Mutation Sample Clauses

Mutation. At its own costs and expenses and within 3 (three) months from the Possession Date, have all Rates & Taxes in respect of the Composite Unit with all the concerned authorities separately assessed by having it mutated, separated or otherwise in its name and, until then, pay the proportionate Rates & Taxes in the manner elaborated in Schedule-G.
Mutation fees and charges for causing mutation in the name of the Buyer in the records of BGP and the office of the BL&LRO, which shall paid by the Buyer directly to the respective authorities, wholly. The Buyer shall cause such mutation within 30 (thirty) days from the Date Of Possession (defined in Clause 9.6.2 below). The Buyer covenants that notwithstanding such mutation, the Buyer shall be liable for Rates & Taxes from the Date Of Possession Notice.
Mutation. Xx Xxxxx has mutated his name in respect of 4th Portion First Property, in the records of Land Reforms Settlement vide L. R. Khatian No. 3212.
Mutation. 2.1 The Purchaser/s shall after completion of the transfer of the apartment/s apply for and have the apartment separately assessed for the purpose of assessment of Panchayat/Municipal rates and taxes at his own cost within the stipulated time as provided by law.
Mutation. The State Government got its name mutated in respect of the Said Larger Property including the "said Plot of Land" in the records of the Block Land and Land Reforms Office, Barrackpore II, under Khatian Nos. (LR) 2, 810 (modified) and 819 (modified).
Mutation. The owners have duly mutated their names in the record of X.X. & L.R.O., Bishnupur-II, South 24 Parganas and also converted the said property subsequently.
Mutation. Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Mandal alias Xxxxxxx Isalam Molla alias Xxxxxxx Xxxxx and Xxxxxxx Xxxxx alias Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Mandal and Kachimon Bibi, duly mutated their names as owner in respect of Akkaj’s Property, in the records of the Land Revenue Settlement vide L.R. Khatian Nos. 1049, 1275 and 359 respectively. (First part of Said Property)
Mutation. Neha Homes & Co. and N R Constructions Company, mutated their names in the records of Land Revenue Settlement in respect of its purchased Property, vide L.R. Khatian Nos. 3248 and 3249 and pay the khazna regularly.
Mutation. Xxxxx Xxx, Xxxxxxxx Xxx, Xxxxx Xxx, Annapurna Sen, Xxxxxxxx Xxx and Xxxxxx Xxxxx have mutated their names in respect of Sefali’s Property, in the records of Land Reforms Settlement vide L. R. Khatian Nos. 7220, 7221, 7222, 7223, 7224, 7225.