Hauling Sample Clauses

Hauling. All Refuse hauled by the Contractor shall be so contained, tied or enclosed that leaking, spilling or blowing are minimized.
Hauling. Where hauling involves transit through more than one shutdown zone/regulated use area, the precaution level at the xxxxx site shall govern the level of haul restrictions, unless prohibited by other than the Industrial Fire Precaution Level system. Loading sites/xxxxx site: A place where any product or material (including but not limited to logs, firewood, slash, soil, rock, poles, posts, etc.) is placed in or upon a truck or other vehicle. Advance written waiver of the above precautions may be issued by the Contracting Officer or Forest Service Representative. Such waiver, or substitute precautions under H.2.1, shall prescribe measures to be taken by Contractor to reduce the risk of ignition, and/or the spread of fire. The Contracting Officer or Forest Service Representative shall consider site specific weather factors, fuel conditions, and specific operations that result in less risk of fire ignition and/or spread than contemplated when precaution level was predicted. Consideration shall also be given to measures that reduce the precaution levels above. Contractor shall assure that all conditions of such waivers or substitute precautions are met. Contractor shall obtain the predicted Industrial Fire Precaution Level from the appropriate Ranger District headquarters. If predictions made after 6:00 p.m., local time, are significantly different than originally estimated, Forest Service will inform Contractor when changes in restrictions or industrial precautions are indicated. K-H.3.1 - ADDITIONAL AREA OF FIRE RESPONSIBILITY (05/2005) The area within 200 feet slope distance of the center line of any road constructed or reconstructed under this contract on National Forest lands outside of Contract Area shall be considered as a part of Contract Area in connection with responsibilities under H.3 and H.4 until the road has been accepted in writing by Forest Service. K-I.1.0 - DISCLAIMER OF EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY (05/2005) Contractor and Forest Service hereby agree, acknowledge, and accept that there is no expressed or implied warranty provided by the Forest Service that guarantees the Contractor will be allowed to complete the removal of products sold under the terms of the contract. Upon execution of the contract, Contractor hereby acknowledges the acceptance of the risk that this contract is subject to interruption or termination as a result of litigation associated with the environmental analysis process used by the Forest Service in the planning of th...
Hauling. Where material and equipment is supplied by hauling to the site for any work defined in Article 1 such hauling shall be done in accordance with this Agreement or an agreement that shall be acceptable to the Employer and the signatory Union prior to commencement of the project or during the Pre-job Conference and such agreement shall be in writing and agreed to by the parties signatory to this Agreement.
Hauling. All materials hauled by the Contractor shall be so contained, tied or enclosed so as to prevent leaking, spilling or blowing of litter or fluids. In the event of any spillage on the parkway, street or alley, the Contractor shall immediately clean up litter or fluids. If such litter or fluids are not cleaned up within six (6) hours after such notice (verbal or written) from the City, the City may clean up same and advise and xxxx the Contractor.
Hauling. 4.08 Disposal
Hauling. Employer will reimburse all installers in sections 3 & 4 above, using their personal vehicles to convey Employer’s materials at the following rate schedule: 4 hours or less paid per day, $15.00/day More than 4 hours paid per day, $30.00/day This vehicle use reimbursement will be paid on a per day basis. This is to be paid weekly on a company check.
Hauling. All refuse hauled by the Contractor shall be so contained, tied, covered, or enclosed such that leaking, spilling, or blowing are prevented. Any refuse lost during such transfer will be cleaned up immediately by Contractor.
Hauling. All solid waste hauled by the Contractor shall be so contained, tied or enclosed that leaking, spilling or blowing are prevented. The Contractor shall maintain communication from its office with all hauling units (trucks) at all times these trucks are in operation. Solid Waste Contactor will be required to have a Driver/Operator Spill Response Standard Operating Procedure/Policy for Oil/Fluid/Solid Waste Spill incidents. The policy must be submitted to and approved by the City. An Incident Report shall be prepared and submitted to the City for all spills and leakage events within two days of such event.
Hauling. Should no employees apply, the truck owner operator will be able to provide his own driver. It is also understood that neither the owner operator nor his employee will be entitled to benefits. Owner-operators shall pay a work permit to the Union for every month or part thereof, which shall be deducted by the Company and forwarded to the Local Union Office. These owner operators will not be considered as members of the Union under this Collective Agreement. SIGNED IN HEARST, ONTARIO, THIS 25th, DAY OF JULY, 2013. FOR THE UNION FOR THE COMPANY Xxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx
Hauling. Authority hauled solid waste shall be required by the City to be contained so as to prevent leaking, spilling, or blowing. Authority shall immediately clean up any spillage, leakage, or blown refuse determined by the City to have been transported improperly. The Authority shall notify the City immediately with an explanation of any reasons why proper cleanup has not been achieved.