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Housing Procedures. From the moment this contract is accepted, we will be holding your contracted guest room block for the use of your attendees. Reservations will be made via a rooming list subject to AASLD procedures as outlined in the confirmation you will receive. Any deposits, payments, reservation changes, individual cancellations, or any other housing logistics will be subject to AASLD procedures noted on your group confirmation fromonPeak. AASLD – The Liver Meeting 2016 Sub-block contract November 11 -15, 2015
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Housing Procedures 

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  • Closing Procedures Subject to satisfaction or waiver by the relevant Party of the conditions of Closing, on the Closing Date, the Sellers shall deliver actual possession of the Purchased Interest to the Purchaser and upon such delivery the Purchaser shall pay and issue the Purchase Price in accordance with Section 2.3.

  • BIDDING PROCEDURES 4.1. Bidders have to login at EHSAN AUCTIONEERS SDN. BHD. Website using the same registered email 30 minute before Auction Time.

  • Hearing Procedures The hearing shall be conducted to preserve its privacy and to allow reasonable procedural due process. Rules of evidence need not be strictly followed, and the hearing shall be streamlined as follows:

  • Scheduling Procedures 6.1 Prior to the beginning of each week, the Network Customer shall provide to the Transmission Provider expected hourly energy schedules for that week for all energy flowing into the Transmission System administered by Transmission Provider.

  • Billing Procedures (a) PROVIDER agrees all claims shall be submitted to OHCA in a format acceptable to OHCA and in accordance with the OHCA Provider Manual.

  • Hiring Procedures Nothing contained in this Article 4 shall impair any of the rights of the Employer to hire new or additional employees to meet the employment needs of the Employer, in accordance with the terms and provisions of this collective bargaining Agreement or to meet the obligations of the Employer under Article 2, Section H of this Agreement or to take affirmative steps to comply with any requirements under any applicable Federal or State law prohibiting discrimination in employment.

  • Testing Procedures Testing will be conducted by an outside certified Agency in such a way to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability by using the techniques, chain of custody procedures, equipment and laboratory facilities which have been approved by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. All employees notified of a positive controlled substance or alcohol test result may request an independent test of their split sample at the employee’s expense. If the test result is negative the Employer will reimburse the employee for the cost of the split sample test.

  • ORDERING PROCEDURES 6.1 If the Authority or any Other Contracting Body decides to source the Services through this Services Framework then each Contracting Body shall be entitled at any time, during the Term to place an order for the Services from the Supplier by serving an Order in accordance with Framework Agreement Schedule 5 (Ordering Procedure).

  • Operating Procedures The Service Provider intends to clear trades for Fund Shares through, and make use of, the National Securities Clearing Corporation’s (“NSCC’s”) Fund/Serv and, in connection therewith, agrees to follow and comply with the procedures, terms and conditions set forth in the operating procedures set forth in Exhibit A hereto, as supplemented or amended from time to time by the mutual agreement of the parties hereto (the “Operating Procedures”).

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