Predecessor Corporation Sample Clauses

Predecessor Corporation. All of the foregoing ----------------------- representations and warranties, to the extent they apply to the Corporation, will be deemed to apply to the Corporation and the Predecessor Corporation and any other predecessor corporation of the Corporation.
Predecessor Corporation. For pur- poses of section 1374(c)(1), if the basis of an asset of the S corporation is de- termined (in whole or in part) by ref- erence to the basis of the asset (or any other property) in the hands of another corporation, the other corporation is a predecessor corporation of the S cor- poration. [T.D. 8579, 59 FR 66463, Dec. 27, 1994] § 1.1374–2 Net recognized built-in gain.
Predecessor Corporation. § 1.1374–2 Net recognized built-in gain.
Predecessor Corporation. See the introductory clauses hereof.
Predecessor Corporation. “Predecessor Corporation” shall mean each corporation or other Entity that has been merged into any of the Acquired Corporations, or that has directly or indirectly transferred or conveyed any material assets to any of the Acquired Corporations.
Predecessor Corporation. 20 Section 3. Representations and Warranties of GSCP..............................................................20
Predecessor Corporation. See § 1.382– 2(a)(6) for the definitions of predecessor corporation.

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  • Successor Corporation When a successor corporation assumes all the obligations of its predecessor under the Notes and the Indenture and the transaction complies with the terms of Article Five of the Indenture, the predecessor corporation will, except as provided in Article Five, be released from those obligations.