PROPERTY DESCRIBED. The property de- scribed in this subparagraph is any property that— ‘‘(i) relates to the claims agreement; and
PROPERTY DESCRIBED. Seller agrees that at the Closing it shall sell, transfer, convey and assign to Buyer, and Buyer agrees that Buyer shall purchase and acquire from Seller, for the consideration hereinafter provided, all assets constituting or used in connection with the Racetrack, except those hereinafter excluded (all of said non-excluded assets being hereinafter collectively referred to as the "PROPERTY"), including, but not limited to:


  • Property Description A document prepared as an exhibit for the conveyance of a property interest, reflecting a boundary survey, signed and sealed by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS), attached to an acquisition deed as Exhibit A, and consists of the following two (2) parts:

  • Project Description The Interconnection Customer is constructing a 15 MW solar powered facility (“Small Generating Facility”) located in the town of Boonville in Xxxxx County, New York. The Small Generating Facility is to consist of six (6) Power Electronics FS2800CU15 2.5MW / 2.8MVA solar inverters, each connected to a 2.8MVA 34.5kV/645V pad mount transformer with integral disconnect and fuses. The transformers will be fed on a single 34.5kV circuit back to a collector substation (“North Country Solar Collector Station”) using a mix of overhead and underground feeder lines (“Collection Feeder Lines”). The proposed Point of Interconnection (“POI”) for the Small Generating Facility is the 46kV bus at the Connecting Transmission Owner’s existing Boonville Station. The Point of Change of Ownership (“PCO”) shall be at the line side connection of the generator disconnect switch located on the Interconnection Customer’s disconnect switch structure. The POI and PCO are detailed in Figure 1 in Attachment 3.

  • Site Description 2.5.1 If reasonably requested by the A/E as necessary for the Project, the Owner shall furnish a legal description and a certified land survey of the Site, giving, as applicable, grades and lines of streets, alleys, pavements and adjoining property; rights-of-way, restrictions, easements, encroachments, zoning, deed restrictions, boundaries and contours of the Site; locations, dimensions, and complete data pertaining to existing buildings, other improvements, and trees; and full information concerning available service and utility lines, both public and private, above and below grade, including inverts and depths.

  • Rent Roll A report prepared by the Borrower showing for all Real Estate, including, without limitation, each Mortgaged Property, owned or leased by the Borrower or its Subsidiaries, its occupancy, lease expiration dates, lease rent and other information in substantially the form presented to Agent prior to the date hereof or in such other form as may be reasonably acceptable to the Agent.


  • Property Inspections The Servicer shall conduct property inspections in accordance with the milestones of the repair and rehabilitation plan for such Mortgaged Property and prepare Property Inspection Reports on any Mortgaged Property involving property damage over $15,000. The Servicer shall furnish a copy of the repair and rehabilitation plan for such Mortgaged Property to the Master Servicer upon request.

  • Property Documents Lender shall have received the following documents with respect to the Property in form and substance acceptable to Lender:

  • Mortgage Schedules The Seller from time to time shall provide the Purchaser with certain information constituting a preliminary listing of the Mortgage Loans to be purchased on each Closing Date in accordance with the related Purchase Price and Terms Agreement and this Agreement (each, a "Preliminary Mortgage Schedule"). The Seller shall deliver the related Mortgage Loan Schedule for the Mortgage Loans to be purchased on a particular Closing Date to the Purchaser at least five (5) Business Days prior to the related Closing Date. The related Mortgage Loan Schedule shall be the related Preliminary Mortgage Schedule with those Mortgage Loans which have not been funded prior to the related Closing Date deleted.

  • Aircraft Description The Option Aircraft are described by the Detail Specification listed in the Attachment.

  • Property Inspection The Servicer is required to inspect each Delinquent Mortgaged Property at such time and in such manner as is in accordance with Prudent Servicing Practices. The Servicer must prepare a Property Inspection Report following each inspection. All Property Inspection Reports must be retained by the Servicer and copies thereof must be forwarded to the Master Servicer promptly upon request. All expenses related to the foregoing shall be recoverable by the Servicer from the Principal or from Liquidation Proceeds, Insurance Proceeds, payments on the related Mortgage Loan or any other source relating to the related Mortgage Loan or the related Mortgaged Property. The foregoing shall not preclude the Servicer from recovering such expenses from the Borrower to the extent permitted by applicable law and the related Mortgage Loan Documents.