Movement of Property Sample Clauses

Movement of Property. Document the movement of government property when property is removed from any of your sites for return to the Department or delivery to another contractor or agency. In these instances the physical relocation of the government property must be documented in writing, with copies provided to the Contract Property Administrator and the Project Officer. Notify your Contract Property Administrator before the property is moved, and instructions will be provided. TRADE-INS Trade-Ins or exchanges may be authorized for outdated equipment in a contractor’s inventory, or in order to decrease the purchase cost of a new item. This type of transaction occurs rarely, and is authorized only when there is a definite advantage to the Government. Request for Authorization If you wish to trade in or exchange government property for identical items, or for newer state-of-the-art items that are similar, send a written request to your Contracting Officer with a copy to the Contract Property Administrator. Your Contract Property Administrator will coordinate with the Contracting Officer, who may grant approval for the trade-in or exchange. If the trade-in is disallowed, and you have no further use for the time, it will be offered to HHS offices for use, or referred to other agencies through the routine excess process.
Movement of Property. Furniture, freight and other large or heavy -------------------- articles may be brought into the Building only at times and in the manner (including use of freight elevators and the loading area) designated by Landlord. All damage done to the Building by moving or maintaining such furniture, freight or articles shall be repaired at the expense of Tenant. If requested by Landlord, all furniture, equipment, cartons and similar articles desired by Tenant to be removed from the Premises or the Building shall first be listed in writing by Tenant with Landlord and Tenant shall first obtain a removal permit therefor. Movements of any of Tenant's property, whether of a large or heavy nature or otherwise, into or out of the Building or the Premises or within the Building, shall be entirely at the risk and responsibility of Tenant.

Related to Movement of Property

  • Management of Property (i) Each Individual Property will be managed at all times by the applicable Manager pursuant to a Management Agreement unless terminated as herein provided. Subject to Section 5.1(I), each Borrower and Operating Lessee shall comply with the terms of and enforce its rights under the Management Agreement in all material respects. The Management Agreement shall be terminated by Borrowers or Operating Lessee, at Lender’s request, upon thirty (30) days prior written notice to Borrowers, Operating Lessee and the applicable Manager (i) upon the occurrence of an Event of Default, (ii) if the applicable Manager commits any act which would permit termination by any Borrower or Operating Lessee under the Management Agreement and/or any applicable Franchise Agreement, (iii) the applicable Manager commits any act which constitutes an act of fraud, material misrepresentation, intentional misrepresentation, gross negligence, willful misconduct, misappropriation of funds, or intentional physical waste of any Individual Property, or (iv) Borrower changes the Manager or Franchisor of an Individual Property without prior written consent of Lender (except as otherwise permitted hereunder). If a manager is terminated pursuant hereto, or the Management Agreement is otherwise terminated by Manager pursuant to the terms contained therein, Borrowers and Operating Lessee shall promptly seek to appoint a replacement manager acceptable to Lender in Lender’s discretion, and Borrowers’ or Operating Lessee’s failure to appoint an acceptable manager within thirty (30) days after Lender’s request of Borrowers to terminate the Management Agreement or other termination of the Management Agreement shall constitute an immediate Event of Default. Borrowers or Operating Lessee may from time to time appoint a successor manager to manage an Individual Property, which successor manager shall be approved in writing by Lender in Lender’s discretion. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any successor manager selected hereunder by Lender, any Borrower or Operating Lessee to serve as Manager (a) shall be either (1) the Remington Manager provided, that the Remington Manager shall manage the applicable Individual Property pursuant to the terms of the master management agreement by and among the Borrowers and the Remington Manager, or (2) a reputable management company having at least seven (7) years’ experience in the management of commercial properties with similar uses as the Individual Properties and in the jurisdiction in which the Individual Properties are located and (ii) shall not be paid management fees in excess of fees which are market fees for comparable managers of comparable properties in the same geographic area.

  • Protection of Property A. All existing structures, utilities, services, roads, trees, shrubbery and property in which the COUNTY has an interest shall be protected against damage or interrupted services at all times by the CONTRACTOR during the term of this contract, and CONTRACTOR shall be held responsible for repairing or replacing damaged property to the satisfaction of the COUNTY which is damaged by reason of the CONTRACTOR’s operation on the property. In the event the CONTRACTOR fails to comply with these requirements, the COUNTY reserves the right to secure the required services and charge the costs of such services back to the CONTRACTOR. All items damaged as a result of CONTRACTOR or subcontractor operations belonging to third parties, such as but not limited to: sidewalks, irrigation, curbs, pipes, drains, water mains, pavement, mail boxes, turf, signs, or other property shall either be repaired or replaced by the CONTRACTOR, at the CONTRACTOR’S expense, in a manner prescribed by, and at the sole satisfaction of the COUNTY.

  • Abandonment of Property We need not accept any property abandoned by an "insured".

  • Removal of Property If Tenant shall fail to remove any of its property of any nature whatsoever from the Premises or the Building at the termination of this Lease, or when Landlord has the right of reentry, Landlord may, at its option, remove and store said property without liability for loss thereof or damage thereto, such storage to be for the account and at the expense of Tenant. If Tenant shall not pay the cost of storing any such property after it has been stored for a period of 30 days or more, Landlord may, at its option, sell or permit to be sold, any or all of such property at public or private sale, in such manner and at such times and places as Landlord in its sole discretion may deem proper, without notice to Tenant, and shall apply the proceeds of such sale: first, to the cost and expense of such sale, including reasonable attorney's fees actually incurred; second, to the payment of the costs or charges for storing any such property; third, to the payment of any other sums of money which may then be or thereafter become due Landlord from Tenant under any of the terms hereof; and fourth, the balance, if any, to Tenant.

  • Operation of Property (a) Borrower shall cause the Property to be operated, in all material respects, in accordance with the Management Agreement (or Replacement Management Agreement) as applicable. In the event that the Management Agreement expires or is terminated (without limiting any obligation of Borrower to obtain Lender’s consent to any termination or modification of the Management Agreement in accordance with the terms and provisions of this Agreement), Borrower shall promptly enter into a Replacement Management Agreement with Manager or another Qualified Manager, as applicable.

  • Condition of Property The Mortgage Loan Seller or the originator of the Mortgage Loan inspected or caused to be inspected each related Mortgaged Property within six months of origination of the Mortgage Loan and within twelve months of the Cut-off Date. An engineering report or property condition assessment was prepared in connection with the origination of each Mortgage Loan no more than twelve months prior to the Cut-off Date. To the Mortgage Loan Seller’s knowledge, based solely upon due diligence customarily performed in connection with the origination of comparable mortgage loans, as of the Closing Date, each related Mortgaged Property was free and clear of any material damage (other than (i) deferred maintenance for which escrows were established at origination and (ii) any damage fully covered by insurance) that would affect materially and adversely the use or value of such Mortgaged Property as security for the Mortgage Loan.

  • Inspection of Property The Company covenants that it will permit any Person designated by any Significant Holder in writing, at such Significant Holder's expense, to visit and inspect any of the properties of the Company and its Subsidiaries, to discuss the affairs, finances and accounts of any of such corporations with the principal officers of the Company and its independent public accountants and, if a Default or Event of Default shall be continuing, to examine the corporate books and financial records of the Company and its Subsidiaries and obtain copies thereof or extracts therefrom, all at such reasonable times as the Company and such Significant Holder shall agree but in any event within three Business Days from request of any Purchaser and during normal business hours.

  • Possession of Property Possession of the Property free and clear of all uses and encroachments, except the Permitted Exceptions, shall be delivered to Purchaser at closing.

  • Condition of Properties All facilities, machinery, equipment, fixtures and other properties owned, leased or used by the Company are in reasonably good operating condition and repair, subject to ordinary wear and tear, and are adequate and sufficient for the Company’s business.

  • Preservation of Property Bank shall not be bound to take any steps necessary to preserve any rights in any of the property of Borrower and/or Guarantor pledged to Bank to secure Borrower's and/or Guarantor's obligations against prior parties who may be liable in connection therewith, and Borrower and/or Guarantor hereby agree to take any such steps. Bank, nevertheless, at any time, may (a) take any action it deems appropriate for the care or preservation of such property or of any rights of Borrower and/or Guarantor or Bank therein, (b) demand, sue for, collect or receive any money or property at any time due, payable or receivable on account of or in exchange for any property of Borrower and/or Guarantor, (c) compromise and settle with any person liable on such property, or (d) extend the time of payment or otherwise change the terms thereof as to any party liable thereon, all without notice to, without incurring responsibility to, and without affecting any of the obligations or liabilities of Borrower and/or Guarantor.