Hedging Providers Sample Clauses

Hedging Providers. Each Hedging Provider agrees with and covenants to each of the other Facility Beneficiaries that until the end of the Facility Security Period and without prejudice to any rights which that Hedging Provider may otherwise have against the Borrower (including, for the avoidance of doubt, any right to terminate transactions under its Hedging Agreement or close-out its Hedging Agreement pursuant to a permitted termination event set out therein but subject to any other agreements or covenants of the Hedging Providers set out in any other provision of this Agreement):
Hedging Providers. It is acknowledged that as at the date hereof the Hedging Providers comprise only the Original Hedging Providers but that at the time any Hedging Contract is entered into after the date hereof, any Hedging Provider who is party to such Hedging Contract (and who is not an Original Hedging Provider) shall accede to, and become a party to, this Agreement by entering into a deed of adherence in a form to be agreed by the parties and upon the execution of such deed of adherence the relevant Hedging Provider shall have the rights and obligations on the part of the Hedging Providers contained in this Agreement and the other Finance Documents.
Hedging Providers. This clause 23 shall not apply to any Recovery by a Lender in its capacity as a Hedging Provider.

Related to Hedging Providers

  • Banking Services and Swap Agreements Each Lender or Affiliate thereof providing Banking Services for, or having Swap Agreements with, any Loan Party or any Subsidiary or Affiliate of a Loan Party shall deliver to the Administrative Agent, promptly after entering into such Banking Services or Swap Agreements, written notice setting forth the aggregate amount of all Banking Services Obligations and Swap Agreement Obligations of such Loan Party or Subsidiary or Affiliate thereof to such Lender or Affiliate (whether matured or unmatured, absolute or contingent). In furtherance of that requirement, each such Lender or Affiliate thereof shall furnish the Administrative Agent, from time to time after a significant change therein or upon a request therefor, a summary of the amounts due or to become due in respect of such Banking Services Obligations and Swap Agreement Obligations. The most recent information provided to the Administrative Agent shall be used in determining which tier of the waterfall, contained in Section 2.18(b), such Banking Services Obligations and/or Swap Agreement Obligations will be placed.

  • Hedging Arrangements To the extent any Affiliate of a Lender is a party to a Hedging Agreement with the Borrowers and thereby becomes a beneficiary of the Liens described in Section 4.16 hereof pursuant to the Security Documents, such Affiliate of a Lender shall be deemed to appoint the Administrative Agent its nominee and agent, to act for and on behalf of such Affiliate in connection with the Security Documents and to be bound by the terms of this Section 10.

  • Hedging Agreements The Borrower will not, and will not permit any of its Subsidiaries to, enter into any Hedging Agreement, other than Hedging Agreements entered into in the ordinary course of business to hedge or mitigate risks to which the Borrower or any Subsidiary is exposed in the conduct of its business or the management of its liabilities.

  • Hedge Agreements Enter into any Hedge Agreement, except (a) Hedge Agreements entered into to hedge or mitigate risks to which the Borrower or any Subsidiary has actual exposure (other than those in respect of Capital Stock) and (b) Hedge Agreements entered into in order to effectively cap, collar or exchange interest rates (from fixed to floating rates, from one floating rate to another floating rate or otherwise) with respect to any interest-bearing liability or investment of the Borrower or any Subsidiary.

  • Hedging Contracts No Restricted Person will be a party to or in any manner be liable on any Hedging Contract, except:

  • Hedging Agreement The Borrower or any other Credit Party shall default in the performance or observance of any terms, covenant, condition or agreement (after giving effect to any applicable grace or cure period) under any Hedging Agreement and such default causes the termination of such Hedging Agreement and the Termination Value owed by such Credit Party as a result thereof exceeds $25,000,000.

  • Secured Cash Management Agreements and Secured Hedge Agreements No Cash Management Bank or Hedge Bank that obtains the benefits of Section 8.03, any Guaranty or any Collateral by virtue of the provisions hereof or of any Guaranty or any Collateral Document shall have any right to notice of any action or to consent to, direct or object to any action hereunder or under any other Loan Document or otherwise in respect of the Collateral (including the release or impairment of any Collateral) other than in its capacity as a Lender and, in such case, only to the extent expressly provided in the Loan Documents. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Article IX to the contrary, the Administrative Agent shall not be required to verify the payment of, or that other satisfactory arrangements have been made with respect to, Obligations arising under Secured Cash Management Agreements and Secured Hedge Agreements unless the Administrative Agent has received written notice of such Obligations, together with such supporting documentation as the Administrative Agent may request, from the applicable Cash Management Bank or Hedge Bank, as the case may be.

  • Hedging Obligations The Company shall not and shall not permit any of its Subsidiaries to enter into any interest rate, commodity or foreign currency exchange, swap, collar, cap or similar agreements evidencing Hedging Obligations, other than interest rate, foreign currency or commodity exchange, swap, collar, cap or similar agreements entered into by the Company or such Subsidiary pursuant to which the Company or such Subsidiary has hedged its reasonably estimated interest rate, foreign currency or commodity exposure, which are non-speculative in nature. Such permitted hedging agreements entered into by the Company and any Lender or any affiliate of any Lender are sometimes referred to herein as “Hedging Agreements.”

  • Bank Products The Borrower may request and the Agent may, in its sole and absolute discretion, arrange for the Borrower to obtain from the Bank or the Bank’s Affiliates Bank Products although the Borrower is not required to do so. If Bank Products are provided by an Affiliate of the Bank, the Borrower agrees to reimburse the Agent, the Bank and the Lenders for any and all costs and obligations now or hereafter incurred by the Agent, the Bank or any of the Lenders which arise from any indemnity given by the Agent to its Affiliates related to such Bank Products; provided, however, nothing contained herein is intended to limit the Borrower’s rights, with respect to the Bank or its Affiliates, if any, which arise as a result of the execution of documents by and between the Borrower and the Bank which relate to Bank Products. The agreement contained in this Section shall survive termination of this Agreement. The Borrower acknowledges and agrees that the obtaining of Bank Products from the Bank or the Bank’s Affiliates (a) is in the sole and absolute discretion of the Bank or the Bank’s Affiliates, and (b) is subject to all rules and regulations of the Bank or the Bank’s Affiliates.

  • Relationship with Lenders The obligations of each Lender hereunder are several, and no Lender shall be responsible for the obligations or Commitments of any other Lender. Amounts payable hereunder to each Lender shall be a separate and independent debt. It shall not be necessary for Agent or any other Lender to be joined as an additional party in any proceeding for such purposes. Nothing in this Agreement and no action of Agent, Lenders or any other Secured Party pursuant to the Loan Documents or otherwise shall be deemed to constitute Agent and any Secured Party to be a partnership, joint venture or similar arrangement, nor to constitute control of any Obligor.