Incumbent Sample Clauses

Incumbent. Incumbent is an employee assigned to a position and who is currently serving in or on leave from the position.
Incumbent. Incumbent is an employee assigned to a position, and who is currently serving in, or on leave from, the position.
Incumbent. Job An employee who has been appointed or promoted to a job. (An employee is an incumbent in one job only). A group or range of duties or tasks assigned to and performed by the Analysis The Process of determining and recording the tasks and duties comprising a job and the required knowledge, responsibility, effort and the working conditions involved in the performance of that job, through the use of observation and study. Job Description The official record of the principal tasks and duties of a job, as agreed upon by the Joint Job Evaluation Committee. Job Evaluation The process of studying and analyzing a job to obtain detailed information about the content of the job, the preparation of a job description and the rating of the job by use of the Rating Manual, which forms part of the Collective Agreement, to determine the relationship of the job to other jobs covered by this Job Evaluation Programme, Job Rating The selected degree levels, points, reasons for the rating and the total points established for a job in accordance with the Manual which becomes the official rating for the job, Joint Job Evaluation The Joint Committee appointed by the parties to the Committee Collective Agreement to deal with matters relating to job descriptions and the rating of jobs as governed by t h i s Manual Procedures and the Rating Manual. Corporation and Local shall each appoint two * representatives to t h e Joint Job Evaluation Committee. The Local members of the Committee and any alternates appointed by Local shall be granted reassignment with pay and without loss of seniority for periods of time spent working on the Committee. These shall continue to have the rights and privileges of the Collective Agreement to which the employee would normally be entitled, including any increase that may occur as a result of an evaluation of the job the member held prior to an appointment to the Committee. Out of Schedule Rate Points Rating Red Circled Total Points A Job rate to an employee, for a specific purpose and for a specified period of time, that is in excess of the maximum rate that is determined for the job in accordance with the Job Evaluation Programme. The numerical expression adapted for measurement of each degree within each factor. The Rating Manual as set out in the Collective Agreement contains the basic guides for analyzing and evaluating the content of a job from the job description. The Job Rate an employee receiving that is in excess of the Job Rate that has be...
Incumbent. To be eligible for acting incumbency pay, an Employee shall be required to perform the principal duties of the higher level position for a minimum period of five (5) consecutive work days during which time he may also be required to perform some of the duties of his regular position. On completion of the minimum five (5) day qualifying period in an acting incumbency position, an Employee shall be eligible for acting incumbency pay for the total period of acting incumbency, including the five (5) day qualifying period. Acting provisions shall not apply where an Employee is designated additional limited duties to cover off for an Employee proceeding on annual vacation. Where an Employee qualifies for acting incumbency pay he shall receive a premium equivalent to four percent of his regular salary, in addition to his regular salary, or the minimum salary for the classification of the higher level position, whichever is greater provided that such total salary figure does not exceed the maximum of the higher level classification. The change to four percent (4%)will be effective October ARTICLE

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  • Tenure The Chairman of the Trustees, if one is elected, the President, the Treasurer and the Secretary shall hold office until their respective successors are chosen and qualified, or in each case until he or she sooner dies, resigns, is removed with or without cause or becomes disqualified. Each other officer shall hold office and each agent of the Trust shall retain authority at the pleasure of the Trustees.

  • Alternate Directors 35.1 Any Director (but not an alternate Director) may by writing appoint any other Director, or any other person willing to act, to be an alternate Director and by writing may remove from office an alternate Director so appointed by him.

  • Directors The directors of Sub immediately prior to the Effective Time shall be the directors of the Surviving Corporation until the earlier of their resignation or removal or until their respective successors are duly elected and qualified, as the case may be.