NEGOTIATING UNIT. Section 2.1 This Agreement shall cover and apply to all full-time employees employed by the City of Syracuse in one of the job classifications set forth in Appendix A. of the agreement.
NEGOTIATING UNIT. Neither party in any negotiations shall have any control over the selection of the negotiating or bargaining representatives of the other party.
NEGOTIATING UNIT. Acknowledgment
NEGOTIATING UNIT. 2.7.1 The group of employees recognized in Article 1.1.1.
NEGOTIATING UNIT. The County-Employee negotiating unit in accordance with the Civil Service Law and Act number 84-1967 of the Board of Supervisors of Westchester County as amended to which the Agreement applies consists of all County Employees, excluding:
NEGOTIATING UNIT. The negotiating unit includes: All Sheriff’s Officers employed by the Sheriff of Sussex County, including Sheriff’s Sergeants, and Sheriff’s Lieutenants, but excluding all non-law enforcement personnel, all other employees in the Office of the County Sheriff and all supervisors within the meaning of the Act, confidential employees, and managerial executives.
NEGOTIATING UNIT. It the entity composed by the rank-and-file employees employed by the AGENCY with salary grades 22 and below not otherwise disqualified by law and without regard to sex, race, and nationality, religious or political affiliation.