Interaction Sample Clauses

Interaction. This factor gauges the number and orientation of work connections involved in discharging duties and the character of the impact on maintaining these connections. The classification of interaction depends on the scale of the interaction network, the degree of spontaneous contact required for discharging the duties, and the extent to which this interac- tion is characteristically goal-directed.
Interaction. The interaction factor measures the number and orientation of work connections involved in discharging duties and the character of the impact on maintaining these connections. The demand is greater the more complex and wider the communication and connection network (internal or external customers, other organizations, authorities, subcontractors and similar stakeholders), the more spontaneous communication is, the more goal-directed it is characteristically, and the greater the expertise it requires. The importance of the elements is emphasized also when the work includes steering or devel- oping the team or management responsibilities. The work is more demanding the more self- directed it is.
Interaction. REGENTS will promptly provide OPTIONEE with copies of all relevant documentation (“PATENT DOCUMENTATION”) so that OPTIONEE will be informed and apprised of the continuing prosecution, and OPTIONEE agrees to keep PATENT DOCUMENTATION confidential in accordance with Confidentiality Article of this OPTION AGREEMENT. OPTIONEE and its patent counsel have the right to consult with the patent counsel chosen by REGENTS.
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Interaction. Sales, negotiation and other interaction skills required for the job. APPENDIX 8 c EVALUATION OF COMPETENCE AND PERFORMANCE IN PAY DISCUS- SIONS Name of the employee: Name of the employee: 1 Achieves clearly less than the task requires 2 Achieves slightly less than the task requires 3 Fulfils the re- quirements of the task in every respect 4 Achieves slightly more than the task requires 5 Achieves clearly more than the task requires Competence *Sufficiency of knowledge, skills and experience *Ability to find new working methods *Ability to improve and keep skills up to date Interaction and cooperation *Ability to communicate in different situations *Ability to create cooperative atmosphere and build trust *Ability to influence, negotiate and sell in different situations *Ability to give and receive feedback Independence and decision-making *Ability to take initiative and make decisions that the task requires *Ability to adapt to change *Ability to work systematically and independently Quality of work *Good quality work *Ability to improve Productivity and objectives *Ability to work according to objectives *Ability to work actively and productively Management (supervisor/director only) *Ability to organise and set objectives *Ability to manage employees and their compe- tence *Ability to motivate, reward and encourage *Ability to communicate openly and efficiently *Ability to improve the organisation’s productivity Other, locally agreed criteria. (Describe) Total score/average score Was consensus reached when evaluating the employee’s competence and performance and the related grounds? Yes No Opinions of both parties: Signatures and date: Supervisor Employee In pay discussions, the employee’s competence and performance are evaluated in regard to the employee’s work assignment, using the attached scale and criteria, unless otherwise agreed in the company group or other companies in question. The evaluation is signed by the supervisor and the employee. Additionally, it is stated in writing whether a consensus was reached between the supervisor and the employee concerning the evaluation and the related grounds.
Interaction. Xxxxxx mutually respectful relationships with students, parents, and staff to enhance a positive view of law enforcement. Specifically, the SRO is expected to interact with students as a positive role model, and to establish a working relationship with behaviorally at-risk students.
Interaction. 4.1 ORDINARY WORK CONTACTS - Communication with immediate work team - Contacts related to receiving and passing on information 80
Interaction. (i) The First Data customer operations service team shall be the RCSI Onsite Employee’s primary First Data contact.
Interaction. Township and the Developer shall interact with each other in all appropriate respects and shall use their best efforts to effectuate the purposes of this Agreement.