Program Committee Sample Clauses

Program Committee. There is hereby established a Medical Malpractice Program Committee (hereinafter referred to as “Medical Malpractice Committee” or “Committee”) comprised of seven (7) members. Except as otherwise provided herein, the Medical Malpractice Committee shall have full authority to determine all matters affecting the Medical Malpractice Program and its members, including, but not limited to, approval of new members, premium/rate setting, and review and settlement of claims. The Committee has authority to settle all claims affecting the Medical Malpractice Program; however, the Committee may delegate any or all of this authority as it deems appropriate. The Executive Committee of PRISM shall appoint the Committee members, to be selected from the members in the Program, consisting of four (4) members from Program 1, two (2) members from Program 2, and one (1) Public Entity member. If there are no Public Entity nominees from the Program membership for the Public Entity seat, the Executive Committee shall appoint the Committee member from those counties participating in the Program. The terms of the members of the Committee shall be for two (2) years, except for the Public Entity representative whose term shall be for one (1) year. The expirationPRISM Amended: October 1, 2013Medical Malpractice Program MOU dates of the two-year appointments shall be staggered so that terms of no more than four (4) members will expire at any one time. The Committee will annually, at its first meeting of the calendar year, select its officers, consisting of a Chair and Vice Chair. The Medical Malpractice Committee, when necessary to fulfill the purposes of this Memorandum, shall meet on the call of the Chair of the Committee as provided in Article 12 of the Agreement and Article VI of the Bylaws of PRISM. A majority of the members of the Medical Malpractice Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. All actions of the Committee shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the Committee. Any meeting of the Committee shall be subject to the applicable provisions of Government Code§54950 et seq., commonly known as the “Brown Act”.
Program Committee. The Program will be managed by the Program Committee consisting of two (2) representatives from each party, an Executive Sponsor and a Program Manager. The Program Committee will coordinate and expedite the design, development, and implementation of activities that fulfill the purposes of the Program. Each Party may, in its sole discretion, replace the assigned individuals at any time as necessary, by providing written notice to the other Party of such change.
Program Committee. A committee consisting of four (4) persons, two (2) of whom shall be designated by WGA and two (2) by the Company, shall meet to consider any dispute arising under this Agreement with respect to whether specific programs qualify for classification as “special interest,” “news,” or “children‟s” program. (Such committee shall not have authority to consider disputes as to whether any program is “national” or “regional.”) If the Program Committee shall be unable to resolve any such dispute, then the question may be submitted by either party to arbitration, but not to grievance, pursuant to Articles 10, 11 and 12 of the 2008 MBA. Prior to the employment of any writer on a “special interest” or “children‟s” program, Company agrees to notify the Guild of its intention to invoke the terms applicable to such type of program and to seek the Guild‟s concurrence with the application hereof. If the Guild does not agree with Company‟s right to apply the terms invoked by such category of program, the issue shall be submitted to the Program Committee. If the Program Committee (or the Arbitrator before whom the issue is argued, in the event of a deadlock by the Program Committee) determines that the above definition does not apply to the program or series at issue, Company agrees to pay to the writer the difference between the compensation paid and the minimum compensation applicable to the determined program classification.
Program Committee. The Program Committee shall consist of one appointed representative from each of the Participating Counties. The Program Committee shall provide oversight and review of the Licensing and Inspection Programs. The Participating Counties authorize their respective representatives to bind the Participating Counties with respect to the performance of this Agreement. In the event a Participating County terminates its participation in this Agreement, its representative shall be removed from the Program Committee. All decisions of the Program Committee shall require the majority approval of all the members of the Program Committee, and each Participating County has one vote. The Program Committee shall have the duties provided herein.
Program Committee. The Program Committee shall have the following responsibilities:The Program Committee shall establish an “Ambulance Service License Multi-County Application” for use by each of the Participating Counties. The requirements contained within the Application will be determined by the Program Committee and will be reviewed on at least an annual basis. The Application will refer to all supporting documents that are within the Multi-County Ambulance Licensing Program Procedures. The Application will be revised as necessary to remain in compliance with any amendments to the EMS Act, EMS Regulations, and any other applicable state or federal laws, rules or regulations.The Program Committee shall review and make recommendations to the Program Coordinatorregarding the scope of services and retention of the Ambulance Inspector and shall determine the process by which the Program Committee shall make such recommendations. The Program Committee may recommend to the Program Coordinator whether to retain or terminate the Ambulance Inspector.
Program Committee. The ongoing operations of the Program shall be reviewed by a Program Committee (the “Program Committee”), whose decisions (on matters on which the Program Committee has authority to act) shall be binding on Purchaser and Sears. The Program Committee shall consist of six members, with three members appointed by each of Sears and Purchaser and reasonably acceptable to the other. Each party shall have the right to remove or replace its appointees for any reason at any time, and to fill any vacancy with respect to any of its appointees. The Program Committee may appoint one or more subcommittees and special committees to assume specific responsibilities. The initial membership of the Program Committee is set forth on Schedule 3.1.
Program Committee a) The Program Committee will include one representative designated by each member company. Serving on and chairing the Program Committee will be the Consortium Chairman, Nicholas P. Negroponte. Also serving on the Program Committee will be the three Co-Principal Investigators -- Professors Neil A. Gershenfeld, Michael J. Hawley and Tod Machover -- and the Program Manager, Dr. Richard A. Bolt. (b) The Program Committee will establish guidelines for reviewing and approving research plans. The Program Committee will review all proposed research plans submitted through the Consortium Chairman and will select for funding those research projects of greatest interest. 3 4 (c) The progress of each selected research project in this program will be reviewed for the Program Committee at regular two-day meetings held twice a year and conducted by the Consortium Chairman.
Program Committee is a committee of the Board comprised of one representative from each Program Participant in the Program and an alternate who may vote and exercise all powers of the representative in the representative's absence. A committee for a particular Program is identified as "Program Committee (Name of Program)."
Program Committee or "PC" means the committee established pursuant to Section 2.2(b). 1.34. "Regeneron Technology" means any invention, Know-how or other information, whether tangible or intangible, whether or not patentable, which:
Program Committee or "PC" means the committee established pursuant to Section 2.5(b).