Leader Sample Clauses

Leader. The Leader shall be defined as the person who assigns parts to the musicians and supervises the session recording. The Leader is responsible to receiving all session and residual payments and distributing the appropriate payments to the musicians who performed on the original contract as well as remitting appropriate pension contributions and contract services fees.
Leader. A main trunk or stem that dominates all or a portion of the crown. Trees and shrubs may have one leader or several individual leaders.
Leader. The minimum pay, per session, for leader shall be double the minimum rate of pay applicable to the sidemusician employed in the session.
Leader. If additional space is needed, add names on a separate sheet attached as a rider hereto) NOTICE: This form of contract is protected by copyright. Its use to cover the services of any Musician(s) who are not members of the AFM is strictly prohibited and may subject the non-member user to legal sanctions. REVISED 11/01/05 Side II – Form T2C SCHEDULE 1 – WHICH BY REFERENCE ARE ADDITIONAL TERMS/CONDITIONS OF THIS CONTRACT (SIDE 1)TO WHICH THE PARTIES HAVE AGREED. The parties to this contract shall not permit any performance(s) or rehearsal(s) related to the performance(s) to be recorded, reproduced, broadcast, transmitted or re-transmitted in any manner, or in any media, or by any means whatsoever, in the absence of a specific written agreement with the AFM, or the Local having jurisdiction over the performance(s) contracted herein, and agree that an authorized representative of the AFM and/or its Locals may enforce this prohibition in any court of competent jurisdiction. The parties further confirm that the AFM and/or its Locals accept no liability, either express or implied, with respect to said performance(s) and/or rehearsal(s), and that, the AFM and its Locals are fully indemnified by the parties hereto for any and all claims, losses or liabilities resulting therefrom. The Purchaser: ( i ) shall provide performance facilities which are adequate for the health and safety of the Musicians and their equipment, and; ( ii ) agrees that the Business Representative of the Musician(s) Local in whose jurisdiction the Musician(s) are performing, shall have access to the venue in which the Musician(s) rehearse/perform for the purpose of conferring with the Musician(s), and; ( iii ) hereby authorizes the Leader to replace any Musician(s) who, by illness, absence, or for any other personal or professional reason, does not perform or can not perform any or all of the services contracted for herein without liability to the purchaser, and; ( iv ) represents and warrants that there does not exist against the Purchaser any outstanding claim in favor of any Musician(s), the AFM or its Local(s) and agrees that no Musician(s) of any Local will be required to perform any provisions of this contract or to render any services for the Purchaser, as long as any monetary judgment by a court against the Purchaser, in favor of the AFM, any Local or its Musician(s), remains unsatisfied or unpaid, in whole or in part. The Leader shall distribute the fees received from the Purchaser to ...
Leader. The Leader will be a Councillor elected to the position of Leader by the Council. The Leader will hold office until:
Leader. When necessary, a bargaining unit employee may be designated by the Company to act as a working leader or as a non-working leader. In either case, the leader will be a member of the bargaining unit and will have none of the authority vested in supervision as defined by the National Labor Relations Act. The leader’s job may be discontinued at any time by the Company. Effective January 1, 2009, upon discontinuance of a non-working leader position within six (6) months, the leader shall be returned to his/her prior job classification. If discontinuance of a non-working leader position occurs after six (6) months, the leader shall be returned to a non-filled bid position. Upon discontinuance of a working leader position, the leader shall be returned to his prior job classification Employees filling the leader job will be paid $.50 per hour, effective 3/3/13 $.75 per hour and effective 12/29/14 $1.00 per hour over the highest hourly rate paid to the classification over which they are performing a leader’s duties, or their own rate, whichever is greater. A leader will act under the direction of a supervisor. In addition, employees occupying non-working lead positions will not be granted overtime opportunities which cause other employees to lose overtime opportunities for which they would otherwise be eligible.
Leader. The resulting web tool 'NIWO'4 is a component of the NANoREG platform (figure 4).
Leader. An ISR who qualified for and maintained the Title of Division Sales Leader 1, Division Sales Leader 2, Regional Sales Leader 3, Regional Sales Leader 4, Executive Sales Leader 5 or Executive Sales Leader 6, as applicable.
Leader. The leader will be a councillor elected to the position of leader by the council. The leader will hold office until:
Leader. The Lender may at any time assign all or any part of the Leader’s rights, obligations and interests under this Agreement to any person.