VACATION SUBSTITUTION. Where vacation substitution is required, the University shall attempt to give existing employees the opportunity to substitute in higher paying positions providing the employees have the necessary skills. The University will make reasonable effort to ensure the equitable distribution of substitution amongst employees.
VACATION SUBSTITUTION. Sick leave may be substituted for vacation interrupted where it can be established by the Nurse to the satisfaction of the Employer that an illness or accident occurred prior to vacation and that illness or accident was such that the vacation of the Nurse was interrupted.
VACATION SUBSTITUTION. When an employee has used all of his/her earned sick leave and is unable to return to work due to the employee’s off-the-job illness or injury, vacation will be substituted for sick leave for the balance of the period of illness or injury or until all vacation is used. Article 10, Section 6(B) above applies to this provision.
VACATION SUBSTITUTION a. Vacations are not cumulative. Failure to use an allowed vacation in one year does not constitute a claim for additional vacation in another year. Vacations cannot be substituted or exchanged without permission of the Company once the vacation schedule has been determined.


  • Vacation and Sick Leave At such reasonable times as the Board of Directors shall in its discretion permit, the Employee shall be entitled, without loss of pay, to absent himself voluntarily from the performance of his employment under this Agreement, with all such voluntary absences to count as vacation time; provided that:

  • Vacation of Premises Tenant shall vacate the Premises at the end of the Term. If Tenant fails to vacate at such time there shall be payable to Landlord an amount equal to one hundred fifty percent (150%) of the monthly Annual Base Rent stated in Section 1.1.11 paid immediately prior to the holding over period for each month or part of a month that Tenant holds over, plus all other payments provided for herein, and the payment and acceptance of such payments shall not constitute an extension or renewal of this Lease. In event of any such holdover, Landlord shall also be entitled to all remedies provided by law for the speedy eviction of tenants, and to the payment of all attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred in connection therewith. Notwithstanding the foregoing, for the first thirty (30) days during which Tenant holds over pursuant to this Section 37, Tenant shall pay an amount equal to one hundred ten percent (110%) of the monthly Annual Base Rent stated in Section 1.1.11 paid immediately prior to the holding over period.

  • Vacation Selection (a) Annual vacation shall be regulated on a mutually agreed basis within the workplace. In cases of disagreement, seniority shall govern in the Employee's first selection of an unbroken period of vacation. However, when annual vacations are split, seniority shall only govern in that first selection as indicated by the employee. In order for an Employee to exercise her rights she must make her vacation selection by March 1 of each year.

  • VACATIONS 13.01 All employees who are regularly scheduled seventy-five (75) hours on a bi- weekly basis shall receive vacations with pay based on length of full-time continuous service as follows: