Permanent Full Sample Clauses

Permanent Full. Time Employees shall accrue vacation from their start date and are eligible to take vacation once it has been accrued.
Permanent Full. Time, Permanent Part-Time, Term and Labour Service Employees
Permanent Full. Time Employees - An employee employed on a full-time basis shall be entitled to four (4) days of sick leave as of the first day of permanent employment of each appointive year, and shall thereafter earn one (1) day of sick leave at the end of each calendar month; provided the employee has been on duty or compensable leave a minimum of eleven (11) days within the month; and provided further, that the employee shall be entitled to earn a maximum of one (1) day of sick leave times the number of months of employment during the year of employment. Sick leave shall not be used prior to the time it is earned and credited to the employee.
Permanent Full. Time Members of the Unit
Permanent Full. Time Employees who are successful in a bid to a Limited Position and accepted shall not be considered for any other Limited Position until the Employee is within fourteen (14) calendar days of the originally estimated completion of the Limited Posting. Permanent Full Time Employees may request to return to their former classification and wage rate from a Limited Posting provided:
Permanent Full. Time Employees
Permanent Full time and Permanent Part-time Employees who are recalled shall commence accumulating seniority from the date they return to work. Such seniority shall be added to seniority they had accumulated to the date of their layoff.