Handover Sample Clauses

Handover. 11.1 It is a fundamental requirement by SANParks that the transfer of the Restaurant Facility is undertaken on the basis that:
Handover. Unless otherwise agreed, a handover in order to ensure that the Delivery is in accordance with the Agreement shall be conducted immediately after assembly. Both Parties must be represented when the handover is carried out. Any shortcomings/deficiencies will be registered in the shortage list in a handover form and the shortcomings/deficiencies must be rectified without undue delay by the Supplier. The Supplier is aware that there will be limited time for rectifications, as the place of delivery, cf. clause 5, may have limited space and rehearsals may start immediately after assembly. The Supplier must adjust to the circumstances. The Supplier shall be liable for any deficiencies in accordance with clause 22.3 and 22.4, irrespective of whether or not the deficiencies have been stated in the shortage list.
Handover. If the Buyer requests it, the Supplier will provide all reasonable assistance to support any replacement supplier to supply theGoods.
Handover. 14.1 It is a fundamental requirement by SANParks that the transfer of the AENP Xxxx Braai Facility is undertaken on the basis that:
Handover. 1.1 The Ready For Service Date (or “RFS Date”) is deemed to be the day on which Dial Telecom informs the Subscriber that the Service is operational.
Handover. 17.1 Upon payment of the First Installment, the Transferors and the Transferee shall organize a team responsible for the Hydropower Project handover and take joint and active actions to conduct the handover of the Object Company, the Hydropower Project and the Object Equity Interest, including but is not limited to handing over the production, operation and management, accounting and finance, assets checking and accounting, file documents, certificates and licenses, seals and project construction to the Transferee.
Handover. Unless otherwise agreed, handover of the accommodation shall be effectuated not later than 14 days after the agreed start of the tenancy. The tenant will be assigned the accommodation and any appurtenant storage space on arrival at the Customer Service Centre on the handover date. The accommodation will not be released for occupancy until the deposit has been paid and the other conditions of Section 2 of the tenancy contract have been met. Handover may be effectuated on all weekdays after 12 noon. If, pursuant to Section 3 of the tenancy contract, the tenancy is to commence on a Saturday, Sunday or other public holiday, the tenant undertakes to pay rent as of this day even if he does not take up occupancy until a later date. See Appendix 1 for details of handover to the tenant. If the tenant, without special agreement to that effect, has failed to take up occupancy of the accommodation within 14 days of the agreed start of the tenancy (see Section 3), the landlord has the right to terminate the agreement and assign the accommodation to another accommodation applicant. In that event, the tenant should expect to have to cover the landlord’s financial loss by an amount equivalent up to two months’ rent. On delayed handover on the part of the landlord, the tenant may uphold the tenancy contract; see Section 2-9 of the Norwegian Tenancy Act, or demand his direct loss covered, see Sections 2-13 of the Norwegian Tenancy Act. In the case of a significant delay, the tenant has the right to terminate; see Section 2-12.
Handover. 10.33 Shift workers required to handover at the end of a shift must stay at their work station until:
Handover. 15.1 The Authority reserves the right to request the Contractor to return all documentation, reports, drawings, specifications and the like used at anytime throughout the Term in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts.