Inactivation Sample Clauses

Inactivation. The Sheriff shall have the right to inactivate any Employee for a period not to exceed 30 days while he/she is conducting an investigation on any matter pertaining to said Employee. During such inactivation, the Employee shall remain on the payroll. At the sole discretion of the Sheriff, the Employee may or may not retain all Sheriff’s Office equipment. Inactivation shall not be deemed to be a punishment. In the event the inactivation lasts longer than one week, the Employee shall be advised of the status of the investigation weekly.
Inactivation. If any member shoots, while in the line of duty, another person, that member may be inactivated, receiving full pay and benefits for period of up to three (3) days except periods of emergency, unless such action is cause for disciplinary action. During the three (3) days, the employee must make himself/herself available for investigative purposes.
Inactivation. If any employee is involved in an incident, while in the line of duty, that results in a critical injury or death to themselves or another shall be inactivated, receiving full pay and benefits for a period of up to seven
Inactivation. Inactivation means that an employee may be taken off active duty for up to thirty (30) days. Inactivation may be used by the Department as a period of investigation. During this period, the employee will remain on the payroll. In the event inactivation lasts longer than one (1) week, the supervisor shall indicate the status of the investigation weekly to the employee.

Related to Inactivation

  • Activation We will notify the Xxxxxx of your request to receive electronic billing information. The presentment of your first electronic xxxx may vary from Xxxxxx to Xxxxxx and may take up to sixty (60) days, depending on the billing cycle of each Xxxxxx. While your electronic xxxx feature is being activated it is your responsibility to keep your accounts current. Each electronic Xxxxxx reserves the right to accept or deny your request to receive electronic bills.

  • SERVICE ACTIVATION For new customers - the services are activated immediately after successful processing of payment and our fraud detection software approves the order. The payment verification procedure is obligatory and if we fail to approve a transaction within 48 hours of the payment submission, the funds will be credited back to the payer and the order will be cancelled. Free Trials - All free trial orders are manually processed. If we deem your order to be suspicious or high risk, we will notify you and request additional information before process the order. Failure to comply with our request for more information will result in cancellation of the order. For existing customers - the services for existing customers, including upgrade services and renewals, are activated immediately after our Sales Department receives the according service payment.

  • Connectivity Connectivity covers trouble with Paging Provider’s access to the Qwest System for modem configuration requirements; T1 configuration and dial in string requirements; firewall access configuration; SecurID configuration; Profile Setup and password verification.

  • No-­‐Activation Period Registry Operator shall not activate any names in the DNS zone for the Registry TLD (except for "NIC") until at least 120 calendar days after the effective date of this agreement. Registry Operator may allocate names (subject to subsection 6.2 below) during this period only if Registry Operator causes registrants to be clearly informed of the inability to activate names until the No-­‐Activation Period ends.

  • Local Circuit Switching Capability, including Tandem Switching Capability 4.2.1 Local circuit switching capability is defined as: (A) line-side facilities, which include, but are not limited to, the connection between a loop termination at a main distribution frame and a switch line card; (B) trunk-side facilities, which include, but are not limited to, the connection between trunk termination at a trunk-side cross-connect panel and a switch trunk card; (C) switching provided by remote switching modules; and (D) all features, functions, and capabilities of the switch, which include, but are not limited to: (1) the basic switching function of connecting lines to lines, line to trunks, trunks to lines, and trunks to trunks, as well as the same basic capabilities made available to BellSouth’s customers, such as a telephone number, white page listings, and dial tone; and (2) all other features that the switch is capable of providing, including but not limited to customer calling, customer local area signaling service features, and Centrex, as well as any technically feasible customized routing functions provided by the switch. Any features that are not currently available but are technically feasible through the switch can be requested through the BFR/NBR process.

  • Duration of the Processing Personal Data will be Processed for the duration of the Agreement, subject to Section 4 of this DPA.

  • Local Switching Interfaces Louisville Telephone shall order ports and associated interfaces compatible with the services it wishes to provide, as listed in Exhibit B. BellSouth shall provide the following local switching interfaces:

  • Automation (a) The Company undertakes to advise the Union in advance as far as it is possible (minimum three (3) months) of any technological changes which the Company has decided to introduce which will result in significant changes in the employment status of employees.

  • Signaling Each Party will provide the other Party with access to its databases and associated signaling necessary for the routing and completion of the other Party’s traffic in accordance with the provisions contained in the Unbundled Network Element Attachment or applicable access tariff.

  • Signaling Link Transport 10.2.1 Signaling Link Transport is a set of two (2) or four (4) dedicated 56 kbps transmission paths between Southern Telecom designated Signaling Points of Interconnection that provide appropriate physical diversity.