicitation documents contained herein are excluded from competing for this solicitation. This shall not be applicable to firms and/or individuals providing responses to a publicly posted Request for Information (RFI) associated with a solicitation.

  • Data Return and Destruction of Data (a) Protecting PII from unauthorized access and disclosure is of the utmost importance to the EA, and Contractor agrees that it is prohibited from retaining PII or continued access to PII or any copy, summary or extract of PII, on any storage medium (including, without limitation, in secure data centers and/or cloud-based facilities) whatsoever beyond the period of providing Services to the EA, unless such retention is either expressly authorized for a prescribed period by the Service Agreement or other written agreement between the Parties, or expressly requested by the EA for purposes of facilitating the transfer of PII to the EA or expressly required by law. As applicable, upon expiration or termination of the Service Agreement, Contractor shall transfer PII, in a format agreed to by the Parties to the EA.

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