Kinds Sample Clauses

Kinds. Tenant agrees to pay Rent, beginning as of the Commencement Date, to Landlord's rental agents, Inland Companies, Inc., 00000 X. Xxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx 0000, Xxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 or to such other person or at such other place as Landlord from time to time designates in a written notice to Tenant, in coin or currency which at the time of payment is legal tender for the payment of public and private debts in the United States of America, the aggregate of the following, all of which are Rent reserved under this Lease:
Kinds. Tenant agrees to pay to Landlord, without setoff, deduction or demand, at Landlord's Address as set forth on the Schedule, or to such other person or at such other place as Landlord designates by written notice to Tenant, in lawful money of the United States, the aggregate of the following, all of which are rent reserved under this Lease (collectively, "Rent"):
Kinds. The amount and method by which we determine your earnings are set forth in the following sections: Commissions Section 7 Margins & Expense Allowance Section 8 Reversions Section 9 Production Bonus Section 10 Quality Bonuses Section 11
Kinds. Tenant agrees to pay rent to Landlord at the office of the ----- Building or at such other place as Landlord designates as hereinafter provided:

Related to Kinds

  • Types The types of insurance the Contractor is required to obtain and maintain, for the full period of the Contract, will be: Workmen's Compensation Insurance, Comprehensive General Liability Insurance as detailed in the following portions of this specification as applicable.

  • Casualties Neither the businesses nor the properties of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries are affected by any fire, explosion, accident, strike, lockout or other material labor dispute, drought, storm, hail, earthquake, embargo, act of God or of the public enemy or other casualty (whether or not covered by insurance) that could reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.

  • Type The Partnership is structured as a: (choose one) ☐ - General Partnership (GP). All the Partners agree to hold equal personal responsibility in the Partnership’s liabilities. ☐ - Limited Partnership (LP). The General Partner(s) known as (“General Partner(s)”) agree to bear all responsibility on behalf of the Partnership. All other Partners are limited partners. ☐ - Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). Each Partner is liable for their own negligence or wrongful acts, not financial obligations. ☐ - Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP). The General Partner(s) known as (“General Partner(s)”) and limited partners shall have limited liability.

  • Vandalism Vandalism will result in cancellation of privileges. Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm or destroy data of another user, Internet, or any of the above listed agencies or other networks that are connected to any of the Internet backbones. This includes, but not limited to, the uploading or creation of computer viruses.

  • Hazards The Tenant shall not undertake, or permit his/her family or guests to undertake, any hazardous acts or do anything that will increase the project's insurance premiums. Such action constitutes a material non-compliance. If the unit is damaged by fire, wind, or rain to the extent that the unit cannot be lived in and the damage is not caused or made worse by the Tenant, the Tenant will be responsible for rent only up to the date of the destruction. Additional rent will not accrue until the unit has been repaired to a livable condition.

  • Retentions (2) Extras for which the claimant has not received payment.

  • Risks You understand all the risks of investing, including the risk that you could lose all your money. Without limiting that statement, you have reviewed and understand all the risks listed in the Disclosure Document.

  • Insured The City, its officers, agents, volunteers and employees are included as insureds with regard to liability and defense of suits arising from the operations, products and activities performed by or on behalf of the named insured. 2.

  • Vandalism Or Malicious Mischief This peril does not include loss to property on the "residence premises", and any ensuing loss caused by any intentional and wrongful act com- mitted in the course of the vandalism or malicious mischief, if the dwelling has been vacant for more than 60 consecutive days immediately before the loss. A dwelling being constructed is not consid- ered vacant.

  • Explosion 4. Riot or civil commotion.