Payment Due on Sample Clauses

Payment Due on a Day Other than a Business Day. If any payment due or action to be taken under this Agreement or any other Loan Document falls due or is required to be taken on a day that is not a Business Day, such payment or action shall be made or taken on the next succeeding Business Day when the Bank is open for business and such extended time shall be included in the computation of interest.

Related to Payment Due on

  • Payment Due Date Unless City notifies the Contractor that a dispute exists, Payment shall be made within [Enter number of days, generally ≥ 30] calendar days, measured from (1) the delivery of goods and/or the rendering of services or (2) the date of receipt of the invoice, whichever is later. Payment is deemed to be made on the date on which City has issued a check to Contractor or, if Contractor has agreed to electronic payment, the date on which City has posted electronic payment to Contractor.

  • Payment Due Payment for services provided by BellSouth, including disputed charges, is due on or before the next xxxx date. Information required to apply payments must accompany the payment. The information must notify BellSouth of Billing Account Numbers (BAN) paid; invoices paid and the amount to be applied to each BAN and invoice (Remittance Information). Payment is considered to have been made when the payment and Remittance Information are received by BellSouth. If the Remittance Information is not received with payment, BellSouth will be unable to apply amounts paid to Freedom’s accounts. In such event, BellSouth shall hold such funds until the Remittance Information is received. If BellSouth does not receive the Remittance Information by the payment due date for any account(s), late payment charges shall apply.

  • Payment Due Dates Whenever any payment hereunder or with respect to any Advances or under any Notes shall be stated to be due on a day other than a Business Day, such payment shall be made on the next succeeding Business Day, and such extension of time shall in such case be included in the computation of payment of interest or fee, as the case may be, but not later than the Termination Date or, if the Term Loan Conversion Option has been exercised, the Maturity Date; provided, however, if such extension would cause payment of interest on or principal of Eurodollar Rate Advances to be made in the next following calendar month, such payment shall be made on the immediately preceding Business Day.

  • Payment Day If the date for payment of any amount in respect of any Note or Coupon is not a Payment Day, the holder thereof shall not be entitled to payment until the next following Payment Day in the relevant place and shall not be entitled to further interest or other payment in respect of such delay. For these purposes, Payment Day means any day which (subject to Condition 8) is:

  • Payments Due on Non-Business Day If the date fixed for any payment on any Trust Security shall be a day that is not a Business Day, then such payment need not be made on such date but may be made on the next succeeding day that is a Business Day (except as otherwise provided in Sections 4.1(a) and 4.2(d)), with the same force and effect as though made on the date fixed for such payment, and no interest shall accrue thereon for the period after such date.

  • Monthly Payment City shall make monthly payments, based on invoices received, for services satisfactorily performed, and for authorized reimbursable costs incurred. City shall have 30 days from the receipt of an invoice that complies with all of the requirements above to pay Consultant.

  • Payments Due on Non-Business Days Anything in this Agreement or the Notes to the contrary notwithstanding, any payment of principal of or Make-Whole Amount or interest on any Note that is due on a date other than a Business Day shall be made on the next succeeding Business Day without including the additional days elapsed in the computation of the interest payable on such next succeeding Business Day.

  • Due Date All fees contemplated under Section 3(a) above and reimbursement for all expenses contemplated under Section 3(b) above are due and payable within ten (10) days of receipt of an invoice provided by GFS. Any fees or reimbursements due hereunder not received by its due date may be assessed interest at the maximum amount permitted by law.

  • Early Payment You may pay all or any part of your Outstanding Loan Balance at any time without notice, penalty or bonus.

  • Past Due Payments If any amount due under this Agreement remains unpaid days after it is due, a late charge equal to (Check one) ☐ % of the monthly rent ☐ $ per day (“Late Charge”), not to exceed the maximum amount allowed by law, shall be paid by Tenant to Landlord until such time as Tenant is current on all amounts due Landlord (including all Late Charges). In addition, all service charges from Tenant’s financial institution due to non-sufficient funds shall be paid by Xxxxxx.