Investment Earnings Sample Clauses

Investment Earnings. The Servicer will receive investment earnings (net of losses and investment expenses) on funds in the Bank Accounts as additional compensation for the servicing of the Receivables. The Servicer will direct the Indenture Trustee to withdraw the investment earnings and distribute them to the Servicer on each Payment Date.
Investment Earnings. Investment earnings (net of losses and investment expenses) on the Collection Account, the Acquisition Account, the Reserve Account and the Negative Carry Account will be deposited into the Certificate Distribution Account for distribution to the Certificateholders in the priority set forth in Section 4.1(b) of the Trust Agreement.
Investment Earnings. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 5.03(b) of the Basic Servicing Agreement, investment earnings on funds on deposit in the 201[__]-[__] Bank Accounts shall constitute 201[__]-[__] Available Collections and, on or before each Payment Date, the Indenture Trustee shall deposit such investment earnings, net of any applicable investment losses and expenses, into the 201[__]-[__] Exchange Note Collection Account.
Investment Earnings. On each Determination Date during the Prefunding Period, the Indenture Trustee shall withdraw all investment earnings on deposits in the Prefunding Account and deposit such amount into the Capitalized Interest Account.
Investment Earnings. As provided in Section 4.2, the Servicer will be entitled to receive investment earnings on funds in the Bank Accounts as additional compensation for the performance of its duties under this Servicing Supplement, and losses, if any, and investment expenses resulting from the investment of funds in the Bank Accounts will be charged to the Servicer.
Investment Earnings. The Administrator shall be entitled to receive all Investment Earnings when and as paid without any obligation to the AART Owner Trustee, the AART Indenture Trustee or the Depositor in respect thereof, and the Administrator shall have no obligation to deposit any such amount in any account established hereunder. To the extent that any such amount shall be held in any account held by the AART Indenture Trustee or the AART Owner Trustee or otherwise established hereunder, such amount will be withdrawn therefrom and paid to the Administrator upon presentation of a certificate signed by a Responsible Officer of the Administrator setting forth, in reasonable detail, the amount of such Investment Earnings.
Investment Earnings all interest, profits and other income received from the investment of moneys in the Redemption Fund.
Investment Earnings. Any investment earnings (including interest earned) on funds held by iSolved between the date of withdrawal from your Account and the date such funds are paid to the Payees shall be for iSolved’s benefit and not for your or any Payee’s benefit.
Investment Earnings. Any Investment Earnings with respect to the Principal Funding Account and the Reserve Fund for any Payment Date will be treated as part of the Series 200__ - __ Available Interest Amount for such Payment Date.
Investment Earnings. Investment Earnings on the Designated Accounts and any available Investment Earnings on the Lockbox Accounts shall be deposited in the corresponding Collection Accounts and shall be deemed to be Available Amounts.