Poole Sample Clauses

Poole. With a copy (which shall not constitute notice) to: Greenberg Traurig, LLP The MetLife Building 200 Park Avenue New York, NY 10166 Telephone Number: (212) 801-9200 Fax: (212) 801-6400 Attention: Anthony J. Marsico Either party hereto may from time to time change its address for notices by giving at least 10 days advance written notice of such changed address to the other party hereto.
Poole. [2 Lev. 210, 1
Poole. By /s/ John G. Poole -------------------- Name: BANC ONE CAPITAL PARTNERS By /s/ James H. Wolfe ------------------------- Name: James H. Wolfe Title: Managing Director PNC CAPITAL CORP. By: /s/ David J. Blair ------------------------- Name: David J. Blair Title: Senior Vice President and Principle DeVLIEG-BULLARD, INC. By /s/ WO Thomas --------------------------- Name: WO THOMAS Title: PRESIDENT
Poole. In order to induce Benjamin L. Poole to enter into this Employment Agreement, Interstate Business Corporation, Inc., a Delaware corporation ("IBC") hereby unconditionally guarantees the performance of the obligations of each of IGC and AFH under this Employment Agreement. INTERSTATE BUSINESS CORPORATION
Poole. Date: 1/11/99 ----------------- SERVICE MERCHANDISE COMPANY, INC. 7100 SERVICE MERCHANDISE DRIVE BRENTWOOD, TN 37027 January 11, 1999
Poole. Name: Allen V. Poole ---------------------------------------- Title Senior Vice President ---------------------------------------- By: W. BRYAN CHAPMAN ---------------------------------------- Name: W. Bryan Chapman ---------------------------------------- Title: Group Vice President ---------------------------------------- BANK OF MONTREAL By: MELISSA BAUMAN ---------------------------------------- Name: Melissa Bauman ---------------------------------------- Title: Director ---------------------------------------- THE BANK OF NEW YORK By: RAYMOND J. PALMER ---------------------------------------- Name: Raymond J. Palmer ---------------------------------------- Title: Vice President ----------------------------------------
Poole. A Conversion Notice, duly executed by Poole, with respect to the conversion of the Poole Replacement Note into shares of Common Stock pursuant to the terms of such Note.
Poole. For Additional Notes, insert the date of the Registration Rights Agreement for those Additional Notes. * Not to be included for Exchange Notes. ASSIGNMENT FORM To assign this Note, fill in the form below:
Poole. Upon the Merger, the voting control of the Bradley Shares will become vested in Kimball Bradley, the son of Charles E. Bradley Sr. Kimball Bradley is Senior Vice President of Chatwins and will become Executive Vice President of Operations of New Reunion following the Merger. Because Charles E. Bradley Sr. no longer has sole voting power over the Shares, a breach of Section 7(a) of the Pledge Agreement occurred, is continuing and will continue after the Merger. A breach of the Pledge Agreement constitutes a Default under Section 6.01(4) of the Indenture (the "Pledge Default"). A Default under Section 6.01(4) of the Indenture will become an "Event of Default" only if the Trustee or Securityholders holding at least 25% of the principal amount of the Securities then outstanding notify Chatwins and the Trustee of the Default and Chatwins does not cure the Default within 30 days of such notice. As of the date hereof, Chatwins has not received such notice from the Trustee or the Securityholders regarding either the Investment Default or the Pledge Default. Because the Merger would be prohibited under Section 5.01(3) of the Indenture if there were a continuing Default or Event of Default immediately prior to or after giving effect to the Merger, the Investment Default and the Pledge Default must be waived before Chatwins and Reunion can proceed with the Merger.