Pools Sample Clauses

Pools. Each Loan included in a pool of Loans originated or acquired by Camco Bank (a “Pool”) meets all eligibility requirements (including, without limitation, all applicable requirements for obtaining mortgage insurance certificates and loan guaranty certificates) for inclusion in such Pool. All of such Pools have been finally certified or, if required, recertified in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, except where the time for certification or recertification has not expired. To Camco’s knowledge, no Pools have been improperly certified. The loan file for each Loan included in a certified Pool contains all documents and instruments necessary for the final certification or recertification of such Pool. Neither the execution, delivery or performance of this Agreement by Camco nor the consummation by Camco or Camco Bank of the transactions contemplated hereby will require any Pool to be recertified.
Pools. All pools relating to the Mortgage Loans have been initially certified, finally certified and/or re-certified in accordance with Applicable Requirements and Investor Guidelines. All Pools relating to the Mortgage Loans shall be, when transferred to Purchaser, eligible for recertification by Purchaser’s custodian, and Seller will be responsible for curing any deficiencies, unless caused by Purchaser, that must be cured in order for Purchaser to obtain such recertification. The principal balance outstanding and owing on the Mortgage Loans in each pool equals or exceeds the amount owing to the corresponding security holder of such pool.
Pools. Except as set forth in Section 4.30 of the Schedule, all Pools serviced by MAI have been certified and, if required, re-certified. With respect to any Pools serviced by MAI which have not been fully certified, MAI has notified the custodian with respect thereto of all deficiencies, and such custodian has so notified the applicable Investor or Investor Program.
Pools. Prior to each applicable Transfer Date, all Pools have been initially certified, finally certified and/or recertified if required by and otherwise in accordance with the Applicable Requirements, and the securities backed by Pools have been issued on uniform documents, as required by the Applicable Requirements without any material deviations therefrom.
Pools. None of the Mortgage Loans is or has been included by Sellers, the Company or any of the Affiliates of either in, any pool or securitization. Neither the Company nor any of its Subsidiaries has sponsored or established any special purpose vehicle or entity that would be required to be consolidated with the Company or a Company Subsidiary pursuant to Interpretation No. 46 of the Financial Accounting Standards Board.
Pools. 4.1. Home terminal ESR pools will be set up in Coquitlam, Xxxxxxx Bank and Kamloops.
Pools. Landlord shall maintain a professional licensed and bonded pool service for pool care (if one exists) at Landlord’s expense. If the property is vacant or the lease requires the Tenant to maintain this service and the Tenant fails to do so, Tenant shall be in breach of the lease agreement and broker may hire a pool service or pool service of Landlord’s choosing to avoid damage to the pool. Fair Housing laws prohibit us from requiring a Tenant to sign any type of liability waiver or deny families with children to rent due to the pool. If you have a pool, we recommend that you raise your insurance coverage as the cost to raise it is minimal.
Pools. Notwithstanding any provision hereof, Lessee may enter into contracts for the joint use and pooling of equipment for all railroad related purposes.
Pools. No above-ground pool shall be erected, constructed, or installed on any Lot by residents.
Pools. Approval is required. Pools must be placed in the rear yard and be an integral part of the deck or patio area. They should be located in such a way that they are not immediately visible from the ground level of adjacent Lots (i.e. screened with plant material) and must at all times be maintained in a slightly condition. Above ground pools are prohibited, with the exception of a wading pools placed in the yard while in use. See Hot Tubs, Spas and Jacuzzis, Section 3.29.‌