Mortgaged Sample Clauses

Mortgaged pledged or caused to be created a security interest or other encumbrance in or against any of its property or assets.

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Mortgaged Property The real property securing repayment of the debt evidenced by a Mortgage Note.
Mortgaged Property Undamaged The Mortgaged Property is undamaged by waste, fire, earthquake or earth movement, windstorm, flood, tornado or other casualty so as to affect adversely the value of the Mortgaged Property as security for the Mortgage Loan or the use for which the premises were intended;
Occupancy of the Mortgaged Property As of the related Closing Date the Mortgaged Property is lawfully occupied under applicable law. All inspections, licenses and certificates required to be made or issued with respect to all occupied portions of the Mortgaged Property and, with respect to the use and occupancy of the same, including but not limited to certificates of occupancy and fire underwriting certificates, have been made or obtained from the appropriate authorities. The Mortgagor represented at the time of origination of the Mortgage Loan that the Mortgagor would occupy the Mortgaged Property as the Mortgagor's primary residence;
Mortgaged Properties No Loan Party that is an owner of Mortgaged Property shall take any action that is reasonably likely to be the basis for termination, revocation or denial of any insurance coverage required to be maintained under such Loan Party’s respective Mortgage or that could be the basis for a defense to any claim under any Insurance Policy maintained in respect of the Premises, and each Loan Party shall otherwise comply in all material respects with all Insurance Requirements in respect of the Premises; provided, however, that each Loan Party may, at its own expense and after written notice to the Administrative Agent, (i) contest the applicability or enforceability of any such Insurance Requirements by appropriate legal proceedings, the prosecution of which does not constitute a basis for cancellation or revocation of any insurance coverage required under this Section 5.04 or (ii) cause the Insurance Policy containing any such Insurance Requirement to be replaced by a new policy complying with the provisions of this Section 5.04.
Property Mortgaged Borrower does hereby irrevocably mortgage, grant, bargain, sell, pledge, assign, warrant, transfer and convey to Lender, and grant a security interest to Lender in, the following property, rights, interests and estates now owned, or hereafter acquired by Borrower (collectively, the "Property"):
Photograph of the Mortgaged Property 9. Survey of the Mortgaged Property, unless a survey is not required by the title insurer.
Mortgaged Property Undamaged; No Condemnation Proceedings There is no proceeding pending or threatened for the total or partial condemnation of the Mortgaged Property. The Mortgaged Property is undamaged by waste, fire, earthquake or earth movement, windstorm, flood, tornado or other casualty so as to affect adversely the value of the Mortgaged Property as security for the Mortgage Loan or the use for which the premises were intended and each Mortgaged Property is in good repair. There have not been any condemnation proceedings with respect to the Mortgaged Property and the Seller has no knowledge of any such proceedings in the future;
Foreclosed Property (a) The parties hereto acknowledge and understand that if the Trust Fund were to acquire the Property as Foreclosed Property and were to own and operate the Property in a manner consistent with the manner in which the Property is currently owned and operated by the Loan Parties, through a Successor Manager, some portion or all of the income derived in the Lower-Tier REMIC from such Foreclosed Property may be considered “net income from foreclosure property” for purposes of Section 860G(c) of the Code and subject to tax at normal corporate income tax rates. In determining whether to acquire and hold any Foreclosed Property, the Special Servicer, acting on behalf of the Trustee hereunder, shall take these circumstances into account and shall only acquire such Foreclosed Property if it determines, in its reasonable judgment (after, consultation with counsel, at the expense of the Trust Fund), that either (i) there is a commercially feasible alternative method of administering such Foreclosed Property that would not result in such tax, e.g., a net lease that results in Rents from Real Property or (ii) the likely recovery with respect to operating the Foreclosed Property on behalf of the Trust Fund, after taking into account any such taxes that might be imposed on either the Lower-Tier REMIC or the Upper-Tier REMIC, will exceed the likely recovery to the Trust Fund if the Trust Fund were to net lease the Foreclosed Property or were not to acquire and hold the Foreclosed Property. If the Trust Fund acquires any Foreclosed Property, the Special Servicer, acting on behalf of the Trustee, if the Manager would not be considered an Independent Contractor, shall either renegotiate the applicable Management Agreement or replace the Manager with a Successor Manager (as appropriate and to the extent permitted under such Management Agreement) so that the Foreclosed Property would be considered to be operated by an Independent Contractor. If, after making the foregoing reasonable efforts, the Special Servicer determines that it is in the best interests of Certificateholders on a net after-tax basis to operate the Foreclosed Property in a manner such that the Lower-Tier REMIC or Upper-Tier REMIC shall receive, based upon an Opinion of Counsel, “net income from foreclosure property” under the REMIC Provisions, the Special Servicer shall maintain or cause to be maintained such records of income and expense as to enable such amounts to be computed accurately, and shall pay or retain or cause to be paid or retained from Foreclosure Proceeds such amounts as are necessary to pay such tax or, to the extent such amounts are insufficient, from the Collection Account pursuant to Section 3.4(c)(ix). Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Special Servicer shall not, to the extent within its power:
Entry on Mortgaged Property Enter the Mortgaged Property and take exclusive possession thereof and of all books, records and accounts relating thereto or located thereon. If Mortgagor remains in possession of the Mortgaged Property following the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default and without Mortgagee’s prior written consent, Mortgagee may invoke any legal remedies to dispossess Mortgagor.
Title to Mortgaged Property and Lien of this Instrument Mortgagor owns the Mortgaged Property free and clear of any liens, claims or interests, except the Permitted Encumbrances and the Permitted Liens. This Mortgage creates valid, enforceable first priority liens and security interests against the Mortgaged Property.