Improving Sample Clauses

Improving the Borrower’s ability to plan health activities through the carrying out of operational studies aimed at improving the quality of public health services. Part C: Establishment of a Social Marketing Program for the Promotion of Condoms Establishment of a condom social marketing program to be managed in an autonomous manner by a social marketing unit under the general direction of XXXXXX and in close coordination with PNLS, including: (i) the procurement of specialist services in social marketing and auditing; (ii) training, including study of other condom social marketing programs and training in IEC and promotional activities; (iii) provision and distribution of condoms for sale; (iv) provision of equipment and vehicles; (v) the carrying out of market studies and focus group research; (vi) promotional and communication activities; and (vii) rehabilitation of office space. Part D: Population Activities Support Fund The establishment of a fund (Fonds de Soutien aux Activites en matiere de Population -- FOSAP) to provide grant financing for activities and programs that support the Borrower’s population and AIDS control programs, including:
Improving the Borrower’s higher education program by: (a) enhancing academic qualifications of university lecturers through provision of training; and
Improving energy efficiency by the modernization of the district heating system in Bucharest Reducing energy losses at DH networks in selected cities Reducing energy losses at DH networks in selected cities Losses on networks Losses on networks Investment Priority 4iii Promoting energy efficiency, intelligent energy management and the use of energy from renewable sources in public infrastructures, including public buildings, and in residential buildings Investment Priority 4c Promoting energy efficiency, intelligent energy management and the use of energy from renewable sources in public infrastructures, including public buildings, and in residential buildings Priority Axis 8 Intelligent and sustainable transport systems for electricity and gas Development Need Thematic Objective 7 Promoting sustainable transport and eliminating bottlenecks in key network infrastructures Expected Results Result Indicators Renewable capacity that can be integrated into the system Transport capacity of the National Gas System Improving energy efficiency and security of supply, including gas interconnections, by developing smart transmission systems
Improving. As opportunities become available the Company will to pro- vide work related experience to employees who signify in writing on Company posted sign-up sheets that they wish to improve their qualifications. If at any time there are more employees signed up than there are oppor- tunities available, those applicants with most seniority will be considered first. The intent is to try to provide all employees with the opportunity to improve their qualifications. Yours truly, XXXXXXXX HOSIERY XXXXX PER: Xxxx President LETTER OF AGREEMENT THIS LETTER OF AGREEMENT SHALL BE ATTACHED TO, AND FORM PART OF, THE COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT Local Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx October
Improving coordination among the veterans' service organizations and with DMVA to assure an integrated approach to claims processing.

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  • Developing Educator Plan shall mean a plan developed by the Educator and the Evaluator for one school year or less for an Educator without Professional Teacher Status (PTS); or, at the discretion of an Evaluator, for an Educator with PTS in a new assignment.

  • PRODUCTIVITY 9.01 The Union and Employer recognize the reciprocal value of improving, by all proper and reasonable means, the productivity of the individual employee; and undertake jointly and severally to promote and encourage such improved productivity.

  • Outcomes Committed children will be supported and treated in a congregate care setting for as long as needed so that the child may be safely returned home, or placed in a permanent adoptive home or in another less restrictive setting. These services must be family driven, youth guided, time limited, intensive, evidence informed practices that promote the child welfare goals of safety, permanency, well-being, and stability.

  • Capabilities A. The Parties agree that the DRE must possess the legal, technical, and financial capacity to:

  • Profitability The Board reviewed detailed information regarding revenues received by XXXX under the Agreement. The Board considered the estimated costs to XXXX, and pre-tax profits realized by XXXX, from advising the DWS Funds, as well as estimates of the pre-tax profits attributable to managing the Fund in particular. The Board also received information regarding the estimated enterprise-wide profitability of DIMA and its affiliates with respect to all fund services in totality and by fund. The Board and the Fee Consultant reviewed XXXX’s methodology in allocating its costs to the management of the Fund. Based on the information provided, the Board concluded that the pre-tax profits realized by XXXX in connection with the management of the Fund were not unreasonable. The Board also reviewed certain publicly available information regarding the profitability of certain similar investment management firms. The Board noted that, while information regarding the profitability of such firms is limited (and in some cases is not necessarily prepared on a comparable basis), DIMA and its affiliates’ overall profitability with respect to the DWS Funds (after taking into account distribution and other services provided to the funds by XXXX and its affiliates) was lower than the overall profitability levels of most comparable firms for which such data was available. Economies of Scale. The Board considered whether there are economies of scale with respect to the management of the Fund and whether the Fund benefits from any economies of scale. The Board noted that the Fund’s investment management fee schedule includes fee breakpoints. The Board concluded that the Fund’s fee schedule represents an appropriate sharing between the Fund and DIMA of such economies of scale as may exist in the management of the Fund at current asset levels.

  • Dependability Compliance with instructions and regulations; reliability under varying conditions. ☐ Unsatisfactory Frequently undependable. ☐ Needs Improvement ☐ Meets Expectations Dependable under normal circumstances. ☐ Exceeds Expectations ☐ Outstanding Thoroughly reliable on assignments. Remarks: Click here to enter remarks

  • Visibility 1. Unless the Council of Europe requests or agrees otherwise, the Grantee shall take all necessary measures to publicise the fact that the Action has been funded within the framework of a Joint Project between the European Union and the Council of Europe. Information given to the press and to the beneficiaries of the Action, all related publicity material, official notices, reports and publications, shall acknowledge that the Action was carried out with a grant from a Joint Project between the European Union and the Council of Europe and shall display in an appropriate way the Joint Projects’ visual identity (for instructions on use of the Joint Projects’ visual identity, see Appendix IV).

  • Marketing Awarded vendor agrees to allow TIPS to use their name and logo within website, marketing materials and advertisement subject to any reasonable restrictions provided to TIPS in the Proposal to the Solicitation. Any use of TIPS name and logo or any form of publicity, inclusive of press release, regarding this Agreement by awarded vendor must have prior approval from TIPS.

  • Planning The Operating Committee shall implement the transmission system expansion process described in Article 18. The Operating Committee shall review and approve ISO staff assessments of proposed projects that impact transmission capability to confirm that those projects meet all applicable reliability criteria. The Operating Committee shall review and approve the NYS Transmission Plan prepared by the ISO staff and reliability assessments performed using such NYS Transmission Plan, to ensure conformance with the Reliability Rules. The Operating Committee shall review and approve illustrative NYS Transmission System expansion options developed by ISO staff in response to PSC requests. The Operating Committee, at the request of a Committee member, may review the adequacy of cost recovery mechanisms for transmission expansion.

  • Strategies The ESC will seek to achieve employment stability strategies as follows: - current and multi-year strategies should be developed within the resources available. Such strategies could include, but not necessarily be limited to, planning, retraining, identifying ways of determining employees= skills, training and experience previously achieved, early retirement, voluntary exit programs, alternative assignment, secondment, employee career counselling, job sharing, job trading, job shadowing, and professional development; - discussions between the parties which explore these possible strategies would assist in the development of appropriate enhancements to Employment Stability; - data which is relevant to employment stability shall be made available to both parties.