Principal Distributor Sample Clauses

Principal Distributor. Based on the representations and warranties contained in this Agreement, and subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the Company hereby appoints the Dealer Manager as its agent and principal distributor during the Offering Period (as defined in Section 3(b)) to solicit, on a “best effortsbasis, purchasers for the Shares for cash through the distribution channels contemplated herein and in the Prospectus, including the sale of Shares for cash directly to clients and customers identified by the Company on the terms and conditions stated herein and in the Prospectus.

Related to Principal Distributor

  • Sub-Distributors MMLD may enter into sub-distributor’s agreements with persons (“Sub-Distributors”) pursuant to which MMLD delegates any or all of its functions hereunder to one or more Sub-Distributors provided that a majority of the Trust’s Board of Directors that are not interested persons of the Trust or MMLD approve the agreement. MMLD shall pay all compensation of any such Sub-Distributors and will have the right to terminate the services of any Sub-Distributor at any time on no more than 60 days’ notice.

  • Final Distribution The Issuer shall give the Indenture Trustee at least 30 days written notice of the Payment Date on which the Noteholders of any Series, Class or Tranche may surrender their Notes for payment of the final distribution on and cancellation of such Notes. Not later than the fifth day of the month in which the final distribution in respect of such Series, Class or Tranche is payable to Noteholders, the Indenture Trustee shall provide notice to Noteholders of such Series, Class or Tranche specifying (i) the date upon which final payment of such Series, Class or Tranche will be made upon presentation and surrender of Notes of such Series, Class or Tranche at the office or offices therein designated, (ii) the amount of any such final payment and (iii) that the Record Date otherwise applicable to such payment date is not applicable, payments being made only upon presentation and surrender of such Notes at the office or offices therein specified (which, in the case of Bearer Notes, shall be outside the United States). The Indenture Trustee shall give such notice to the Note Registrar and the Paying Agent at the time such notice is given to Noteholders.

  • By Distributor Distributor shall indemnify and hold harmless Insurer and any of its officers, directors, employees or agents, against any and all losses, claims, damages or liabilities, joint or several (including any investigative, legal and other expenses reasonably incurred in connection with, and any amounts paid in settlement of, any action, suit or proceeding or any claim asserted), to which Insurer and/or any such person may become subject under any statute or regulation, any FINRA Rule or interpretation, at common law or otherwise, insofar as such losses, claims, damages or liabilities:

  • The Distribution Agent Parent shall enter into a distribution agent agreement with the Agent or otherwise provide instructions to the Agent regarding the Distribution.

  • Effect if Distribution Does Not Occur If the Distribution does not occur, then all actions and events that are, under this Employee Matters Agreement, to be taken or occur effective as of the Distribution, or otherwise in connection with the Distribution will not be taken or occur except to the extent specifically agreed by the parties.

  • Final Distributions Section 8.01. Sale of Receivables or Certificateholders' Interest pursuant to Section 2.06 or 10.01 of the Agreement and Section 7.01 or 7.02 of this Supplement.

  • When Distribution Must Be Paid Over In the event that the Trustee or any Holder receives any payment of any Obligations with respect to the Notes at a time when the Trustee or such Holder, as applicable, has actual knowledge that such payment is prohibited by Section 10.04 hereof, such payment shall be held by the Trustee or such Holder, in trust for the benefit of, and shall be paid forthwith over and delivered, upon written request, to, the holders of Senior Debt as their interests may appear or their Representative under the indenture or other agreement (if any) pursuant to which Senior Debt may have been issued, as their respective interests may appear, for application to the payment of all Obligations with respect to Senior Debt remaining unpaid to the extent necessary to pay such Obligations in full in accordance with their terms, after giving effect to any concurrent payment or distribution to or for the holders of Senior Debt. With respect to the holders of Senior Debt, the Trustee undertakes to perform only such obligations on the part of the Trustee as are specifically set forth in this Article 10, and no implied covenants or obligations with respect to the holders of Senior Debt shall be read into this Indenture against the Trustee. The Trustee shall not be deemed to owe any fiduciary duty to the holders of Senior Debt, and shall not be liable to any such holders if the Trustee shall pay over or distribute to or on behalf of Holders or the Company or any other Person money or assets to which any holders of Senior Debt shall be entitled by virtue of this Article 10, except if such payment is made as a result of the willful misconduct or gross negligence of the Trustee.

  • Special Distribution If and whenever the Company shall issue or distribute to all or substantially all the holders of Common Stock:

  • Residual Distributions If the Liquidation Preference has been paid in full to all holders of Designated Preferred Stock and the corresponding amounts payable with respect of any other stock of the Issuer ranking equally with Designated Preferred Stock as to such distribution has been paid in full, the holders of other stock of the Issuer shall be entitled to receive all remaining assets of the Issuer (or proceeds thereof) according to their respective rights and preferences.

  • Certificate Distribution Account The Certificate Distribution Account shall be established as a non-interest bearing trust account pursuant to Section 4.1 of the Sale and Servicing Agreement. Funds on deposit in the Certificate Distribution Account shall be held uninvested. The Certificateholders shall possess all beneficial right, title and interest in and to all funds on deposit from time to time in the Certificate Distribution Account and all proceeds thereof. Except as otherwise provided herein, in the Indenture or in the Sale and Servicing Agreement, the Certificate Distribution Account shall be under the sole dominion and control of the Certificate Paying Agent for the benefit of the Certificateholders. If, at any time, the Certificate Distribution Account ceases to be an Eligible Account, the Servicer on behalf of the Issuer, shall, within ten (10) Business Days (or such longer period) after becoming aware of the fact, establish a new Certificate Distribution Account as an Eligible Account and shall direct the Certificate Paying Agent to transfer any cash then on deposit in the Certificate Distribution Account to such new Certificate Distribution Account.