Payment Due Dates definition

Payment Due Dates. The Registration Fee is due at the time the Enrollment Contract is signed and submitted by the student. Fifty-percent of tuition fees for materials, books and equipment and lab will be due on the first day of classes. All books, equipment, and materials will be provided by the School at that time. An additional twenty-five percent of tuition and fees for materials, books and equipment and lab will be due by the end of the second week of classes. The final twenty-five percent of the tuition and fee for materials, books, equipment and lab will be due the first day of the last week of classes. ****** Any or all payment arrangements MUST be approved by School Director prior to the start of class.
Payment Due Dates. On the Commencement Date and on the same day of each Month thereafter until paid in full. Total Advance Payment of $0.00 to be applied as follows: $0.00 Security Deposit $0.00 First and Last 0 Payment(s) $0.00 Set-up/Filing/Search Fees $0.00 Other (Specify) Lessee shall pay to Lessor all amounts stated above on the due dates stated above, except that the Total Advance Payment is due on the Commencement Date. There shall be added to each installment payment all applicable Taxes as in effect from time to time.

Examples of Payment Due Dates in a sentence

  • Attached hereto is a revised Annex 2 itemizing with respect to the Guaranteed Loan the Scheduled Payment Due Dates and amounts of each Scheduled Payment, reflecting such additional disbursements.

  • B Payment Due Dates The following table provides the payment due dates for loan purposes.

  • If Resident is obtaining student loan, scholarship, or financial aid from Kent State University or any other sources, which may affect the Payment Due Date(s), Landlord will approve other scheduled payment date(s) in August and January if school / loan documents are provided showing the disbursement date(s).

  • If you prepay part of the Principal Amount, you must continue to pay the Periodic Payment Amounts on the Payment Due Dates until you have repaid the balance of the Principal Amount in full.

  • You may specify the Payment Due Date(s) on which you require the specified Payment Amount to be transferred to your Payee Account and we will, on the Payment Charged Date, charge your card in advance of such specified Payment Due Date.

  • An overdue fee at the rate as stipulated in the Confirmation Letter and/or in the List of Service Charges (as the case may be) shall be imposed and debited to the Card Account in the event that the Minimum Payment is not paid on or before the Payment Due Dates for two (2) or more consecutive months each time.

  • If your Pay Frequency is Semi-monthly, you will have Semi-monthly Billing Cycles and Semi-monthly Payment Due Dates.

  • The Minimum Principal Payment Amount for each Billing Cycle is determined at the time you take your Cash Advance as follows: For Customers with Bi-weekly or Semi-monthly Payment Due Dates: Your Minimum Principal Payment Amount will be the greater of $50 or 5% of your Principal Balance.

  • We then assess variation in redeployability across each of those different components by way of an instrumental approach that exploits variation in asset salability in secondary markets.

  • The three-payment option is not available for the online psychology master’s programs.Three-Payment Option Payment Due Dates Fall TermFirst installment due: on first day after the add/drop period.Second installment due: 30 days from first installment payment due date.

Related to Payment Due Dates

  • Payment Due Date means the date by which the Date of Payment must occur, in accordance with the provisions of Sections 504.3 through 504.5 of this Exhibit, in order for NYSERDA not to be liable for interest pursuant to Section 504.6.

  • Installment Due Date means, for any monthly installment of interest only or principal and interest, the date on which such monthly installment is due and payable pursuant to Section 3 of this Note. The "First Installment Due Date" under this Note is October 1, 2007.

  • Quarterly Payment Dates means each March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.

  • Payment Dates means, with respect to any Receivable, the date a payment is due in accordance with the Receivable Agreement with respect to such Receivable as in effect as of the date of determination.

  • Premium Due Date means date specified in the Schedule on which the Instalment Premium will become due.

  • Due Date The day of the month on which the Monthly Payment is due on a Mortgage Loan, exclusive of any days of grace.

  • Party A Payment Dates Each Quarterly Interest Payment Date from and including the Quarterly Interest Payment Date falling in {circle} 2004 up to the Termination Date and the Termination Date.

  • Party B Payment Dates Each Quarterly Interest Payment Date from and including the Quarterly Interest Payment Date falling in December 2004 up to the Termination Date, and the Termination Date.

  • Principal Payment Dates means unless otherwise determined by the Fiscal Officer in the Certificate of Award, December 1 in the years from and including 2020 to and including 2035, provided that in no case shall the latest Principal Payment Date be later than the maximum maturity of the Bonds referred to in the preambles hereto.

  • Repayment Dates means, subject to clause 6.3, in respect of each Advance, each of the dates falling at quarterly intervals after the Drawdown Date in respect thereof, up to and including the date falling 60 months after the Execution Date;

  • Monthly Payment Date means the Payment Date (as defined in the Mortgage Loan Documents).

  • Bill Due Date means thirty (30) calendar days from the bill date.

  • Scheduled Payment Date means a date on which a payment or delivery is to be made under Section 2(a)(i) with respect to a Transaction.

  • Balance Due Date means the date set out in the registered mortgage or in an amending agreement on which the loan amount is payable in full and may also be referred to as the maturity date.

  • Quarterly Payment Date means the last day of each March, June, September, and December or, if any such day is not a Business Day, the next succeeding Business Day.

  • Minimum Monthly Payment for any Mortgage Loan and any month means the minimum amount required to be paid by the related mortgagor in that month.

  • Invoice Due Date means, with respect to a Quarterly Payment Cycle, the tenth (10th) day of the month immediately succeeding Energization or the month immediately succeeding the conclusion of a Quarterly Period contained within such Quarterly Payment Cycle, consistent with Section 3.4.

  • Applicable Monthly Payment For any Mortgage Loan (including an Outside Serviced Mortgage Loan) with respect to any month (including any such Mortgage Loan as to which the related Mortgaged Property has become an REO Property), the Monthly Payment; provided, however, that for purposes of calculating the amount of any P&I Advance required to be made by the Master Servicer or the Trustee, notwithstanding the amount of such Applicable Monthly Payment, interest shall be calculated at the Mortgage Rate less the Servicing Fee Rate and, if applicable, shall be exclusive of Excess Interest; and provided, further, that for purposes of determining the amount of any P&I Advance, the Monthly Payment shall be as reduced pursuant to any modification of a Mortgage Loan pursuant to Section 3.24 of this Agreement or pursuant to the applicable Outside Servicing Agreement, or pursuant to any bankruptcy, insolvency, or other similar proceeding involving the related Mortgagor.

  • Installment Payment Date means the date on which an installment payment of an assessment is payable.

  • Monthly Payment The scheduled monthly payment of principal and interest on a Mortgage Loan.

  • Settlement Dates As determined pursuant to Section 9.4 of the Equity Definitions, subject to Section 9(k)(i) hereof.

  • Premium Payment Date in respect of any Option, means the date on which the Premium is due and payable, as agreed to at the time the Option is entered into, as evidenced in a Confirmation.

  • Prepaid Monthly Payment Any Monthly Payment received prior to its scheduled Due Date, which is intended to be applied to a Mortgage Loan on its scheduled Due Date and held in the related Custodial Account for P&I until the Withdrawal Date following its scheduled Due Date.

  • Monthly Payment Amount means, with respect to each Payment Date, a payment equal to the amount of interest which has accrued during the related Interest Accrual Period, computed at the Interest Rate.

  • Scheduled Principal Payment Date means, with respect to any Series, Class or Tranche of Notes, the scheduled due date of any payment of principal on such Notes, as specified in the related Indenture Supplement, or if such day is not a Business Day, the next following Business Day, unless such day is in the next calendar month, in which case such Scheduled Principal Payment Date, unless otherwise specified in the related Indenture Supplement, will be the last Business Day of the current calendar month.

  • Installment Payments shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5(b)(ii).