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Listed i. Annual Listing Fee - $700 per year per Approved Vendor Product (charged 12 months after Approved Vendor Product is published following the 1st passed VAV)
Listed. The Common Stock shall be designated for quotation or listed on Nasdaq, subject to official notice of issuance.
Listed. An issue traded on the New York Stock Exchange or other major exchange.
Listed. ContiMortgage Corporation Home Equity Loan Pass-Through Certificates Series 1998-1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Insurer's Report Distribution Period: 15-Dec-98 Group I Group II Total ------- -------- ----- * Monthly Excess Cashflow Amount 3,063,895.13 557,612.22 3,621,507.35 * Premium paid from cash flow (1) 79,346.00 8,871.00 88,217.00 * Trustee Fee paid from cash flow (1) 1,372.58 154.61 1,527.19 * Auction Agent Fee (Incl. Broker Dealer Fee) 46,823.61 0.00 46,823.61 * Interest Collected on Mortgage Loans (net of Service Fee) 11,291,522.45 1,250,641.60 12,542,164.05 * Current Period Realized Losses: Principal 179,713.41 0.00 179,713.41 Interest 75,067.71 0.00 75,067.71
Listed. Prior to the issuance of any securities upon an exercise of this Warrant, the Corporation shall secure the listing or quotation of such securities upon each national securities exchange or automated quotation system, if any, upon which shares of such securities are then listed or traded (subject to official notice of issuance upon exercise of this Warrant) and shall maintain, so long as any other shares of such securities shall be so listed or traded, such listing or quotation of all securities from time to time issuance upon the exercise of this Warrant.
Listed. IF THE CHARGING OF SUCH FEE IS NOT PROHIBITED, THE FEES SPECIFIED IN (4) BELOW SHALL BE PAYABLE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) DISTRIBUTION OF (a) CASH PROCEEDS UP TO U.S. $2.00 PER 100 ADSs (OR PERSON TO WHOM DISTRIBUTION IS MADE. (I.E., UPON SALE OF RIGHTS AND FRACTION THEREOF) HELD. OTHER ENTITLEMENTS) OR (b) FREE SHARES IN THE FORM OF ADSs (NOT CONSTITUTING A STOCK DIVIDEND). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (5) DISTRIBUTION OF SECURITIES UP TO U.S. $5.00 PER UNIT OF 100 PERSON TO WHOM DISTRIBUTION IS MADE. OTHER THAN ADSs OR RIGHTS TO SECURITIES (OR FRACTION THEREOF) PURCHASE ADDITIONAL ADSs DISTRIBUTED. (I.E., SPIN-OFF SHARES). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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  • Schedule 2 1 shall be revised and supplemented from time to time to reflect additional Interconnection Points, by attaching one or more supplementary schedules to such Schedule.

  • If Identified If the HSP is Identified it will:

  • Schedule B Schedule B to the Agreement, setting forth the Portfolios of the Trust participating on behalf of which the Trust is entering into the Agreement is hereby replaced in its entirety by Schedule B attached hereto. Except as modified and amended hereby, the Agreement is hereby ratified and confirmed in full force and effect in accordance with its terms.

  • Schedule 4 14.1-1 is a correct and complete list, and a brief description of, all real estate in which the Company or any of the Company Subsidiaries has an ownership interest (the "Owned Property") and all real property leased by the Company (the "Leased Property"). Except as lessee of Leased Property, neither the Company nor any Company Subsidiary is a lessee under or otherwise a party to any lease, sublease, license, concession or other agreement, whether written or oral, pursuant to which another Person has granted to the Company or any Company Subsidiary the right to use or occupy all or any portion of any real property. The Company or one or more of the Company Subsidiaries has good and marketable fee simple title to the Owned Property and, assuming good title in the landlord, a valid leasehold interest in the Leased Property (the Owned Property and the Leased Property being sometimes referred to herein as "Real Property"), in each case free and clear of all Liens, assessments or restrictions (including, without limitation, inchoate liens arising out of the provision of labor, services or materials to any such real estate) other than (a) mortgages shown on the Financial Statements as securing specified liabilities or obligations, with respect to which no default (or event that, with notice or lapse of time or both, would constitute a default) exists, (b) Liens for current taxes not yet due, (c) (i) minor imperfections of title, including utility and access easements depicted on subdivision plats for platted lots that do not impair the intended use of the property, if any, none of which materially impairs the current operations of the Company, any Company Subsidiary or the Business, and (ii) zoning laws and other land use restrictions or restrictive covenants that do not materially impair the present use of the property subject thereto, and (d) Liens, assessments, and restrictions pursuant to and by virtue of the terms of the lease of the Leased Property. The Real Property constitutes all real properties reflected on the Financial Statements or used or occupied by the Company or any Company Subsidiary in connection with the Business or otherwise. With respect to the Owned Property, except as reflected on Schedule 4.14.1-2(a):

  • Listing The Company shall promptly secure the listing of the Conversion Shares upon each national securities exchange or automated quotation system, if any, upon which shares of Common Stock are then listed (subject to official notice of issuance) and, so long as the Buyer owns any of the Securities, shall maintain, so long as any other shares of Common Stock shall be so listed, such listing of all Conversion Shares from time to time issuable upon conversion of the Note. The Company will obtain and, so long as the Buyer owns any of the Securities, maintain the listing and trading of its Common Stock on the OTCBB or any equivalent replacement exchange, the Nasdaq National Market (“Nasdaq”), the Nasdaq SmallCap Market (“Nasdaq SmallCap”), the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”), or the American Stock Exchange (“AMEX”) and will comply in all respects with the Company’s reporting, filing and other obligations under the bylaws or rules of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) and such exchanges, as applicable. The Company shall promptly provide to the Buyer copies of any notices it receives from the OTCBB and any other exchanges or quotation systems on which the Common Stock is then listed regarding the continued eligibility of the Common Stock for listing on such exchanges and quotation systems.

  • Blacklisting The Contractor must not commit any breach of the Employment Relations Xxx 0000 (Blacklists) Regulations 2010 or section 137 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Xxx 0000, or commit any breach of the Data Protection Laws by unlawfully processing personal data in connection with any blacklisting activities. Breach of this clause is a material default which shall entitle the Authority to terminate the Framework Agreement.

  • Schedule The Work shall be performed as expeditiously as possible in conformity with the schedule requirements contained herein and in the Statement of Work. The draft and final versions of all deliverables shall be submitted by the dates specified in the Exhibit A Schedule and Project Period noted in Item No. 7 of this Agreement. It is understood and agreed that the delivery of the draft and final versions of such deliverables by the Contractor shall occur in a timely manner and in accordance with the requirements of the Exhibit A Schedule.

  • Schedule 5 2 Provide Agent (and if so requested by Agent, with copies for each Lender) with each of the documents set forth below at the following times in form satisfactory to Agent: