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Probably. However, the goal is to accomplish enough conservation to prevent the listing of the species. Waiting will only reduce the amount of time to implement conservation measures and will offer little to preclude the need to list. Furthermore, if you wait to come in at the last minute, you may not be able to get your leases signed up since Certificates will be processed on a first‐come‐first‐served basis and priority will be placed on proposed enrollments that best benefit the two species. If I have leases I want to consider signing up, but I’m not sure it is in candidate species habitat, how do I know? Agency specialists will meet with you and look at your specific lease(s) to determine if they are in candidate species habitat. If you are not, they will tell you that a certificate is not necessary. Is the cost the same for a Certificate of Inclusion (CI) on State or private lands as it is on Federal lands? Yes. The goal is to approach conservation for LPC/DSL across all ownerships in the same manner since the primary goal of the agreements is to guide conservation measures and efforts that will make listing unnecessary. Can I cancel my Certificate at any time I want? Yes. However, by cancelling the Certificate, the enrolled lands would no longer receive the benefits described in the agreement. What is the risk of not participating? Permits for actions proposed on federal lands or minerals (actions that require a federal permit) that were approved prior to a listing decision become void where the proposed action would have an effect on the newly listed species. If there will be no impacts to the species or its habitat, the permit would not be affected. However, if impacts are anticipated, Section 7 interagency consultation between BLM and USFWS is required. Due to limited staffs and an anticipated abundance of applications that require consultations, this process may cause a significant delay in processing new permits. The benefit of participating is that a pre‐listing consultation occurs as part of the enrollment process, resulting in the issuance of a Biological Opinion as a part of the Certificate. If a listing decision occurs, the Conference Opinion is then converted into a Biological Opinion, which is expected to take only 30‐60 days. The risks of not participating include not knowing how long the consultation process will delay future development of the lease, and the risk of increased regulation, which may not allow the proposed action at all. Enrollment ...
Probably include prescription drugs in the model, due Part D benefits being administered by private companies. Section 1115A is only Medicare focused. Agreements with other federal agencies are not included (e.g. Medicaid, Vermont Health Connect, etc)

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  • Impact direct impact on people does not necessarily require direct contact, for example, environmental health, trading standards and similar officers may have a direct impact on people, through the implementation or enforcement of regulations, without necessarily having direct contact with those who benefit.

  • Profitability The Board reviewed detailed information regarding revenues received by XXXX under the Agreement. The Board considered the estimated costs to XXXX, and pre-tax profits realized by XXXX, from advising the DWS Funds, as well as estimates of the pre-tax profits attributable to managing the Fund in particular. The Board also received information regarding the estimated enterprise-wide profitability of DIMA and its affiliates with respect to all fund services in totality and by fund. The Board and the Fee Consultant reviewed XXXX’s methodology in allocating its costs to the management of the Fund. Based on the information provided, the Board concluded that the pre-tax profits realized by XXXX in connection with the management of the Fund were not unreasonable. The Board also reviewed certain publicly available information regarding the profitability of certain similar investment management firms. The Board noted that, while information regarding the profitability of such firms is limited (and in some cases is not necessarily prepared on a comparable basis), DIMA and its affiliates’ overall profitability with respect to the DWS Funds (after taking into account distribution and other services provided to the funds by XXXX and its affiliates) was lower than the overall profitability levels of most comparable firms for which such data was available. Economies of Scale. The Board considered whether there are economies of scale with respect to the management of the Fund and whether the Fund benefits from any economies of scale. The Board noted that the Fund’s investment management fee schedule includes fee breakpoints. The Board concluded that the Fund’s fee schedule represents an appropriate sharing between the Fund and DIMA of such economies of scale as may exist in the management of the Fund at current asset levels.

  • Results There shall be no appreciable impairment of the gridded area. Impairments at the intersections between squares or at the edges of the cuts shall be permitted, provided that the impaired area does not exceed 15 per cent of the gridded surface.

  • Competitors The Owner shall possess, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the following restrictions: (check one) ☐ - No Restrictions on Competitors.

  • Economic Risk The Purchaser realizes that the purchase of the ------------- Stock will be a highly speculative investment and involves a high degree of risk, and the Purchaser is able, without impairing financial condition, to hold the Stock for an indefinite period of time and to suffer a complete loss on the Purchaser's investment.

  • Complexity Intermediate professional level role. Provides production support on multiple platforms. Works on multiple projects as a team member and may lead projects of moderate complexity. May coach more junior technical staff. JOB FAMILY: TELECOMMUNICATIONS‌ Job Title: Manager, Telecommunications Operations Job#: 3000 General Characteristics Manages the operations, daily planning, engineering, design, and resource allocation for the enterprise’s telecommunications functions. Ensures customer satisfaction through quality standards and measures by evaluating the performance of telecommunications networks and related interfaces. Responsible for strategic telecommunications planning and works with senior IT leadership to coordinate telecommunication plans with those of the business. Develops and implements standards, procedures, and processes for the telecommunications group. Plans and manages the support of new technologies, performance and reliability. Defines and negotiates service level agreements. Oversees and coordinates the daily activities of the operations center. Performs a coordination role with enterprise management, vendors and customers.

  • Uncontrollable Forces 12.1 Section 14.1 of the CAISO Tariff shall be incorporated by reference into this Agreement except that all references in Section 14.1 of the CAISO Tariff to Market Participants shall be read as a reference to the Scheduling Coordinator and references to the CAISO Tariff shall be read as references to this Agreement.

  • Disruption 41.1 The Contractor shall take reasonable care to ensure that in the performance of its obligations under the Framework Agreement it does not disrupt the operations of the Authority, its employees or any other Contractor employed by the Authority.

  • Outcomes Committed children will be supported and treated in a congregate care setting for as long as needed so that the child may be safely returned home, or placed in a permanent adoptive home or in another less restrictive setting. These services must be family driven, youth guided, time limited, intensive, evidence informed practices that promote the child welfare goals of safety, permanency, well-being, and stability.

  • Behaviour No obscene or insulting language or disorderly behaviour shall be permitted. This includes any form of entertainment that may be considered lewd or inappropriate for a public place or that may offend or cause embarrassment to others.